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  • Ocicats

    Joanne Mattern

    Library Binding (Capstone Press, Dec. 1, 2010)
    With its narrow body and spotted fur, the Ocicat has a wild appearance but a friendly attitude. This sleek-bodied breed got its name from the ocelot, a type of wildcat. Discover how ocicats were bred from three other types of cats. Then learn about the care involved when you make one of these curious, friendly felines your pet.
  • Ocicats

    Betsy Rathburn

    Library Binding (Blastoff Reader, Jan. 1, 2017)
    "Relevant images match informative text in this introduction to Ocicat cats. Intended for students in kindergarten through third grade"--
  • Ocicat

    Julie Murray

    Library Binding (Checkerboard Library, June 1, 2002)
    An introduction to the origins, physical characteristics, and behavior of Ocicats, with information on the choosing and care of an Ocicat kitten.