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Books in Peter Rabbit series

  • The Tale of You: Hopping into Life

    Beatrix Potter

    Hardcover (Warne, March 8, 2016)
    This inspirational guide to life featuring Peter Rabbit, in the same vein as the Dr. Seuss classic Oh, the Places You'll Go!, is the perfect graduation gift!As Peter Rabbit bounces out into the big, wide world he will face triumphs and setbacks, hopes and fears. He will meet true friends and fearsome foes, but will always have a home to return to, and a family waiting to hear stories of his adventures.Featuring a brilliantly rhythmical rhyming text with characterful new illustrations, this new book is set to become a beloved classic!
  • Quack Quack with Peter Rabbit

    Beatrix Potter

    Board book (Warne, Feb. 2, 2006)
    Jemima Puddle-duck has lost her ducklings, and the reader can push the button to help call them back to her.
  • Peter Rabbit, I Love You

    Beatrix Potter

    Board book (Warne, Dec. 24, 2018)
    Say "I love you" with this rhyming board book with a peekaboo mirror!This lovely book features classic Beatrix Potter characters, including Peter Rabbit, accompanied by sweet rhyming text. Celebrating all the lovable and adorable things little ones do, and ending with a mirror surprise, this book is perfect for reading with the little bunny you love the most.
  • Beatrix Potter: a Journal

    Penguin Young Readers

    Hardcover (Warne, Oct. 19, 2006)
    This lavish, illustrated journal describes Beatrix Potter’s life as a young woman in Victorian England as she struggles to achieve independence and to find artistic success and romantic love. Using witty, observant commentary taken from Beatrix’s own diaries, the journal features a wealth of watercolor paintings, sketches, photographs, letters and period memorabilia to recreate the world in which she lived.
  • Love from Peter Rabbit

    Beatrix Potter

    Hardcover (Warne, Dec. 26, 2017)
    Say "I love you" to that special somebunny in your life!Celebrate all things love with this charming little book featuring original artwork by Beatrix Potter. A great gift for Valentine's Day—or any day!
  • Peter Rabbit Baby Cards for Milestone Moments: 30 Cards for Your Little Bunny

    Beatrix Potter

    Cards (Warne, Jan. 14, 2020)
    A delightful set of thirty Peter Rabbit cards to mark your baby's special moments.Hop from one milestone to another of your baby's first year with Peter Rabbit! Complete with contemporary designs and gorgeous illustrations, this set of charming cards is sure to help celebrate the big events in your little one's life.
  • The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots

    Beatrix Potter, Quentin Blake, Helen Mirren

    Hardcover (Warne, Sept. 6, 2016)
    From the creator of Peter Rabbit comes the tale of a serious, well-behaved young black cat, who leads a daring double life defeating vile villains.Beatrix Potter created some of the world's most beloved characters, and they will be coming to life in a movie slated for Spring 2018. And this book, written in 1941 but never illustrated, introduces the charming Kitty-in-Boots, who has been imagined by Quentin Blake.When Miss Kitty sneaks out to go hunting in her beautiful boots she gets herself into all sorts of scrapes, but on this particular night she meets the foxiest hunter of them all—Mr. Tod! This utterly entertaining tale is filled with mistaken identities, devious villains, and even an appearance from Peter Rabbit.
  • Peter Rabbit Doodle Book

    Beatrix Potter

    Paperback (Warne, July 19, 2016)
    Scribble, paint, draw and color-in with Peter Rabbit in this fantastic doodle book!Featuring wonderful pictures of Beatrix Potter's best-loved creations, including Peter Rabbit, for children to finish and color. This delightful doodle book will provide hours of fun for little artists, encouraging creativity and stirring the imagination.
  • Peter Rabbit, Based on the Movie

    Frederick Warne

    Paperback (Warne, Jan. 23, 2018)
    Hopping into movie theaters February 9, 2018!Dig up some trouble with Peter Rabbit, as everyone's favorite naughty bunny gets into trouble with rival Mr. McGregor in this book based on the movie starring James Corden, Rose Byrne, Daisy Ridley, Margot Robbie, Elizabeth Debicki, and Domhnall Gleeson.
  • The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit

    Emma Thompson, Eleanor Taylor

    Hardcover (Warne, Sept. 18, 2012)
    Emma Thompson celebrates 110 years of Peter Rabbit by giving us a brand-new tale! Celebrate 110 years of Peter Rabbit with a new, original tale written by Oscar-winning actress and screenwriter Emma Thompson and based on the original tales by Beatrix Potter. In this story, Peter's adventures take him beyond the boundaries of Mr. McGregor's garden and all the way to Scotland! With 72 pages of beautiful text and illustrations, this hardcover picture book, which includes an audio CD of the story narrated by the author, is sure to become a classic--and a collector's item!
  • Gardening with Peter Rabbit: A Gardening Set

    Jennie Walters, Beatrix Potter

    Hardcover (Warne, March 1, 1992)
    A gardening book divided into sections according to the seasons features kids' favorite cotton-tailed vegetable lover and shows young gardeners how to grow carrot ferns, make a cress hedgehog, create a fairy Christmas tree, and more.
  • Peter Rabbit's Giant Storybook

    Beatrix Potter

    Hardcover (Warne, March 1, 2000)
    Provides early readers with a brighly illustrated collection of classic tales, including "Tom Kitten" and "Mr. Jeremy Fisher".