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Books with title First Thanksgiving

  • Thanksgiving Is . . .

    Gail Gibbons

    Hardcover (Holiday House, Sept. 1, 2004)
    Thanksgiving is turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. It is parades with giant balloons. It is a holiday for remembering the Pilgrims and the Indians they met. Most of all, it is a time to share with family and friends, and a time to give thanks for many blessings.
  • The First Thanksgiving

    Jean Craighead George, Thomas Locker

    Hardcover (Philomel Books, Sept. 1, 1993)
    A sensitive retelling of the story of the first Thanksgiving chronicles the coming of the Pilgrims to America, their early struggles, and their friendship with Squanto, enhanced with richly detailed paintings that evoke the early seventeenth-century colonial period.
  • Thanksgiving Day

    Anne Rockwell, Lizzy Rockwell

    Audio Cassette (Scholastic Inc, Aug. 16, 2000)
    After listening to their teacher read a book about the first Thanksgiving, these students put on a play. From the tired Pilgrims making their way in a new land to the Wampanoag who greeted them kindly, each student has a role to play and a reason to be thankful. With its beautiful pictures and accurate depiction of events, this is a great way to introduce children to the meaning behind our Thanksgiving celebrations. Readers will find out the origin of the turkey, cornbread, and cranberry sauce that are part of the modern Thanksgiving meal, and why many people invite family, friends, and neighbors to share their feast. This is an informative and inspiring story that's a great choice for reading during the holidays.
  • First Thanksgiving

    Terri Fields

    eBook (Ready Readers, Nov. 16, 2018)
    The first Thanksgiving was a celebration. The pilgrims were thankful for the harvest they planted. Find out what the pilgrims ate for the first Thanksgiving. Paired to the fiction title A Year of Fun.
  • Thanksgiving Thief

    Carolyn Keene, Macky Pamintuan

    language (Aladdin, April 17, 2012)
    Wild turkeys are running loose in River Heights! Can the Clue Crew round them up before they ruin the Thanksgiving feast?River Heights Elementary School is having a Thanksgiving pageant, and Nancy, Bess, and George want to dress up as Native Americans! But when the town starts preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, the girls end up smelling a mystery instead of turkey. As Thanksgiving food around town starts to disappear, the Clue Crew realizes that someone is trying to destroy the holiday! Can the Crew catch these birdbrained bandits? Or will Thanksgiving dinner be a recipe for disaster?
  • The First Thanksgiving

    Linda Hayward

    Library Binding (Random House Books for Young Readers, Oct. 10, 1990)
    Illus. in full color. The story of the Pilgrims is vividly retold in simple language for beginning readers. "Easy- reader history is in demand, and this one is welcome. Illustrated with plenty of appealing watercolors."--Bulletin, Center for Children's Books.
  • My First Thanksgiving

    Tomie Depaola

    Paperback (Scholastic, Aug. 16, 1992)
  • My First Thanksgiving

    Tomie dePaola

    eBook (Grosset & Dunlap, Aug. 11, 2015)
    Tomie dePaola’s simple text and bright illustrations perfectly capture the joy of this special holiday. Young readers will love learning more about the traditional celebrations of the day.
  • Thanksgiving

    Lizzy Ford

    eBook (, Nov. 20, 2017)
    Half angel. Half demon. 100% teenager. On Halloween, Esme's life changed. This Thanksgiving, she'll count her blessings - and her curses.
  • Thanks for Thanksgiving

    Julie Markes, Doris Barrette

    Hardcover (HarperCollins, Aug. 17, 2004)
    Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks! This book is a great introduction for younger readers.Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks—the question is, where to begin? From the turkey on the table to warm, cozy cuddles, life is full of small things and bigger pleasures. But what's most important is being able to share them with family!Julie Markes reminds kids and adults alike about the little details that make each day enjoyable, while Doris Barrette's beautiful and striking illustrations bring her thoughtful words to life.
  • What Was the First Thanksgiving?

    Joan Holub, Who HQ, Lauren Mortimer

    eBook (Penguin Workshop, Aug. 15, 2013)
    The history of the feast! After their first harvest in 1621, the Pilgrims at Plymouth shared a three-day feast with their Native American neighbors. Of course, the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag didn’t know it at the time, but they were making history, celebrating what would become a national holiday.
  • The First Thanksgiving

    MaryEllen Bream

    language (, Nov. 12, 2012)
    Young children will learn the history of the first thanksgiving in this easy-to-read illustrated story.