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Books with title A Teacher's Guide to Reading Conferences: The Classroom Essentials Series

  • A Teacher's Guide to Reading Conferences: The Classroom Essentials Series

    Jennifer Serravallo, Katie Wood Ray

    Paperback (Heinemann, Jan. 30, 2019)
    Why are reading conferences so important? What do effective reading conferences look and sound like? How do I fit reading conferences into my literacy block? "Conferring," writes Jennifer Serravallo, "is where the magic happens." In this primer, she reveals that this seeming magic is actually purposeful, responsive instruction. Jen presents conferences for six specific instructional situations: assessing, goal-setting, strategy lessons, and more. A rich design, replete with infographics and special features, guides you quickly from learning to teaching with: Jen's moves and language 9 videos of her teaching in K-8 classrooms 13 conference note-taking forms-one for each reading goal from the hierarchy in her Reading Strategies Book Suggestions for connecting emergent bilingual learners' language goals and reading goals. With Jen's support, you'll discover the true magic of conferring-the joyous, aha moments you'll see in growing readers.
  • A Teacher's Guide to Writing Conferences: The Classroom Essentials Series

    Carl Anderson, Katie Wood Ray

    Paperback (Heinemann, Sept. 6, 2018)
    How can I get started with conferring or improve my conferences? How can I fit conferences into my busy writing workshop schedule? How can conferences help me meet the diverse needs of student writers? Helping students become better writers is what writing conferences are all about.In A Teacher's Guide to Writing Conferences, Carl Anderson explains the underlying principles and reasons for conferring with students, and how to make writing conferences a part of your daily routine. With clear and accessible language, Carl guides you through the three main parts of a writing conference, and shows you the teaching moves and intentional language that can be used in each one. He helps you understand: - how to get started with conferring, or improve your existing conferences - how to use conferences to meet the diverse needs of your student writers - how to fit conferences into your busy writing workshop schedule. More than 25 videos bring the content to life, while Teacher Tips, Q&A's, and Recommended Reading lists provide everything you need to help you become a better writing teacher.
  • The Teacher's Essential Guide Series: Classroom Management

    Jim Burke

    eBook (Scholastic Teaching Resources, Jan. 1, 2008)
    This first in a series of essential guides for teachers offers classroom teachers concise, effective solutions to the most common instructional challenges they face. These solutions are based on a combination of research and the author's own experience as a public school teacher. Classroom management is about not only creating an effective classroom environment but reducing teachers’ stress, increasing productivity—for both teachers and students—and ensuring a safe, equitable environment committed to the proposition that all kids can learn and succeed.