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Books in A Picture Yearling Book series

  • The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night

    Peter Spier

    Paperback (Dragonfly Books, July 1, 1994)
    This Caldecott Honor book from beloved illustrator Peter Spier is a spirited take on a classic American folk song."[Spier's] finely detailed, action-packed New England autumn vistas are almost startlingly beautiful."—The New York Times Over fifty years after he won a Caldecott Honor for The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night, legendary illustrator Peter Spier went back to this time-honored favorite in 2014 to paint the half of the book that was originally printed in black and white. In this glowing, restored vision of Spier’s beloved classic, follow the wily fox as he roams a sleepy New England town in search of a meal, with tones and textures so vivid you can almost hear the crackle of crisp fall leaves and the ripples of the river in the moonlight.
  • Benny's Pennies

    Pat Brisson, Bob Barner

    Paperback (Dragonfly Books, July 1, 1995)
    An easy-to-understand children's story about financial literacy and the value of giving and saving—even five pennies! Benny McBride starts his day with five new pennies and is determined to spend them all. His mother wants him to buy something beautiful. His brother wants something good to eat. His sister wants something nice to wear. Benny knows his dog and cat would like something too. With the help of generous and thoughtful neighbors, Benny fulfills each request with a penny and arrives home with five but simple gifts.
  • The Little Island

    Margaret Wise Brown, Leonard Weisgard

    Paperback (Dragonfly Books, Oct. 1, 1993)
    Children’s book icon Margaret Wise Brown – writer of the cherished classic Goodnight Moon – and Caldecott Medal-winner Leonard Weisgard bring young readers an enduring picture book about the magic of nature. Winner of the 1947 Caldecott Medal, this beautifully moving story centers around a little island in the midst of the wide ocean, and the curious kitten who comes to visit. As the seasons pass, the island and the creatures who call it home witness an ever-changing array of sights, smells, and sounds – proving that, no matter how small, we are all an important part of the world.
  • Peter Spier's Circus

    Peter Spier

    Paperback (Dragonfly Books, May 1, 1995)
    Come join the circus as Caldecott Medal-winner Peter Spier takes you for a look under the big top! The circus is coming to town! Take your front row seat to see how a circus runs—from setting up the tent to performing center ring. Go soaring through the air on the flying trapeze and see how performers from all over the world come together to put on a show. With showbiz excitement that only the circus can create—and Peter Spier's signature humorous details waiting to be discovered on every page—this book is a guaranteed ticket to fun and adventure."A treat!"—Kirkus"This premier illustrator offers a glorious new treat. . . . Children will undoubtedly want to pore over it."—School Library Journal
  • The Lizard and the Sun / La Lagartija y el Sol

    Alma Flor Ada

    Paperback (Dragonfly Books, March 9, 1999)
    A long, long time ago in ancient Mexico, the sun disappeared. Everything was dark, and the people were afraid. The animals decided to search for the sun through the fields and forests, rivers and lakes. But the sun was nowhere to be found. At last the animals stopped looking - all except the lizard. This is the story of a brave little lizard who would not give up until she had brought back light and warmth to everyone.Hace mucho, muchísimo tiempo, en el México antiguo, el sol despareció. Todo la tierra se obscureció y la gente tenía miedo. Los animales salieron en busca de sol por los campos y bosques, los ríos y los lagos. Pero el sol no estaba en ninguna parte. Al no encontrarlo, todos los animales abandonaron la búsqueda, excepto la lagartija. Ésta es le historia de una lagartija valiente que no quiso darse por vencida hasta poder restaurarles a todos la luz y el calor.

