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Books with title First Thanksgiving

  • The First Thanksgiving

    Rob Sauber, Maria Mudd Ruth

    Hardcover (Golden Books, Sept. 1, 1994)
  • First Thanksgiving

    Terri Fields

    Paperback (Ready Readers, July 1, 2018)
    The first Thanksgiving was a celebration. The pilgrims were thankful for the harvest they planted. Find out what the pilgrims ate for the first Thanksgiving. Paired to the fiction title A Year of Fun.
  • My First Thanksgiving

    Tomie dePaola

    Hardcover (Grosset & Dunlap, Aug. 16, 2008)
    Tomie dePaola’s simple text and bright illustrations perfectly capture the joy of this special holiday. Young readers will love learning more about the traditional celebrations of the day.
  • Thanksgiving

    Miriam Nerlove

    eBook (Albert Whitman & Company, Sept. 2, 2014)
    A boy and his mother bake two pumpkin pies and go to Grandma’s house for a traditional Thanksgiving celebration. Includes a brief overview of the first Thanksgiving.
  • The First Thanksgiving

    Sarah Gilman

    Library Binding (Enslow Pub Inc, Aug. 15, 2016)
    The story of the first Thanksgiving is so familiar to us, yet at the same time it's surrounded in mystery. Who were the Pilgrims and Indians that are said to have shared a feast so important that we celebrate it as an annual holiday? Engaging text and full-color images will transport readers to the Plymouth Colony, and they will learn about the hardships experienced by the Pilgrims in attempting to build a successful colony and their changing relationship with the local Wampanoag Indians.
  • My First Thanksgiving


    Board book (WorthyKids, Sept. 4, 2018)
    This festive addition to the My First series provides the perfect introduction to the Thanksgiving holiday. Packed with colorful photography and easy-to-read labels, My First Thanksgiving familiarizes little ones with Thanksgiving staples such as turkey, pumpkin pie, and leaves. Compact and sturdy, this little primer can be thrown in a diaper bag, taken in the car, or propped on the kitchen table for a spontaneous learning moment as families and friends celebrate Thanksgiving.
  • Squanto and the First Thanksgiving

    Joyce K. Kessel, Lisa Donze

    Paperback (First Avenue Editions TM, Aug. 1, 2003)
    When the Pilgrims landed near Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620 they were unprepared for the challenges they would face. Many Pilgrims died until Squanto, a Patuxet Indian, taught them how to survive. To give thanks for a good year, the Pilgrims threw a huge feast, later called Thanksgiving.
  • The First Thanksgiving

    Lena Barksdale, Lois Lenski

    Library Binding (Alfred A. Knopf, June 1, 1946)
  • The Very First Thanksgiving Day

    Rhonda Gowler Greene, Susan Gaber

    Hardcover (Atheneum Books for Young Readers, Oct. 1, 2002)
    From the same team that brought you The Day Jesus Was Born comes a charming story that introduces the Thanksgiving holiday to young readers.This is the food, gathered and blessed, the corn and sweet berries, and wild turkey dressed, shared on the very first Thanksgiving Day. Join author Rhonda Gowler Greene and illustrator Susan Gaber on a journey back to the very first Thanksgiving Day, when two societies came together to feast and honor the earth's bounty in peace.
  • The First Thanksgiving

    Amy White, Karelyn Siegler

    Paperback (Santillana USA, Feb. 1, 2008)
    Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? This book explains how the pilgrims reached America, the difficulties they had, who helped them, and finally, how they gave thanks for everything they received.
  • The First Thanksgiving

    Lou Rogers, Michael Lowenbein

    Hardcover (Follett Pub Co, March 15, 1962)
  • Rivka's First Thanksgiving

    Elsa Okon Rael, Maryann Kovalski

    Paperback (Aladdin, Sept. 28, 2004)
    As recent Jewish immigrants from Russia, Rivka is having a hard time trying to explain the importance of Thanksgiving to her family and so turns to a group of Rabbis in the hopes that they will give their blessings and then change her father's mind. Reprint.