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  • Regular Show: 25 Years Later

    Christopher Hastings, Joana Lafuente, Anna Johnstone

    Paperback (KaBOOM!, June 25, 2019)
    Twenty-five years after the epic battle between Pops and Anti-Pops, Mordecai, Rigby, and the rest of their friends return to the park for a reunion, only to get mixed up with a Fairy King bent on taking Mordecai and Rigby’s children.The Official Continuation of the Hit Cartoon Network Series! Twenty-five years after the epic battle between Pops and Anti-Pops, Mordecai, Rigby, and the rest of their friends return to the park for a reunion! Their crazy youth is nothing but a memory...or so Mordecai and Rigby think. It’s not long before these two friends stumble across a secret fairy world, find themselves young again, and have their children stolen by Viceroy Alberich, the Fairy King. Now 25 years younger, Mordecai and Rigby must work together to reform Alberich’s miscreant children if they want their own returned to them. Join writer Christopher Hastings (Adventure Time, Gwenpool) and newcomer artist Anna Johnstone in the official continuation of Cartoon Network’s Emmy Award-winning Regular Show.
  • Hey Bro, Did Ya Know?

    Eric Luper

    Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, Feb. 24, 2015)
    This 208-page chunky square paperback is packed with trivia, facts, and quotes about Regular Show, like how to properly eat a Sandwich of Death or what really causes blond hair. It includes the kind of awesome Regular Show jokes and stories both kids and adults will enjoy poring over again and again. With awesome full-color art throughout, this thick book will pack a punch (of fist pumps).
  • Employee Handbook

    Christa Roberts

    Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, Feb. 6, 2014)
    A hilarious guide to employee behavior and code of conduct with a special personal twist from slackers-extraordinaire Mordecai and Rigby, stars of the popular Cartoon Network show. Fans of the show will love reading the outrageous misinterpretations on the employee handbook for the Park, where the characters all work (sort of)!
  • Tales from Regular Show

    Jake Black

    Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, June 26, 2014)
    Yea-uhh! Follow Mordecai and Rigby on a bunch of crazy, awesome adventures as they do whatever it takes to get out of doing their work in this 64 page full color novel. Along the way, you’ll meet the hilarious characters that make the Regular Show the most awesome show on television!
  • Regular Show Original Graphic Novel Vol. 1: Hydration

    Rachel Connor, Tessa Stone

    Paperback (KaBOOM!, Sept. 9, 2014)
    A brand new original graphic novel series based on the hit Cartoon Network animated series!It’s anything but... Don’t miss the first full-length original graphic novel inspired by Cartoon Network’s powerhouse animated series from creator J.G. Quintel, REGULAR SHOW. Join Mordecai, a blue jay and Rigby, a raccoon, a couple of best bros in their twenties just tryin’ to chill for a bit, man. But when you’re livin’ in as crazy a world as they are, no day can be called...regular! A perfect jumping-on point for new readers and seasoned fans alike and in the same popular format as SCOTT PILGRIM and your favorite manga!
  • Muscle Man's Guide to Life

    Tracey West

    Hardcover (Price Stern Sloan, Oct. 16, 2014)
    This 112-page paper-over-board guide to life according to Muscle Man, from the popular Cartoon Network program Regular Show, provides tips for everything from diet and fitness to winning ladies over!
  • Regular Show Original Graphic Novel Vol. 3: A Clash of Consoles

    Rachel Connor, Robert Luckett, JG Quintel, Ze Burnay

    Paperback (KaBOOM!, May 31, 2016)
    Based on the hit Cartoon Network series!Chaos breaks out when three mega-corporations release their new video game consoles on the exact same day! Before Mordecai and Rigby can decide which gaming platform to buy, they're drafted into opposing sides of an all-out gaming war chock full of laser beams, Maximum Gloves, and pixelated casualties, and the stakes have never been higher. Written by the duo who brought you Regular Show™: Noir Means Noir, Buddy, Robert Luckett and Rachel Connor reunite in this high-octane adventure Regular Show™: A Clash of Consoles. Artist Zé Burnay brings the humor, action, and thrills to readers of all ages in a story that begs the question: What kind of gamer are you?
  • It's a Regular Life

    Max Brallier, Perry Maple

    Hardcover (Cartoon Network Books, Oct. 13, 2015)
    It’s Christmastime at the Park!Based on the classic Christmas movie spectacular It’s a Wonderful Life, we find everyone’s favorite yeti, Skips, having a tough time this holiday season. Frustrated, he wishes his old life away. When his wish is granted, he is shown how bad off the Park is without him and wishes for everything to return to normal. He awakens to find everything as he left it with a very special holiday surprise from all his Regular Show friends who love him dearly.
  • Regular Show Mad Libs

    Leonard Stern, Roger Price

    Paperback (Mad Libs, Feb. 6, 2014)
    Calling all fans of the Cartoon Network show Regular Show! Our Mad Libs features 21 original stories based on the hilarious animated show. It's sure to keep you laughing for hours!
  • Regular Show: Skips

    Mad Rupert

    Paperback (KaBOOM!, Nov. 18, 2014)
    Skips, the enigmatic yeti groundskeeper, is about to have the worst day of his life...over...and over again.Skips just wanted a normal vacation, a chance to hike some trails and enjoy time with’s a time-looping explosion where Skips has to team-up with a incompetent Time Cop in order to get Mordecai and Rigby to stop destroying the world! It seems the world is against him, and it’s only a matter of time...but Skips is going to get his vacation. No matter what. Written and drawn by the talented Mad Rupert (Sakana) this adventure is definitely something you won’t want to skip.
  • Benson's Big Book of Freak-Outs

    Max Brallier

    Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, June 26, 2014)
    GET FIRED UP about Benson’s Big Book of Freak-Outs! See the trouble Mordecai and Rigby have been getting into in this compilation of Benson’s funniest freak-out moments. Shaped like Benson’s head, this novelty book will have you laughing your own head off for hours.
  • Regular Show: Parks and Wreck

    Molly Ostertag, Kevin Panetta, Derek Fridolfs, J.G. Quintel, Mad Rupert, Rian Sygh

    Paperback (KaBOOM!, Dec. 5, 2017)
    A collection of short stories from based on the hit Cartoon Network series that follows slackers, park employees, and best friends Mordecai and Rigby through their day-to-day lives and wild adventures alike.Come chill! From druids, to wi-fi demons, to the dreaded Melan Collie, it’s adventure after all-new misadventure for Mordecai and Rigby. Starring fan-favorite characters like Skips and Benson, Eileen and Pops, this rad collection is jam-packed with fun for any Regular Show fan! This collection of Regular Show stories includes shorts never before seen outside of single comic issues! The stories span from 2014-2017, and feature work from Molly Ostertag, Kevin Panetta, Rian Sygh, Mad Rupert, Derek Fridolfs, and many more!