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Books with title Digger's Busy Day

  • Dizzy's Busy Day

    Bruce Borich, Judy Borich

    Paperback (Middle River Press, Nov. 11, 2019)
    Dizzy's Busy Day is a true story about a black and white cocker poodle who is very busy! He is normally a good dog, but once in awhile he gets in a little bit of trouble! This is a story that encourages children to write and draw pictures in the space provided of their pet, real or imagined.
  • Digger's Busy Day

    Amelia Marshall

    Hardcover (Franklin Watts, July 9, 2015)
    It's busy in the building site, with bulldozers, cranes, tip-up trucks and cement mixers all at work!Dive into the world of diggers and trucks with this fantastic picture book brimming with busy bright photos, accessible read out loud text and playful rhymes.These books offer a unique combination of photographic realism and story telling, perfect for children and adults to share and explore together. The books also feature an info-vocab page so the eager reader can enjoy learning and naming the vehicle parts.
  • Digger's Busy Day

    Amelia Marshall

    Paperback (Windmill Books, Aug. 15, 2016)
    Building sites are very busy, with cranes, bulldozers, cement mixers, and dump trucks working hard all day. In this delightful fiction title, readers are invited to use their imagination as they join Digger while he explores the big machines in his world. This title is perfect for children and adults to share and explore together, and an info-vocabulary feature allows readers to learn and name the vehicles and parts discussed in the text. Brimming with busy, bright photographs, accessible read-out-loud text, and playful rhymes, this title brings big machines to life in a way readers are sure not to forget.
  • Bob's Busy Day

    Elizabeth T. Gilbert

    Paperback (Walter Foster Pub, Sept. 1, 2009)
    Welcome to Sunflower Valley, where Bob the Builder and his machine team hammer out solutions that lead to a job well done! Using the power of positive thinking, teamwork and problem solving, Bob and his Can-Do Crew show that the "fun is in getting it done!" With Watch Me Draw Bob the Builder, young fans of the show will learn to apply these same skills to drawing a range of simple subjects while joining Bob, Scoop, Muck, Scrambler and many others from Bob's machine team on one Can-Do adventure after another.
  • Dash's Busy Day

    Terrance Perrin, Carl Simmons

    language (Art by Perrin LLC, April 16, 2016)
    Learn basic direction concepts and counting as Dash the dragonfly flies left, then right, and all around the pond seeing several other pond inhabitants along the way. Simple, brightly colored, engaging character checking out the environment in which it lives, counting as it goes. The original illustrations were done in ink and watercolor and scanned into computer for final touch up and addition of text. 24 page picture book.
  • Sam's Busy Day

    Yves Got

    Hardcover (Chronicle Books, July 1, 2003)
    Socks and shoes, crib and clock, shopping cart and banana, stroller and slide...these are the important things in Sam's, and every toddler's, world! This compact set of four brightly colored board books will help young children recognize everyday objects and build their vocabulary.
  • Tigger's Bouncy Busy Day

    Dana Richter, DiCicco Studios

    Hardcover (Publications International, Ltd., Feb. 15, 2003)
    Five combination sound/activity shapes play fun sounds when you move them. Press the circle, roll the bar, twist the star, slide the triangle, and rock the music note to hear music.
  • Bea's Busy Day

    Sannel Larson

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Jan. 9, 2014)
    This adorable rhyming book is about a day in a toddler's life. Toddlers have an abundance of energy and some days it might seem impossible to keep up with them, as the desire to learn and explore about the world around them never stops. However, even toddlers get tired at the end of a very busy day and need to go to sleep. Through Sannel Larson's rhythmic rhyme and sweet illustration, this story captures all the joy and wonder of a toddler's busy day. This is a book that the little ones won't mind curling up to. Perfect for bedtime or anytime! A great gift for any occasion, but a special stand-out for baby showers and little ones birthdays.
  • Badger's Busy Day

    Barbara K. Tyner, Gail Ross, Laura G. Johnson

    Hardcover (Mother's House Pub, Nov. 15, 2009)
    What can you discover on a farm? You and Badger can find out as you explore. Come along with this busy puppy as he feeds the animals, plants the fields, and still finds time for fun!The book contains a glossary of words, glossary of animal terms, and five activity pages.
  • Bob's Busy Day

    Golden Books

    Board book (Golden Books, May 31, 2001)
    Fun lift-the-flap and pop up surprises! Can we do it? Yes, we can! Who will mix the cement? Who will bring the bricks? Find out when you see the life-the-flap and pop-up surprises in this delightful Bob the Builder board book.
  • Busy Diggers

    Christiane Gunzi

    Hardcover (Picthall & Gunzi Ltd, Oct. 22, 2004)
  • Dime's Busy Day

    Marcus Figorito

    Hardcover (Perfection Learning, Jan. 1, 2007)