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Books with title First Thanksgiving

  • Friendship's First Thanksgiving

    William Accorsi

    Paperback (Scholastic Inc., March 15, 1994)
    Friendship, a Pilgrim dog, celebrates the first Thanksgiving. The story of the Pilgrims is told from the dog's viewpoint.
  • My First Thanksgiving

    Tomie dePaola

    Board book (Putnam Juvenile, Sept. 2, 1992)
    A picture-book introduction to Thanksgiving details the history of the holiday and celebrates the events and traditions that make Thanksgiving so special.
  • Claudia and the First Thanksgiving

    Ann M. Martin

    Paperback (Apple, Nov. 1, 1995)
    Writing a Thanksgiving play for the third-grade class she coaches, Claudia is disappointed when some parents object to her less-than-traditional themes, and she must choose between letting the other kids down or fighting censorship. Original.
  • What Was The First Thanksgiving?

    Joan Holub, Lauren Mortimer

    Library Binding (Turtleback Books, Aug. 15, 2013)
    FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. The history of the feast! After their first harvest in 1621, the Pilgrims at Plymouth shared a three-day feast with their Native American neighbors. Of course, the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag didn't know it at the time, but they were making history, celebrating what would become a national holiday.
  • Pup Pup’s First Thanksgiving

    Amy Morford

    language (Speedy Publishing LLC, Nov. 2, 2014)
    Pup Pup's First ThanksgivingThe Pup Pup SeriesIn Pup Pup's First Thanksgiving, Pup Pup learns about Thanksgiving traditions as his adopted family prepares to celebrate this uniquely American holiday.As the story begins to unfold, Pup Pup notices that family members, Mom and Dad, Scarlett and Zak are acting very excited about Thanksgiving. They keep talking about pumpkin pie and eating vegetables from the garden and a lot of exotic foods that Pup Pup has never tasted.Pup Pup knows what a pumpkin is because he saw a carved pumpkin sitting on the porch on Halloween. But it didn't look very tasty and Pup Pup can't help but wonder why Zak keeps talking about how he can't wait to eat pumpkin pie.Finally, Pup Pup finds out what Thanksgiving is really all about! As Pup Pup and his family members gather around the table on Thanksgiving Day, Pup Pup learns the true meaning of Thanksgiving. It's about so much more than just eating tasty food.Pup Pup is one lucky puppy to have such a great family to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with. Why not join Pup Pup and his adopted family as they celebrate Thanksgiving Day?•Suited for children ages 3 to 6•Features eye-catching bright and colorful illustrations•The latest edition in the popular Pup Pup book seriesDownload your copy today!
  • Squanto and the First Thanksgiving

    Eric Metaxas, Michael A. Donato

    eBook (Rabbit Ears Books, April 30, 2012)
    Discover the moving, true story of the Native American named Squanto, who is captured from his beloved Pawtuxet tribe, taken to Spain, and sold into slavery. Years later, Squanto regains his freedom and embarks on a miraculous journey back to his homeland where he teaches the Pilgrims how to survive the difficult early years in the Plymouth colony--culminating in the first Thanksgiving celebration. A touching drama about trust, faith and renewal. Ages 6 and up
  • The Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving

    Mary L. Englar, Peter McDonnell

    Paperback (Capstone Press, Sept. 1, 2006)
    Tells the devastating story of the Pilgrims' first year in America up until their Harvest Festival. Written in graphic-novel format.
  • Squanto and the First Thanksgiving

    Teresa Celsi, Pam Ford Johnson

    Paperback (Steck-Vaughn Company, April 1, 1992)
    A simple biography of the Wampanoag Indian who helped the Pilgrims survive in their early days in the Plymouth colony.
  • The First Thanksgiving

    Garnet Jackson, Carolyn Croll

    School & Library Binding (Turtleback Books, Oct. 1, 2001)
    FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. In this Level 3 Hello Reader! children learn about the Pilgrims' arrival in the new world, their harsh first winter, and their relationship with Samoset, Squanto, and other Native Americans.
  • First Thanksgiving

    Lena Barksdale

    Hardcover (Random House Childrens Books, June 1, 1942)
  • Thanksgiving

    Rebecca Pettiford

    Library Binding (Jump!, Aug. 1, 2015)
    In Thanksgiving, early readers will learn about the American holiday of Thanksgiving and the ways people celebrate it. Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text will engage emergent readers as they explore this unique holiday.
  • Thanksgiving

    David F. Marx

    Library Binding (Childrens Pr, Sept. 1, 2000)
    Introduces the history, customs, meaning, and celebration of Thanksgiving.