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  • So You Want to Be a Doctor: Official Know-it All Guide

    Niriksha Malladi

    Paperback (Frederick Fell Publishers, Inc., July 31, 2005)
    So You Want To Be A Doctor? is a practical, how-to guide about becoming a medical doctor from an insider’s perspective. It addresses all the strategies needed to succeed as a medical school candidate, and then goes a step further than any other admissions guide on the market today to provide a glimpse of life as a medical student and intern through real ward experiences. It provides a thorough explanation of the different medical fields, and explores issues such as lifestyle, salary, and competition for residency and fellowship positions for each specialty. It outlines options for not-traditional students seeking a medical career, namely older candidates, ethnic minorities, economically disadvantages students, and members of the Armed Forces. It also includes a section on Canadian, foreign and osteopathic medical schools as alternatives to obtaining an American medical degree. In short, it describes the complete journey from thinking about a career in medicine to qualifying as a licensed MD.
  • So You Want to Be an Ancient Egyptian Princess

    Jacqueline Morley, Nicholas Hewetson

    Hardcover (Hodder Wayland, Aug. 31, 1998)
  • So You Want to Write a Screenplay A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing for Film, Video, and Television: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing for Film, Video, and Television

    Taylor Gaines

    Paperback (Atlantic Publishing Group Inc, Jan. 1, 2017)
    Writing for the big screen may seem like a job for the experienced, but the fact is, it's for everyone. Take Celeste Davis, for example, who at fourteen wrote the screenplay for Purgatory House and appeared on five critic's lists for best film of the year. Even if you don't see immediate success, you have to start somewhere. Steven Spielberg, for example, was rejected from college three times before becoming the huge success he is today. Getting started at a young age is the key to mastering a skill. Imagine already having a screenplay or two under your belt by the time you apply for college - that's exactly what this book will help you to accomplish. You will learn a variety of skills, including: how to write a screenplay, from capturing the audience at the introduction to having a satisfying conclusion how to use screenplay-writing software how to pitch and sell your screenplay when the time comes and how to interact with agents, giving you a competitive edge over other young writers. Veteran screenwriters, producers, agents, and directors have been interviewed for this book, giving you inside secrets to the industry. If you are eager to jump into Hollywood as the newest young writer, this step-by-step guide will help you get there.
  • So You Want to Write a Children's Book A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing and Publishing for Kids

    Rebekah Sack

    Paperback (Atlantic Publishing Group Inc, Nov. 8, 2016)
    Young adults are in the prime position to write children's books, because they can actually remember what it was like to be a kid. Jake Marcionette, for example, reached the NY Times bestseller list at the age of 12. His books for middle grades are praised for having such a realistic, authentic voice. This book gives the young audience everything they need to know to successfully write and publish a children's book, from understanding the children's book market to learning about illustrations and design. Top publishers and writers in the industry have lent their expertise to this book to provide an overview of the entire process, including: what morals and values publishers and readers look for in good children's books what material is appropriate for each age range how to convey messages in a way that appeals to both parents and children how to build a relationship with your editor and what to expect in revisions and what to expect in a book deal and the process of selling your book Any young adult that is interested in starting any kind of writing career will learn valuable tips and tricks to understanding the publishing market with this conversational, easy-to-read book.
  • Blame It on the Wolf: An Original Play

    Douglas Love

    Paperback (Harperfestival, Sept. 1, 1994)
    A play in which characters from traditional fairy tales tell alternative versions of their stories
  • So You Want to Start a Blog A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Fun & Profitable Blog

    Rebekah Sack

    Paperback (Atlantic Publishing Group Inc, Jan. 1, 2017)
    Young people have taken the blogging world by storm. Take Tavi Gevinson, for example, who went from small fashion blog at 12 years old to millionaire at 19 or Nick Normile, the 16-year-old foodie who went from unknown to getting 10,000 hits in a single day on his food blog. This book gives the young adult market everything they need to know about starting and maintaining a successful blog. Engaging and tactful, we show the teen reader a comprehensive guide on the blog sphere, from choosing the right platform to marketing the content. This guide includes tutorials on: how to choose the right blogging platform how to navigate Wordpress how to design the perfect layout that will increase traffic to your site how to increase earnings with Google AdSense and general SEO tips High-definition images aid this step-by-step guide by providing the young reader with accessible examples and tutorials. Experts in the marketplace fill this book with advice and helpful information that will speak to the ever-changing, complex blogging world. With this complete young adult guide in hand, any teen reader can become an Internet sensation.
  • So You Want to Be a Roman Soldier

    Fiona MacDonald, Flora MacDonald, Nicholas Hewetson

    Hardcover (Hodder Wayland, Aug. 31, 1998)
  • Roman Soldier, A

    Fiona Macdonald

    Library Binding (21st Century, April 1, 1999)
    Uses the process of applying for the position of soldier to present information about life in ancient Rome
  • Pirate

    John Malam

    Paperback (Hodder Wayland, )
  • Ancient Egyptian Princess, An

    Jacqueline Morley

    Library Binding (21st Century, April 1, 1999)
    Uses the process of applying for the position of princess in the royal household in Thebes to present information about life in ancient Egypt
  • So You Want to Join the Music Industry Here's the Info You Need

    Angela Erickson

    Paperback (Atlantic Publishing Group Inc, Jan. 23, 2017)
    The $130 billion music industry is booming, and the ones changing the game are becoming younger and younger. Take Jarett Koral, for example, the 16-year-old founder of Jett Plastic Recordings, or Mac Miller, a famous rapper who topped the charts at 19 years old. Any teen that takes interest in music and wants to channel their creativity into a career will find this book helpful. With details on career opportunities in the three main music industry categories record companies, concert business, and digital music any young adult will be able to find what they re interested in. This book covers everything from being the artist to being the producer. You will learn the basics of advertising as well as marketing. You will become knowledgeable about everything in the industry, including all of the possible career opportunities. We cover what it takes to be an A&R scout, an artist manager, a music editor, a producer, an audio engineer, a board operator, a booking agent, a composer, a copyist, and even an intern. This new book covers everything that many companies pay consultants thousands of dollars for. If you ever had questions about the music industry, this book is your definitive guide to the answers.
  • So You Want to Publish Your Own Book & E-book: A Step-by-step Guide to Fun & Profitable Publishing

    Myra Faye Turner

    Library Binding (Atlantic Pub Co, Nov. 1, 2017)
    Publishing two books, selling film rights, and being in TIME magazineÑ these kind of seem like pipe dreams. However, this is actually the life story of Beth Reekles, the famous 17-year-old writer. Being a successful writer at a young age is no longer a pipe dream, and this book can help make it your reality. With a bit of humor and a conversationally quirky tone, this book shows the young adult audience how to write a killer query letter and book proposal. Teens will also learn what to look for in literary agents and editors and how to read the fine print on contracts.ÊThe creative part of book publishing is covered with beautifully colored photography and graphics; you will learn how to create an eye-catching cover as well as some basics on book design. Reader familiarity is the biggest factor in sales, with 60 percent of readers saying they're more likely to purchase if they've heard of the author. This may seem like a catch 22 for young people, but this book arms you with dozens of low-cost tactics to get your name in the limelight. You will learn about book tours, signings, and how to make the most of Amazon's marketplace. Advice and information from all types of publishers and authors gives you a real-life glimpse into today's publishing industry.With this young adult guide in hand, you're sure to hit the ground running to becoming an established, innovative author in the publishing industry,