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  • MY FIRST A.I. BOOK – Artificial Intelligence and Learning

    Prof Fernando Buarque de Lima Neto, Prof Nicky Roberts, Prof Tshilidzi Marwala, Mpho Nemasetoni

    Paperback (, Aug. 30, 2019)
    Artificial Intelligence and Learning is a teaser in a series of books and pioneering book for kids on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) which focuses on its chief concept: LEARNING. The My First A.I. Books Series introduces kids of all ages to the foundational concepts for Artificial Intelligence and the 4th Industrial/Human Revolution, AKA I4.0 or 4IR or IOT. Written by three global experts and active scientific researchers, Professors Fernando Buarque (Ph.D. in A.I. Imperial College London), Tshilidzi Marwala (Ph.D. in A.I. at University of Cambridge), and Nicky Roberts (Ph.D. in Mathematics Education at the University of Witwatersrand).This book and series are suitable for all kids starting their Artificial Intelligence journey. As a matter of fact, the future of humankind depends centrally on how A.I. will be produced and used. As such, little readers are encouraged to think and talk in an informed manner about A.I. topics. The story of this first book, sets the plot by delving into the evolution of human tools (up to the fourth human revolution), types of learning, the ingredients for adaptive computer programs (i.e. programs that are able to learn), and even provides a working definition of A.I. All the books of the series are packed with concepts and encourage inquiry. They aim to widen the kids’ perspectives on, and also nurture their participation with, these new concepts and tools. All that in this amazing unfolding revolution – the Revolution of the Intelligence. The authors took care to include not only technical concepts, but humanistic and character-building values too. Thus, readers would acquire a good foundation for their future, which may even not be a technical one (but certainly will include A.I.). Ideally, this book should be read by the kids with an adult. It is handsomely complemented by five more books, which portrait five missions, detailing other chief functional A.I. concepts. In each mission the explorers are challenged to delve (and learn) five different ways of using A.I. on real-world problems. The other books in the My First A.I. Books Series are:•My First A.I. Book - Mission of Team-B is Searching •My First A.I. Book - Mission of Team-R is Predicting•My First A.I. Book - Mission of Team-I is Classifying•My First A.I. Book - Mission of Team-C is Optimizing•My First A.I. Book - Mission of Team-S is Interfacing
  • The First Unrefueled Flight Around the World: The Story of Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager and Their Airplane, Voyager

    Richard L. Taylor

    Library Binding (Franklin Watts, Sept. 1, 1994)
    Describes the voyage of the first airplane to fly around the world without refueling, and the people who built and flew it
  • Animals: A First Art Book

    Lucy Micklethwait

    Hardcover (Lincoln Children's Books, March 31, 2004)
    Animals: A First Art Book presents wonderful paintings of animals dating from medieval times to the present, by artists such as Renoir, DĂĽrer, Hokusai, Warhol, and Hockney. With excellent full-color reproductions and minimal text, it provides the perfect way for young children to see and appreciate classic art. The pictures have been selected for their vibrancy and variety: in identifying the dog, rhinoceros, kangaroo, squirrel, parrot, and other creatures, kids will naturally notice the different ways in which they are represented. In addition, they will learn to read the names of the animals and the words describing them: spotty, feathery, bouncy, cuddly, and so on.
  • Landslides, Slumps, & Creep

    Peter Goodwin

    Library Binding (Franklin Watts, Oct. 1, 1997)
    Describes the causes and consequences of landslides, avalanches, and other, sometimes rapid, sometimes slow, downward movements of rocks, soil, and/or snow
  • First Prayers

    Tasha Tudor

    Hardcover (Lutterworth Press, Jan. 8, 1991)
    The highly popular First Books series, which brings together favourite prayers, hymns, carols and poetry along with the beautiful illustrations by Brenda Meredith Seymour and Tasha Tudor, has been in print for over thirty years. They will make perfect gifts for children aged 2-4, and are ideal for adults and children to read together.
  • Colors: A First Art Book

    Lucy Micklethwait

    Hardcover (Lincoln Children's Books, May 10, 2005)
    In this book, eighteen dynamic paintings from around the world feature simple, colorful, child-friendly forms -- animals, fruits, vegetables, flowers, birds, trees, boats, sunsets, insects, people, and more -- to teach the concept of color. For example, to illustrate the color of blue, children see Vincent van Gogh's Vincent's House at Arles that shows a house with a blue sky backdrop as well as Ando Hiroshige's The Sea at Satta in Suruga Province that features a light blue sea.The simple text focuses attention almost entirely on the paintings, which range from the work of old masters to contemporary talents, and notes on the artwork can be found at the back of the book.
  • Animals That Hibernate

    Larry Dane Brimner

    Library Binding (Franklin Watts, March 1, 1991)
    Defines hibernation and describes different animals' ways of preparing for and spending the winter
  • Children: A First Art Book

    Lucy Micklethwait

    Paperback (Frances Lincoln Children's Books, Dec. 11, 2008)
    The third installment in this series features 18 works of art that illustrate a variety of activities in a child’s day — boys eating by Murillo, a child writing by Renoir, a girl sleeping by Millais, and more. With its child-friendly approach and accessible selection of paintings, this picture book is the perfect introduction to art for little ones.
  • Colors: A First Art Book

    Lucy Micklethwait

    Paperback (Lincoln Children's Books, Jan. 28, 2009)
    The second entry in this innovative series introduces children to color in art. Little ones see flowers, birds, trees, nautical scenes, and sunsets painted with a very basic palette of colors and accompanied by brief text. The artists represented range from old masters to some of today?s most renowned painters. Notes about each painting can be found in the back of the book.
  • Children: A First Art Book

    Lucy Micklethwait

    Hardcover (Lincoln Children's Books, June 6, 2006)
    Eating an ice-cream! Playing a tune! Fishing in the sea! Following Animals and Colours, the third in this innovative series for the very young explores paintings that focus on children. Here are 18 works of art chosen to illustrate all kinds of activities in a child's day - boys eating by Murillo, a child writing by Renoir, a girl sleeping by Millais...The artists represented, who span four centuries, range from old masters to some of today's most renowned painters, and notes on the paintings can be found at the back of the book.
  • Jazz: A First Book

    Langston Hughes

    Library Binding (Franklin Watts, March 1, 1982)
    An introduction to jazz, focusing on its historical development and its most famous performers.
  • North American Indian Sign Language

    Karen Liptak

    Library Binding (Franklin Watts, Sept. 1, 1990)
    Describes the basic vocabulary needed to communicate in the most commonly used form of sign language used among North American Indians.