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Books in Green Light Readers Level 1 series

  • Tumbleweed Stew/Sopa de matojos

    Susan Stevens Crummel, Janet Stevens, Alma Flor Ada, F. Isabel Campoy

    Paperback (HMH Books for Young Readers, Sept. 28, 2009)
    Juan Conejo dice que es un gran día para hacer sopa de matojo, ¿pero quién quiere comer eso? Con un poquito de ingenuidad, Jack pronto tiene a todos desde Armadillo a Buitre agregando algo a su sopa deliciosa.
  • Come Here, Tiger!;Green Light Readers Level 1

    Alex Moran, Lisa Campbell Ernst

    Paperback (HMH Books for Young Readers, Aug. 1, 2003)
    Tiger the cat is missing. Follow Lisa Campbell Ernst's playful illustrations, and you'll discover that Tiger might be closer than you think. . . .Book Details:Format: PaperbackPublication Date: 8/1/2003Pages: 24Reading Level: Age 4 and Up
  • Sometimes/Algunas veces

    Keith Baker, F. Isabel Campoy, Alma Flor Ada

    Paperback (HMH Books for Young Readers, March 1, 2007)
    Algunas veces es importante recordar que solo estás tan solo T-Ú. Happy or sad? Up or down? Sometimes you may feel every which way.
  • What I See

    Holly Keller

    Paperback (Green Light Readers, July 1, 2003)
    A pretty red rose and a bunny’s pink nose. A spinning top and a dripping mop. An inquisitive young boy discovers that there are many wonderful things--some familiar, some surprising--to see at his house. He discovers, too, that seeing means opening your eyes to the world around you. Holly Keller’s simple rhyming text and bold illustrations turn everyday visions into heartwarming reveries.
  • Tick Tock

    David K. Williams, Laura Ovresat

    Paperback (HMH Books for Young Readers, March 1, 2006)
    Four friends have to clean the house quickly--before Mom gets home!
  • Woof and Quack in Winter

    Jamie Swenson, Ryan Sias

    Paperback (HMH Books for Young Readers, Oct. 10, 2017)
    Winter is coming! Quack has decided he is absolutely not flying south this winter. He wants to play in the snow, sled, skate, and build snow ducks. His pal Woof is skeptical but goes along with the scheme until—BRRR!—Woof insists he's flying south. But wait! Dogs do not fly south in winter! Or do they? Beginning readers will be tickled to find out in this colorful, easy-to-read story starring a not-so-typical dog and duck. WOOF! WOOF! QUACK! QUACK!
  • Let's Clean Up!

    Peggy Perry Anderson

    Paperback (HMH Books for Young Readers, Aug. 7, 2012)
    Mother cleaned high. Mother cleaned low. Mother cleaned the room for Joe.Joe is delighted with his newly cleaned room. Now he can find all of the toys he wants to play with. But with so much space and so many great toys, which ones will he choose? His train? Or his planes? His racing cars? Or his rocket? As he pulls each from the closet and the toy box, his room grows messier and messier. So when Mother returns to his room, she discovers all of her hard work undone. Readers will delight in Joe’s pure joy in rediscovering all of his favorite playthings, the brightly colored chaos that he leaves in his wake, and his earnest attempts to make it right and please his mother.
  • Buster the Very Shy Dog Finds a Kitten

    Lisze Bechtold

    Paperback (HMH Books for Young Readers, June 16, 2015)
    Praise for Buster series: "A good choice for kids just past the easiest reader stage." —Booklist The adventures of Buster continue in two new easy-to-read stories. In the first, Buster is startled by noises and rustling in the dark space under the porch. Upon discovering a homeless kitten, Buster musters up the courage to help the kitty, despite loud objections and humorous antics from his canine pal Phoebe and two territorial cats. The fun continues in a second story when Buster and Phoebe introduce the kitty to the dog next door, and the four furry friends try to find a game they can all play together. Get set for laugh-out-loud results.
  • Celebrating California: 50 States to Celebrate

    Marion Dane Bauer, C.B. Canga

    Paperback (HMH Books for Young Readers, June 18, 2013)
    Meet Mr. Geo, everybody’s favorite geography teacher! He loves to explore new places. Today, he’s visiting California, the Golden State. His first stop is a TV studio for a front-row seat at his favorite television talent show! Then he will feed the sea lions at the San Diego Zoo. He’ll cheer for the Los Angeles Angels, ride a cable car in San Francisco, visit the Redwood Forest and even pan for gold! He’ll also visit fun-filled theme parks, beautiful beaches, and many other exciting places. Join Mr. Geo on his travels all around California. Together, you will discover what makes this a state to celebrate. This entertaining and educational mix of travel, geography, history, and pop culture includes maps and learning activities. Great for beginning readers!
  • The Purple Snerd

    Rozanne Lanczak Williams, Mary Grandpré

    Paperback (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, July 1, 2003)
    What purrs, barks, and chirps and has long purple fur? Fern is about to find out . . . and to make a new friend. Mary GrandPré's bright artwork brings the magic-and mayhem-of the Purple Snerd's one-of-a-kind visit to laugh-out-loud life.
  • The Picnic

    David K. Williams, Laura Ovresat

    Paperback (HMH Books for Young Readers, March 1, 2006)
    Four friends work together to prepare a tasty picnic lunch.
  • I Can Help!

    Peggy Perry Anderson

    Paperback (HMH Books for Young Readers, Oct. 6, 2015)
    Watch out! Rambunctious Joe is helping Mom run errands around town and Dad do chores around the house. But sometimes that leads to more mishaps and mischief than anyone in this loving frog family expects.. . and sometimes it can lead to a very bright idea. Simple words and dialogue create a perfect reading experience for Level 1 Green Light Readers.