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  • Monkey

    Wu Ch’êng-ên, Kenneth Williams, Arthur Waley - translator, Naxos AudioBooks

    Audible Audiobook (Naxos AudioBooks, Oct. 2, 2015)
    Considered one of China's great classical novels, Wu Ch'êng-ên's Journey to the West was translated by Arthur Waley in abridged form as Monkey in 1942 and has delighted English readers ever since. It is a riveting adventure story about a priest's quest to obtain holy Buddhist scriptures for the Tang emperor; joining him on this rollicking journey: Sandy, Pigsy, and the mischievous monkey king, Sun Wukong, whose flying cloud and magic cudgel are never far from his infamous deeds. Waley's accessible rendition of Wu Ch'êng-ên's novel has become a classic in its own right: Gods, demons, and disobedient monkey spirits all come alive in this entertaining work.
  • Monkeys

    Lucy Bowman

    Hardcover (Usborne Pub Ltd, Jan. 1, 2011)
    Introduces monkeys from around the world and describes what they like to eat, who their enemies are, and how they communicate with each other.
  • Monkeys

    Christina Wilsdon

    Library Binding (Gareth Stevens Pub Learning library, Jan. 1, 2009)
    Presents an introduction to monkeys, discussing their physical characteristics, different types, eating habits, communication skills, and future threats to their existence.
  • Monkeys

    D. Dennard

    School & Library Binding (San Val, Jan. 15, 2003)
  • Monkeys

    Susan Canizares, Pamela Chanko

    Paperback (Scholastic Inc., Sept. 1, 1998)
    Photographs and simple text explore the daily activities of monkeys in the Amazon rainforest.
  • Monkey

    Penny Little, Mary McQuillan

    Board book (Disney-Hyperion, )
    Is your child a little monkey one day and a piggie the next? What better way to get in character than to put on a plush headband with ears, and clip on a furry tail! These unique dress-up play sets are just right for sparking young imaginations-and at just the right price.
  • Monkeys

    L.E. Arning

    eBook (University Standard Media, June 21, 2020)
    From the author: “This series has been one of the great adventures of my life; researching these creatures and obtaining these photos has transformed how I view humankind and the beautiful world around us.” – L.E. Arning | Copyright University Standard Media After years of effort, L.E. Arning has delivered a captivating series that is designed for childhood education but can be enjoyed by everyone; children ages 6 to 8 tend to become very engaged with this series but it can be used with early readers as well. The “Nature & Science” series explains complex facts about animals and critters in easy-to-understand language; these books are simple to read and easy to retain for kids of all ages. L.E. Arning is an experienced author in this genre; this series follows the best-selling “All About” books for kids series, but with double the number of new and exciting creatures and double the number of facts and photos in each book.
  • Monkey

    Jeff Stone

    Paperback (Yearling, Sept. 12, 2006)
    At 11-years-old, Malao is the youngest of the Five Ancestors. Master of the monkey fighting style, he’s curious and quick, fast and fun-loving. But now, with the destruction of the temple and the deaths of his older brothers and Grandmaster, Malao the fun-loving monkey is forced to face things he’d rather not. As he grapples with these new and unwelcome feelings, Malao has an encounter with a dangerous band of bandits, is adopted by a troop of monkeys commanded by a one-eyed albino, and hears tantalizing rumors of a mysterious recluse called the Monkey King, who is said to act, and look, a lot like him. . . .From the Hardcover edition.
  • Monkeys

    Breanne Satori

  • Monkey

    Caroline Arnold, Richard Hewett

    language (StarWalk Kids Media, Sept. 22, 2013)
    A fascinating view of the day-to day life of this distinctive monkey, both in captivity and in the wild, Monkey examines the physical characteristics and social behaviors that all monkeys share, as well as those that are unique to the mangabeys. Illustrated with forty lively, full-color photographs, Monkey is a delightful introduction to this nimble inhabitant of the African rainforest.
  • Monkeys

    Cari Meister

    language (Jump! Library, Feb. 22, 2019)
    In Monkeys, beginning readers will learn how monkeys survive in the wild. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text will engage early readers as they discover the many ways a monkey uses its hands. A labeled diagram helps readers identify a monkey's body parts, while a picture glossary reinforces new vocabulary. Children can learn more about monkeys online using our safe search engine that provides relevant, age-appropriate websites. Monkeys also features reading tips for teachers and parents, a table of contents, and an index. Monkeys is part of Jump!’s My First Animal Library series.
  • Monkeys

    Julie Guidone

    Paperback (Weekly Reader/Gareth Stevens Pub, Jan. 1, 2009)
    Describes some of the monkeys that live in the rain forest, and explains how the howler monkey makes loud noises to protect itself and how the spider monkey moves quickly through the treetops.