    Patricia Polacco

    Paperback (Yearling, Aug. 1, 1996)
    Justine and Duane and their neighbors are happily getting ready for Sukkoth, the Jewish harvest holiday. Suddenly, catastrophe strikes as a fire sweeps through their town. Luckily for everyone, there are still miracles in this world--sometimes in the shape of a little cat. This heartfelt story is a stirring celebration of life, friendship, and--most of all--hope!
  • Young Lancelot

    Robert D. San Souci, Jamichael Henterly

    Paperback (Yearling, March 9, 1998)
    Lancelot, the most famous knight of fabled Camelot, was raised by the Lady of the Lake, a powerful enchantress. He grew to be handsome, strong, and intelligent--but also arrogant and cold. When he joined King Arthur's Round Table, his prowess as a warrior was unquestioned. But he had forgotten two of the most important qualities of a truly great knight: mercy and tenderness. This is the story of young Lancelot and his quest to become the greatest knight of all--a knight both brave and kind.
  • Young Arthur

    Robert D. San Souci, Jamichael Henterly

    Paperback (Yearling, Feb. 9, 1999)
    To protect his life, Arthur, son of King Uther, was hidden from the court when still a baby. Growing up in Sir Ector's household, Arthur knew nothing of his noble birth. Then one day at a tournament, he forgot to bring a sword for his brother, Kay. Looking for a replacement, Arthur saw a strange sword plunged into a stone. From the moment he released the famous sword he assumed his destiny as the rightful King of England. But there were still battles to be fought, and with Merlin's help and the famous Excalibur at his side, Arthur established a reign of nobility, justice, and wisdom whose fame has lasted to the present day.From the Hardcover edition.
  • Satchmo's Blues

    Alan Schroeder, Floyd Cooper

    Paperback (Dragonfly Books, Jan. 12, 1999)
    On hot summer nights in New Orleans, a boy named Louis Armstrong would peek under the big swinging doors of Economy Hall and listen to the jazz band. The best night was Friday, when Bunk Johnson would blow his cornet till the roof trembled. At moments like those, Louis could feel his toes tingle. He wanted to be like Bunk Johnson; aim his horn straight up at the night sky and set the stars spinning.One day Louis saw a horn in a pawnshop window—a real brass cornet. The cardboard sign said $5. How could he ever come up with that much money? Every day Louis did what he could to earn that five dollars, and every day he practiced blowing his imaginary horn. It was a dream he would never give up.The vibrant, swinging world of New Orleans jazz seems to bounce off the pages in this tribute to an extraordinary young man. Louis Armstrong's dynamic personality and amazing trumpet playing would cast a spell on millions of people around the world, to whom he will always be the one and only Satchmo, the Ambassador of Jazz.
  • Snake Alley Band

    Elizabeth Nygaard

    Paperback (Yearling, Aug. 10, 1999)
    Check out this tale of Snake and his encounter with a hip-hoppin', splish-splashin', stamp-stomping band! Snake is used to his serpent ensemble and their shhh-BOOM groove. But then this littlest member of the snake alley band wakes up from a long winter's nap to find that all of his musician friends have disappeared! Will he find a way to appreciate the sounds of the other musicians in his land?From the Hardcover edition.

    Arlene Alda

    Paperback (Yearling, March 1, 1995)
    Sheep, Sheep, Sheep, Help Me Fall AsleepWritten and with photographs by Arlene AldaWhen you can't fall asleep, counting sheep is certainly one way to make you drowsy. On the other hand, when you don't want to fall asleep, counting other animals doing silly things is clearly a great way to keep yourself awake! And that's just what this preschooler does as soon as Mom leaves the room.Children and parents alike will find delight in this multifunctional book. It's a rhyming bedtime reader, a counting book, and an animal identification picture book -- it's three books in one!
  • Music over Manhattan

    Mark Karlins

    Paperback (Yearling, June 8, 1999)
    Parents and children alike will love this irresistible story about finding one's own special talent.Bernie has lived his entire life in the shadow of his cousin Herbert. But after Bernie's eccentric Uncle Louis teaches him to play the trumpet, he no longer has to play second fiddle to his cousin. All of a sudden, "Background Bernie" is a big hit! And when he plays his favorite song, "Moonlight Over Manhattan," at a family wedding, Bernie's magic can't be ignored.From the Hardcover edition.