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  • Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights

    Bonnie Bader, Joanie Stone

    Hardcover (Golden Books, Sept. 8, 2020)
    Celebrate Hanukkah--and learn the meaning behind the holiday--with this new Big Golden Book!It's Hanukkah time! Preschoolers will learn all about how people celebrate Hanukkah--from eating latkes, spinning dreidels, exchanging gifts, and lighting the menorah. And they'll also learn why they celebrate--from the destruction of the Temple, the bravery of the Maccabees, and the miracle of that little bit of oil that lasted for eight nights. Filled with colorful illustrations and simple, yet informative text, this Big Golden Book is perfect for reading again and again. Share it with your family this Hanukkah!
  • Monsters University Big Golden Book

    RH Disney

    Hardcover (Golden/Disney, May 14, 2013)
    Mike Wazowski and James P. "Sulley" Sullivan are an inseparable pair, but that wasn't always the case. From the moment these two mismatched monsters met, they couldn't stand each other. The prequel to Disney/Pixar's blockbuster hit Monsters, Inc., Monster University unlocks the door to how Mike and Sulley overcame their differences and became the best of friends. Screaming with laughter and fun, the film opens on June 21, 2013, and will be shown in Disney Digital 3-D(TM) in select theaters. Boys and girls will love this hardcover Big Golden Book that retells the entire story of the new film.
  • The Good Dinosaur Big Golden Book

    RH Disney

    Hardcover (Golden/Disney, Oct. 13, 2015)
    Disney/Pixar The Good Dinosaur is a humorous and exciting original story about Arlo, a lively Apatosaurus with a big heart. After a traumatic event unsettles Arlo's family, he sets out on a remarkable journey, gaining an unlikely companion along the way—a human boy. Children ages 3 to 7 will love this beautifully illustrated hardcover Big Golden Book based on the film.
  • Thomas and the Beanstalk

    Golden Books

    Hardcover (Random House Books for Young Readers, Jan. 30, 2018)
    Thomas the Tank Engine stars in a retelling of the fairy tale “Jack and the Beanstalk.” Thomas tells his friends the story of Jack, the magic beans, and the giant beanstalk before bedtime. The next day, while carrying a load of beans, Thomas is bashed in an accident and dreams that he rides up a giant beanstalk to a land of giants high above the clouds. Thomas & Friends™ fans ages 3 to 7 will be riveted by this beautifully illustrated hardcover story—a familiar fairy tale retold in a thrilling new way, featuring their favorite little blue engine, his good friends Percy and James, a tiny golden steam engine, and a pinch of magic.
  • Seaponies Make a Splash!

    Bonnie Ventura, Drake Brodahl

    Hardcover (Golden Books, Aug. 29, 2017)
    A Big Golden Book based on My Little Pony: The Movie--releasing in theaters October 6, 2017!This Big Golden Book is based on the animated feature film My Little Pony: The Movie, releasing on October 6, 2017. The film centers on the Mane 6--Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity--as they embark on an unforgettable journey to save their home of Ponyville! Along the way, the ponies will use the magic of friendship to face new challenges and meet new friends. This beautifully illustrated hardcover storybook is perfect for children ages 3 to 7, as well as collectors of all ages!
  • K is for Kindness

    Jodie Shepherd, Tom Brannon

    Hardcover (Golden Books, July 24, 2018)
    An all-new Big Golden Book about kindness--starring Elmo and his Sesame Street friends.Sesame Street's Elmo helps little ones learn about being kind! Children ages 3 to 7 follow Elmo in this Big Golden Book as he earns his "K Is for Kindness" Monster Scout badge. Elmo helps out friends and neighbors in different ways and discovers what it means to be kind to others. Abby Cadabby, Grover, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, Zoe, Bert, and Ernie are some of the pals Elmo helps with his good deeds. Sesame Street's mission is to help kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder, and there's no better way to spread the word than with this book!
  • Vee's First Day of School

    Chelsea Beyl, Golden Books

    Hardcover (Golden/Disney, Jan. 2, 2018)
    This ghoulishly-funny Big Golden Book is based on the new Disney Junior show Vampirina!Vampirina is the new kid in town. She has moved from Transylvania to Pennsylvania, and today is Vee's first day of human school. She has her batty backpack and her monster ruler. What could possibly go wrong? Children ages 3 to 7 will love this Big Golden Book, which retells an episode of the new Disney Junior series Vampirina--a show that is a celebration of differences, and what it means to be a kid . . . or a vampire . . . who dances to the beat of his or her own drum.
  • Santa's Christmas Genies

    Hollis James, Mattia Francesco Laviosa

    Hardcover (Golden Books, Sept. 13, 2016)
    Can Nickelodeon’s Shimmer and Shine save Christmas after they accidentally make Santa disappear? Children ages 3 to 7 will love finding out in this hardcover Big Golden Book featuring full-color illustrations.
  • Grumpy Cat's First Worst Christmas

    Golden Books, Steph Laberis

    Hardcover (Golden Books, Sept. 19, 2017)
    Grumpy Cat, the most famous cat in the world, stars in her very own Christmas-themed Big Golden Book!Grumpy Cat has over 8 million Facebook followers, her own TV movie, a mobile game, and now . . . a Christmas-themed Big Golden Book! In the story of Grumpy Cat’s First Worst Christmas, Pokey makes every effort to get Grumpy Cat to join in the Christmas spirit! Pokey wants to build a snow-cat together, go sledding, decorate the Christmas tree, and bake cookies for Santa! But Grumpy Cat wants to live in her wonderland of NO. Join your favorite feline as she celebrates the most terrible time of the year! Grumpy Cat fans of all ages will get into the spirit with this Big Golden Book, featuring all-new full-color illustrations.
  • Wonder Woman: An Amazing Hero!

    Mary Tillworth, Erik Doescher

    Hardcover (Golden Books, Jan. 3, 2017)
    This DC Super Friends Big Golden Book reveals Wonder Woman’s™ origin story! Girls and boys ages 3 to 7 will enjoy this full-color, hardcover storybook featuring the most iconic female super hero of all time!
  • Journey Beyond Sodor

    Golden Books, Tommy Stubbs

    Hardcover (Golden Books, July 25, 2017)
    A Big Golden Book retelling of an all-new Thomas & Friends movie adventure!Train-loving boys and girls ages 3 to 7 will be riveted by this beautifully illustrated Big Golden Book that retells an all-new Thomas & Friends movie adventure about unusual new engine friends and an exciting—and scary—adventure! In the early 1940s, a loving father crafted a small blue wooden train engine for his son, Christopher. The stories that this father, the Reverend W Awdry, made up to accompany the wonderful toy were first published in 1945 and became the basis for the Railway Series, a collection of books about Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends—and the rest is history. Thomas & Friends now make up a big extended family of engines and others on the Island of Sodor. They appear not only in books but also in television shows and movies and as a wide variety of beautifully made toys. The adventures of Thomas and his friends, which are always, ultimately, about friendship, have delighted generations of train-loving boys and girls for more than 70 years and will continue to do so for generations to come.
  • The Big Book of Blaze and the Monster Machines

    Golden Books

    Hardcover (Golden Books, July 14, 2015)
    Blaze and the Monster Machines is Nickelodeon's new animated action-adventure series! It stars Blaze, a problem-solving truck that can transform into multiple machines, and his best friend and driver, AJ. This hardcover Big Golden Book is sure to thrill boys ages 3 to 7.