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  • Song and Dance Man

    Karen Ackerman, Stephen Gammell

    Paperback (Dragonfly Books, Jan. 15, 1992)
    A beautifully nostalgic picture book about one grandfather's younger days that shows you're only as old as you feel!"In this affectionate story, three children follow their grandfather up to the attic, where he pulls out his old bowler hat, gold-tipped cane, and his tap shoes. Grandpa once danced on the vaudeville stage, and as he glides across the floor, the children can see what it was like to be a song and dance man. Gammell captures all the story's inherent joie de vivre with color pencil renderings that leap off the pages. Bespectacled, enthusiastic Grandpa clearly exudes the message that you're only as old as you feel, but the children respond--as will readers--to the nostalgia of the moment. Utterly original."--(starred) Booklist.
  • My Little Sister Ate One Hare

    Bill Grossman

    Paperback (Dragonfly Books, Sept. 29, 1998)
    In this uproariously funny counting book, illustrated by popular artist Kevin Hawkes, a ravenous little sister eats everything from one hare to ten peas. Now in Dragonfly, this is the perfect book for any kid who loves to giggle (and who doesn't?) and parents who love to hear them.
  • Tillie and the Wall

    Leo Lionni

    Paperback (Dragonfly Books, Feb. 20, 1991)
    A timeless fable about unity and breaking down barriers, from four-time Caldecott Honor-winner Leo Lionni.All her life Tillie the mouse has wondered what lies on the other side of the wall. Imagining all sorts of fantastic possibilities, she digs a tunnel to get to the other side, where she discovers . . . other mice, just like her! Together, Tillie and her friends work to bring down the wall and unite mouse-kind. Written just before the fall of the Berlin wall, this seemingly simple fable has a powerful message for all children—and all people.
  • Nappy Hair

    Carolivia Herron

    Paperback (Dragonfly Books, Dec. 7, 1998)
    Now in Dragonfly: a lively, empowering story about Brenda's knotted-up, twisted, nappy hair and how it got to be that way! Told in the African-American "call and response" tradition, this story leaps off the page, along with vibrant illustrations by Joe Cepeda.Winner of a Parenting Reading Magic Award

    John Burningham

    Paperback (Dragonfly Books, March 8, 1994)
    A mouse who runs away with gypsies to learn to play the balalaika returns home just in time to save his family
  • Apple Picking Time

    Michele B. Slawson

    Paperback (Dragonfly Books, Aug. 11, 1998)
    In the rich, warm colors of autumn, here's a slice of American history as we watch Anna and her extended family help with the town's traditional fall apple harvest. Now available in paperback.
  • Mirandy and Brother Wind

    Patricia McKissack, Jerry Pinkney

    Paperback (Dragonfly Books, Jan. 13, 1997)
    “Each page sparkles with life.”—The New York Times Book Review In this Caldecott Honor and Coretta Scott King Award winning tale, Mirandy is determined to capture the best partner for the junior cakewalk jubilee. And who is the best partner? The wind, of course! Grandmama Beasley says, “Can’t nobody put shackles on Brother Wind, chile. He be special. He be free.” With neighbors up and down Ridgetop suggesting all manner of strategies, and friend Ezel laughing at each foiled one, Mirandy grows ever more determined: she’ll get hold of that Brother Wind yet! Patricia C. McKissack’s thoroughly engaging tale dances with spirit and rollicking good humor. Complemented by Jerry Pinkney’s rich, eye-catching watercolors of the rural South, here’s one of those rare, rewarding picture books that is sure to be read and enjoyed again and again.
  • Rainbow Crow: A Lenape Tale

    Nancy Van Laan, Beatriz Vidal

    Library Binding (Enter The Arena, April 9, 2009)
  • How To Make An Apple Pie And See The World

    Marjorie Priceman

    School & Library Binding (Turtleback Books, Sept. 9, 1996)
    FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Since the market is closed, the reader is led around the world to gather the ingredients for making an apple pie. Includes recipe.
  • We're Back! a Dinosaur's Story

    Hudson Talbott

    Paperback (Dragonfly Books, Oct. 12, 1993)
    Illus. in full color. "What happens when scientists from outer space test a new brain-developing product on dinosaurs, educate them, and drop them off in the middle of Manhattan's Thanksgiving Day Parade? Those five and up will adore the off-beat humor of this prehistoric tour de force."--Parents Magazine.
  • Hey! Get Off Our Train

    John Burningham

    Paperback (Dragonfly Books, July 5, 1994)
    Illus. in full color. An IRA Children's ChoiceA Parents' Choice Award winner for illustrationA California Children's Book Award winner
  • Petunia, Beware

    Roger Duvoisin

    Paperback (Dragonfly Books, June 14, 2011)
    This delightful sequel to Caldecott Medalist Roger Duvoisin's Petunia takes the foolish goose on a wild goose chase. Petunia only wants what she doesn't have. Convinced that she'll find tastier grass for her snacks beyond her home on Mr. Pumpkin's farm, she ventures far afield. After close encounters with some wild animals who are looking for a tasty snack of their own, she rushes home—to the best green grass she's ever tasted! Originally published in 1958 and long unavailable, this timeless tale works equally well as a read-aloud to young children or as a story slightly older children can enjoy reading all by themselves.