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Books with title Baby! Talk!

  • Baby Talk

    Margaret Miller

    Board book (Little Simon, Feb. 24, 2004)
    Hey, baby! Learn your first words with these babies!
  • Tar Baby

    Toni Morrison

    eBook (Vintage Digital, Oct. 9, 2014)
    An unforgettable and transformative novel that explores race and gender with scorching insight from the Nobel-prize winning author of Beloved. Into a white millionaire's Caribbean mansion comes Jadine, a sophisticated graduate of the Sorbonne, art historian – a black American now living in Paris and Rome. Then there’s Son, a criminal on the run, uneducated, violent, contemptuous – a young American black of extreme beauty from small-town Florida. As Morrison follows their affair, she charts all the nuances of obligation and betrayal between blacks and whites, masters and servants, and men and women. Winner of the PEN/Saul Bellow award for achievement in American fiction‘Toni Morrison was a quintessential, unabashedly American writer. Like her fellow giant, Walt Whitman, her work was, above all, audacious. She seized the landscape with a flourish and wove it, unwove it and put it back together’ Bonnie Greer, Guardian
  • Baby Talk

    Carol McDougall, Shanda LaRamee-Jones

    Board book (Nimbus Publishing, May 3, 2013)
    Baby Talk is the third book in the Baby Steps series. Each book in the series focuses on a key developmental stage in baby’s first year. Babies love to communicate with the ones they love. With its modern twist on classic nursery rhymes, Baby Talk gives families the opportunity to have fun with sounds and words that are the building blocks of early language. Baby Talk will encourage baby’s first words in a fun and playful way.
  • Tar Baby

    Tammy Campbell Brooks, Tahirah Jessalyn Brooks

    eBook (, Dec. 1, 2018)
    Tianna Thompson is an adolescence trying to find her way in a world where her skin complexion is the center of attention.She's ridiculed by classmates and even her own family because of her dark chocolate skin.The name calling starts in elementary school and gets worse in high school.Tasha is Tianna's bestfriend and has had her back since elementary school fighting against the bullies. Tianna and Tasha have a lot in common such as, they both are known as "Tar Babies." Tasha has an older brother, Jackson that's secretly in love with Tianna. But Jackson isn't the only guy that wants Tianna. Her male friend, Jamal who is on his way to the NBA will stop at nothing to convince Tianna that he's the man for her present and future.Tianna loves both Jackson and Jamal, but she loves one as a friend and the other as a lover. Will Tasha end her twelve-year friendship with Tianna if she finds that her best friend is in love with her brother?Will Tianna chose between her heart or friendship?This is the first book of a two-part series.

    Fred Hiatt, Mark Graham

    Library Binding
  • Baby Talk

    Anne Miranda

    Hardcover (Dutton Books for Young Readers, Oct. 1, 1987)
    Readers can lift the flaps to see familiar words become actions all through Baby's busy day
  • Baby Pig Pig Talks

    David McPhail

    Board book (Charlesbridge, Aug. 26, 2014)
    Meet beloved adventurer Pig Pig as a baby!Baby Pig Pig is delighted to imitate the sounds he hears—a cat’s meow comes out as “Duba;” a snake's hiss becomes “Hissa;” a duck’s quack becomes “Quacka.” The more he hears, the closer he gets to making the right sound himself. But however he tries to copy his mother's speech as she points out the animals and objects around them, nothing he says seems to come out right. What will Baby Pig Pig's first real word be? A must for baby showers and new-baby gifts.
  • Baby Talk

    Erika Stone

    Paperback (Grosset & Dunlap, Nov. 4, 1992)
    Color photographs of exuberant babies invite little onlookers to play along as they learn fifteen age-old baby-talk concepts, from "peek-a-boo" and "yum-yum" to "bye-bye" and "all-gone!"
  • Baby! Talk!

    Penny Gentieu

    Hardcover (Knopf Books for Young Readers, April 20, 1999)
    Talk to a baby in the language all babies love with this delightful interactive introduction to babyspeak from the creator of Wow! Babies! Illustrated with Penny Gentieu's renowned photographs, Baby! Talk! introduces parents, family members, and caregivers to the expressions and words that encourage babies to communicate and try out their verbal skills. Its pages overflow with large, adorable photographs of expressive baby faces and body language that babies will immediately understand and respond to. Perfect for lap tme, Baby! Talk!'s big sturdy format, irresistible photographs, and eye-catching design will give every baby something to talk about.
  • Baby Talk

    Carol Nicklaus

    Board book (Random House Books for Young Readers, March 14, 1995)
    Illustrated in full color. Peekaboo! Oops! All gone! Bye-bye! Nobody talks cuter baby talk than the Sesame Street Babies! Here are all of Baby's first words, as spoken by the Sesame Street friends.
  • Baby Talk

    Judy Hindley, Brita Granstrom

    Paperback (Walker Books Ltd, April 2, 2007)
    From first waking up and getting dressed, through a trip to the park, to coming home for dinner, bath and bed, this contemporary picture book depicts a baby's day.
  • Tar Baby

    Toni Morrison

    Mass Market Paperback (Signet, April 5, 1983)
    Vintage book