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  • Double Dutch

    Sharon M. Draper

    Paperback (Atheneum Books for Young Readers, Jan. 1, 2004)
    secrets Delia loves Double Dutch more than just about anything, and she's really good at it -- so good she and her teammates have a shot at winning the World Double Dutch Championships. Delia would die if she couldn't jump -- but Delia has a secret, and it could keep her off the team next year. Delia's friend Randy has a secret too, one that has him lonely and scared. And while Delia and Randy struggle to keep their secrets, their school is abuzz with rumors about what malicious mischief the terrible Tolliver twins -- who just may have a secret of their own -- are planning. Delia and Randy's secrets collide on what should be the happiest day of Delia's life, and the collision threatens to destroy their friendship. Why can't life be as easy for Delia as Double Dutch?
  • The Graduation of Jake Moon

    Barbara Park

    Paperback (Aladdin, June 1, 2002)
    How can you love someone and resent him at the same time?Jake Moon used to love the time he spent with his grandfather, Skelly, but that was before Skelly got Alzheimer’s disease. All of a sudden, it’s as if Skelly is the kid, and Jake has to be the grown-up. Much of Skelly’s care becomes Jake’s responsibility, and that doesn’t leave much time for a life of his own. Then, one day Jake rebels, and the unthinkable happens. Has Jake discovered too late how much his grandfather still means to him? Barbara Park, one of today’s most popular and versatile authors, has created a funny, honest, and unforgettable portrait of a boy struggling to understand this debilitating disease and graduate to a more sympathetic and accepting relationship with his beloved grandfather.
  • The Year of Miss Agnes

    Kirkpatrick Hill

    Paperback (Aladdin Paperbacks, May 1, 2002)
    A year they'll never forget Ten-year-old Frederika (Fred for short) doesn't have much faith that the new teacher in town will last very long. After all, they never do. Most teachers who come to their one-room schoolhouse in remote, Alaska leave at the first smell of fish, claiming that life there is just too hard. But Miss Agnes is different -- she doesn't get frustrated with her students, and she throws away old textbooks and reads Robin Hood instead! For the first time, Fred and her classmates begin to enjoy their lessons and learn to read and write -- but will Miss Agnes be like all the rest and leave as quickly as she came?
  • A Night without Stars

    James Howe

    Paperback (Aladdin, April 1, 1996)
    Maria Tirone is frightened. She's in the hospital, about to undergo open heart surgery. And no one -- not her friends, not her family, not even her doctors -- can tell her what to expect.Then she meets Donald, badly disfigured in a fire years before.The other kids in the hospital call him Monster Man, and tell Maria to stay away from him. But Maria sees the human being hidden behind Donald's scars and his bitterness, and finds in him what she needs most of all -- answers to her questions, and a friend.
  • Skinny-Dipping at Monster Lake

    Bill Wallace

    Paperback (Aladdin, Aug. 1, 2004)
    Kent doesn't believe in monsters. But he knows he saw two gleaming yellow eyes beneath the surface of Cedar Lake when he and his buddies were camping at the lake. When he sneaks out alone a few nights later to investigate, the eyes return -- and they seem to be following him. Kent and his friends are determined to solve the mystery of the Cedar Lake monster. But what they discover one dark summer night is just as surprising as a monster -- and just as dangerous.
  • A Blue-Eyed Daisy

    Cynthia Rylant

    Paperback (Aladdin, June 1, 2001)
    an amazing year Ellie Farley's father, Okey, drinks too much, mostly because he hasn't been able to work since he was injured in a mining accident. He hasn't been able to hunt, either, so it's strange when he brings home a hunting dog, a beagle named Bullet. But Bullet is only the first odd thing that happens to Ellie the year she's eleven. She sees a favorite uncle go off to war; a boy in her class has a fit in the middle of geography and another is accidentally killed while target shooting; and Okey drives his Chevy pickup off the mountain, with near-tragic consequences. But still Ellie manages the ordinary pleasures of making a best friend and getting kissed for the first time -- it's no wonder she confides to Bullet on her twelfth birthday, "Some year."
  • The Beloved Dearly

    Doug Cooney, Tony DiTerlizzi

    Paperback (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, Aug. 1, 2003)
    Ernie is a twelve-year-old tycoon, always on the lookout for a fast buck. This time he stumbles onto a money-making bonanza: pet funerals. He hires Dusty to decorate the burial boxes and Tony to dig the holes, but his prize find is Swimming Pool, a tomboy who can cry on cue. Business goes through the roof -- until Ernie loses Swimming Pool over a raise and the whole venture unravels. Here is a rollicking, fun-spirited novel about friendship, loss, business -- and how we learn to express our feelings.
  • A Fine White Dust

    Cynthia Rylant

    Paperback (Atheneum Books for Young Readers, Dec. 26, 2006)
    How much do you have to give up to find yourself? When Pete first sets eyes the Man, he's convinced he's an ax murderer. But at the revival meeting, Pete discovers that the Man is actually a savior of souls, and Pete has been waiting all his life to be saved. It's not something Pete's parents can understand. Certainly his best friend, Rufus, an avowed athiest, doesn't understand. But Pete knows he can't imagine life without the Man. So when the Man invites Pete to join him on his mission, how can Pete say no -- even if it means leaving behind everything he's ever loved?
  • Don't Hurt Laurie

    Willo Davis Roberts, Ruth Sanderson

    Paperback (Aladdin, March 31, 1988)
    Laurie is physically abused by her mother; can she escape, and will anyone believe her story?
  • Saving Lilly

    Peg Kehret

    Paperback (Aladdin, Nov. 1, 2002)
    AGAINST All ODDS Erin Wrenn and her friend David are in big trouble because they refuse to go on a field trip to the Glitter Tent Circus. They wrote a report on the sad lives of circus animals and discovered that the Glitter Tent Circus is one of the worst animal abusers of all. Mrs. Dawson is determined to give her students the happy circus experience she remembers from her childhood; she won't let Erin and David share their report or pass around a petition asking for a different field trip. Erin is determined to force Mrs. Dawson to change her plans...or she'll stage a sit-in at school. Then Erin sees an even bigger problem: Lilly, a mistreated elephant, is about to be sold to a hunting park. How can she save Lilly before it's too late? It seems impossible! Can one girl -- and a class of sixth graders -- make a difference?
  • I See the Moon

    C.B. Christiansen

    Paperback (Aladdin, April 1, 1996)
    Delighted when her sixteen-year-old sister Kari becomes pregnant, twelve-year-old Bitte is looking forward to becoming an aunt, but she is devastated when her sister plans to give the baby up for adoption
  • Steal Away Home

    Lois Ruby

    Paperback (Aladdin, Jan. 1, 1999)
    When Dana uncovers a skeleton hidden in the wall of her home, she also uncovers a dark secret that stretches back years.When twelve-year-old Dana Shannon starts to strip away wallpaper in her family’s old house, she’s unprepared for the surprise that awaits her. A hidden room—containing a human skeleton! How did such a thing get there? And why was the tiny room sealed up? With the help of a diary found in the room, Dana learns her house was once a station on the Underground Railroad. The young woman whose remains Dana discovered was Lizbet Charles, a conductor and former slave. As the scene shifts between Dana’s world and 1856, the story of the families that lived in the house unfolds. But as pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place, one haunting question remains—why did Lizbet Charles die?