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Books in Blastoff Readers. Level 1 series

  • Foxes

    Emily Green

    Library Binding (Bellwether Media, Aug. 8, 2010)
    From the Arctic to deserts, foxes are found in almost every kind of habitat. This book introduces children to foxes, explaining what they eat, their physical characteristics, and where they live.
  • Trains

    Mary Lindeen

    Library Binding (Bellwether Media, Jan. 30, 2007)
    All aboard! There are all different kinds of trains that accomplish various tasks. Speed along with a bullet train, go underground with a subway train, or hop aboard a freight train as it transports goods.
  • Bats

    Kari Schuetz

    Library Binding (Bellwether Media, Jan. 1, 2012)
    When nighttime comes, bats fly out of trees, caves, and barns to begin their hunt. Some make high-pitched calls, and then they wait and listen. Echoes will lead them to their prey! Learn how bats sleep upside down, use sound to find prey, and more.
  • Bunnies

    Colleen Sexton

    Library Binding (Bellwether Media, Feb. 1, 2008)
    A bunny's teeth never stop growing throughout its life. Kids will follow bunnies as they leave the nest and go on to watch them grow, eat, and hop.
  • DK Readers L1 Frozen Worlds

    Caryn Jenner

    Paperback (DK Children, Nov. 14, 2017)
    Explore arctic environments, polar landscapes, animals, and people in and around the North and South Poles.Featuring polar bears, icebergs, reindeer, penguins, sea life, and more, Frozen Worlds allows young readers to travel to Earth's coldest places.Perfect for 3–5 year olds learning to read, Level 1 titles contain short, simple sentences with an emphasis on frequently used words. Stunning photographic images with labels provide visual clues to introduce and reinforce vocabulary.Series Overview: Trusted by parents, teachers, and librarians, and loved by kids, DK's leveled reading series is now revised and updated. With new jackets and brand-new nonfiction narrative content on the topics kids love, each book is written and reviewed by literacy experts and contains a glossary and index, making them the perfect choice for helping develop strong reading habits for kids ages 3–11.
  • Argentina

    Kari Schuetz

    Library Binding (Bellwether Media, Aug. 1, 2011)
    The second-largest country in South America, Argentina is known for its fertile plains, the rugged Andes Mountains, and the beautiful land of the Argentine Patagonia. The people of Argentina work on the land and in cities, enjoying music, dancing, and sports in their free time. Learn all about Argentine food, culture, and daily life in this informative title!
  • Baby Owls

    Christina Leaf

    Library Binding (Bellwether Media, Jan. 1, 2014)
    Baby owls are a noisy bunch! Some owl siblings even talk to one another at mealtime to communicate who gets the food. Fly through the pages of this book to learn more about these fluffy screechers.
  • Gazelles

    Megan Borgert-Spaniol

    Library Binding (Blastoff Reader, Aug. 1, 2012)
    In an act known as "pronking," gazelles leap straight into the air with their backs arched before landing on all four feet. Their motive is a mystery, but it may just be their way of telling predators "Can't touch this!" See what else gazelles can do in this fact-filled title.
  • Horses

    Emily K. Green

    Library Binding (Bellwether Media, Jan. 30, 2007)
    Did you know that horses use their tails to swat flies off their bodies? Beginning readers will discover how horses act on the farm and how farmers use horses for work and play.
  • Eagles

    Kari Schuetz

    Library Binding (Bellwether Media, Jan. 1, 2012)
    An eagle will soar to great heights to build its nest in a tall tree or high cliff. It needs a safe place to care for its eaglets until they are ready for flight. Young children will watch eaglets change from fluffy and flightless to deadly raptors!
  • Owls

    Kari Schuetz

    Library Binding (Bellwether Media, Aug. 1, 2011)
    An owl has large eyes that work like a pair of binoculars. This, combined with excellent night vision and a rotating head, makes this raptor a skilled hunter. Beginning readers will have a hoot as they read about the unusual features of this bird of prey!
  • Lions

    Derek Zobel

    Library Binding (Bellwether Media, Aug. 1, 2011)
    Did you know that a group of lions is called a pride? Have you heard that lions work together to stalk their prey? This book for young readers offers this information as it presents lions on the prowl. It teaches children about the physical and behavioral characteristics of these big cats.