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Books in See inside series

  • See Inside an Oil Rig and Tanker

    R.J. Unstead

    Hardcover (Hutchinson, May 22, 1978)
    Text and illustrations describe the physical layout, operations, and personnel of a drilling platform or oil rig, production platform, and oil tanker.
  • Inside Stars

    Andra Serlin Abramson, Mordecai-Mark Mac Low, American Museum of Natural History

    Flexibound (Sterling, July 5, 2011)
    At last, clear, accessible, and fascinating information about stars-theat they're made of, how far away they are, how scientists study them-has been collected into one volume created in partnership with the American Museum of Natural History. With dazzling photographs and diagrams, plus 10 eye-popping vertical and horizontal gatefolds, Inside Stars is a must-have for any budding astronomer.
  • See Inside a Submarine

    R.J. Unstead

    Hardcover (Hutchinson Children's Books Ltd, May 19, 1980)
  • See Inside a Galleon

    Jonathan Rutland, Michael Trim, John Berry

    Hardcover (Hutchinson, May 31, 1977)
  • See Inside Castles

    Katie Daynes, David Hancock

    Board book (Usborne Pub Ltd, June 1, 2005)
    Describes different types of castles and what life was like in them, in a book with information hidden beneath the flaps. On board pages.
  • An Ancient Greek Town

    R.J. Unstead

    Paperback (Kingfisher Books, Dec. 31, 1986)
  • See Inside an Aztec Town

    Cottie Arthur Burland, Adrian Sington, Charlotte Snook

    Library Binding (Franklin Watts, Aug. 1, 1980)
    Text and illustrations describe the history and culture of the Aztecs, once the most powerful civilization in Central America.
  • Inside Ancient Athens

    Fiona MacDonald

    Hardcover (Enchanted Lion Books, Nov. 29, 2005)
    Rare Book
  • See Inside an Ancient Greek Town

    Jonathan Rutland, Bill Stallion

    Hardcover (Hutchinson, June 11, 1979)
  • See Inside a Castle

    R. J. Unstead, Dan Escott, Brian Lewis, Richard Hook

    Library Binding (Franklin Watts, Oct. 1, 1986)
    Cutaway drawings and captions depict various types of medieval castles and the people who lived and worked within them and show how they functioned as protection for a lord's family, followers, and land
  • Airport

    Jonathan Rutland

    Library Binding (Warwick, Aug. 1, 1988)
    Describes and depicts all the important activities in an international airport, from aircraft maintenance to passenger services
  • See Inside A Space Station

    Robin Kerrod

    Hardcover (Warwick Press, March 15, 1978)