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Books in Armada Pict. Lions S series

  • Ameliaranne Gives a Concert

    Margaret Gilmour

    Paperback (HarperCollins Distribution Services, March 15, 1973)
  • Me and My Flying Machine

    Marianna and Mercer Mayer

    Paperback (Collins, March 15, 1973)
  • Ameliaranne and the Jumble Sale

    Eileen Osborne, Susan B. Pearse

    Paperback (Collins, March 15, 1973)
  • Ameliaranne Bridesmaid

    Ethelberta Morris, Susan B. Pearse

    Paperback (Collins Picture Lions, March 15, 1973)
  • Little Captain

    Paul Biegel

    Paperback (Armada Lion, March 15, 1973)
  • Old Hat, New Hat

    Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain

    Paperback (HarperCollins Distribution Services, Oct. 4, 1973)
  • Along Came a Dog

    Meindert DeJong, Maurice Sendak

    Paperback (HarperCollins Publishers, June 30, 1980)
    Along Came A Dog
  • Journey from Peppermint Street

    Meindert; illustrated by Emily Arnold McCully Dejong, Emily Arnold McCully

    Paperback (Collins Armada Lion, Jan. 1, 1973)
    Journey from Peppermint Street
  • Ameliaranne and the Green Umbrella

    Constance Heward

    Paperback (Picture Lions, March 15, 1974)
  • Busy Wheels

    Peter Lippman

    Hardcover (HarperCollins Publishers, July 12, 1984)
    Describes a number of wheeled vehicles that perform important jobs, including garbage trucks, buses, tow trucks, bulldozers, snow plows, campers, planes, trains, and moon vehicles.
  • No Way of Telling

    Emma Smith

    Paperback (HarperCollins Distribution Services, Oct. 15, 1973)
  • The Rabbits' Wedding

    Garth Williams

    Paperback (Picture Lions, London, Aug. 16, 1973)
    The Rabbits' Wedding