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  • Shrek the Halls

    Reader's Digest

    Board book (Reader's Digest, Oct. 30, 2007)
    Shrek wants to make the first Christmas with his new babies the best ever, but Donkey, Puss in Boots, and the other Fairy Tale Friends have other ideas. Even Fiona has her own ideas about the holiday! Can Shrek go with the flow and be open to his friends' ideas about the holiday? Flaps to open will make this a holiday favorite, year after year. Packed with flaps for little hands to open-over 35 fun flaps to lift! Here's a perfect addition to your holiday library starring Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Puss and the rest of the characters from the ever popular Shrek movies. Now Shrek stars in a new annual holiday TV special, Shrek the Halls.
  • Shrek the Third: Fiona's Fairy-tale Five

    Annie Auerbach

    Paperback (HarperFestival, April 3, 2007)
    While Shrek is off finding an heir to the throne, Fiona must watch the kingdom. But soon Prince Charming and his band of villains storm the castle. Fiona has little time to turn a group of prim and proper princesses into lean, mean, fighting machines. Can her fairy-tale five come together in time to take back their castle?
  • Shrek 2, A Play-Along Stickerbook

    Sonia Sander

    Paperback (Scholastic, May 1, 2004)
    The big green ogre returns -- and he's even funnier, more exciting, more romantic, and more fantastic! Scholastic is pleased to announce a full line of Shrek 2 books for this magical movie moment.This Shrek 2 sticker storybook has full-color scenes of Shrek's swamp, DuLoc, and Far, Far, Away, and includes two spreads of reusable stickers to recreate everyone's favorite scenes from the movie!Licensor approval pending.
  • Shrek the Third: The Movie Storybook

    Alice Cameron, Larry Navarro

    Hardcover (HarperFestival, April 3, 2007)
    ** This is a new book! Faced with a big decision, Shrek turnsto his friendsDonkey & Puss for some help. After deciding not to take over the crown from Pricess Fiona's father, Shrek must embark on a journey to find a new king. But the task is not an easy one, as the trio runs into trouble with a long list of characters in the forest. Will they make it home before this difficult quest takes its toll on them? Don't miss these other Shrek the Third books: Fiona's Fairy-tale Five, Friends & Foes, A Good King Is Hard to Find, The Junior Novel, King for a Day, Ogre for Life, & Royally Wrong
  • Shrek the Halls

    Catherine Hapka

    Hardcover (HarperFestival, Oct. 30, 2007)
    In this hilarious companion to the ABC holiday special, Shrek, determined to make the first Christmas with his babies the best ever, must learn to compromise when Fiona and his friends have other ideas about how to celebrate this magical holiday. 150,000 first printing.
  • Shrek


    Paperback (DK Children, April 7, 2004)
    This colorful sticker book includes more than 60 self-adhesive stickers from Shrek and Shrek 2. Kids can use them to fill the book's colorful scenes as they read fun facts about the movies or use them to decorate their books and toys. These durable stickers can be peeled up and used again and again.
  • Shrek the Third Book and Magnetic Play Set

    Reader's Digest

    Board book (Reader's Digest, Sept. 11, 2007)
    This set is perfect for kids on the go. Inside, Shrek fans will find a storybook, three double-sided game cards, two play surfaces, and over 90 magnets. Kids can read the book, and then use the cards and magnets to complete activities based on the Shrek the Third movie.
  • "Shrek" Cookbook


    Hardcover (Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd, Aug. 2, 2007)
  • My Swampy Valentine

    Fiona Simpson

    Paperback (Scholastic, Jan. 1, 2006)
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  • Shrek 2: Who Are You Calling Ugly?

    Jenny Miglis Sandvik, Linda Karl

    Paperback (Scholastic, May 1, 2004)
    The big green ogre returns -- and he's even funnier, more exciting, more romantic, and more fantastic! Scholastic is pleased to announce a full line of Shrek 2 books for this magical movie moment.Bring the world of Shrek alive with Scholastic's SHREK 2 color/activity books. The kind of fun even an ogre would love.Includes a Shrek 2-suitable value-add insert!Licensor approval pending.
  • Shrek the Third: Royally Wrong

    Annie Auerbach

    Paperback (HarperFestival, April 3, 2007)
    Fiona's father is sick, and so Shrek and Fiona must help out around Far Far Away. There's only one problem: Shrek isn't cut out for the royal life. He's too big, too green, and way too ogre. Will he become a respected ruler or the laughingstock of the entire kingdom?
  • Shrek the Third: The Photo Novel

    Amy Court Kaemon

    Paperback (HarperFestival, Nov. 6, 2007)
    When Shrek's father-in-law, King Harold falls ill, Shrek sets out to bring back the rightful heir to the throne--Fiona's rebellious cousin Artie, in a graphic novel-style book based on the new Shrek film. Original.