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Books published by publisher Ty Crowell Co

  • The Acorn Quest

    Jane Yolen, Susanna Natti

    Library Binding (Ty Crowell Co, Sept. 1, 1981)
    In quest of the golden acorn, Sir Runsalot the mouse, Sir Gimmemore the rabbit, Sir Tarryhere the turtle, and Sir Belliful the groundhog journey to the edge of the world
  • The Young United States, 1783-1830: A Time of Change and Growth, a Time of Learning Democracy, a Time of New Ways of Living, Thinking, and Doing

    Edwin Tunis

    Hardcover (Ty Crowell Co, June 1, 1976)
    An illustrated study of the historical events and social customs of the first fifty years of the United States
  • Colonial Living

    Edwin Tunis

    Hardcover (Ty Crowell Co, June 1, 1976)
    Colonial Living, Edwin Tunis's vigorous re-creation of 17th- and 18th-century America, examines the everyday lives of those sturdy men and women who transplanted European culture to the New World.Long research and love for his subject gave Tunis an intimate knowledge of the details of colonial experience, from earliest coastal settlement to the revolutionary era. He shares all with his reader - the building of houses, with their trunnels, girts, and hand-hewn beams; the spinning of yarn and its weaving and dyeing; the making of candles and soap; and the intricate business of cooking on the open hearth with lug poles, cranes, bake kettles, and spits. He describes the early crops and illustrates the implements and animals used to produce them. In detailed pictures, Tunis shows us the tools and products of the craftsmen - the blacksmith, the cooper, the miller, the joiner, and the silversmith.
  • The King's Day: Louis XIV of France


    Hardcover (Ty Crowell Co, Aug. 1, 1989)
    A day in the life of France's King Louis XIV, focusing on the elaborate ceremonies which took place when he dressed in the morning, ate his meals, conducted affairs of state, entertained, and finally, when he prepared to go to bed at night
  • Air Raid--Pearl Harbor! the Story of December 7, 1941

    Theodore Taylor

    Hardcover (Ty Crowell Co, June 1, 1971)
    Recreates Japan's dramatic air attack on Pearl Harbor, relating the events from both the American and Japanese points of view
  • That Dog

    Nanette Newman, Marylin Hafner

    Hardcover (Ty Crowell Co, June 1, 1983)
    After Barnum dies, Ben is sure he'll never want another dog, but a stray he finds on the way home from school changes his mind.
  • Anno's Counting Book

    Mitsumasa Anno

    Hardcover (Crowell, March 1, 1977)
    A simple, beautiful introduction to math for the youngest readersEvery child is a natural mathematician, according to Mitsumasa Anno. Children are constantly comparing and classifying things and events they observe around them. As they try to bring sense and order into what they observe, they are actually performing basic mathematical feats.With Anno's Counting Book, the creator of the brilliantly inventive Anno's Alphabet invites young readers on another stimulating adventure of the imagination—this time into the world of numbers and counting.Gentle watercolor pictures show a landscape changing through the various times of day and the turning seasons, months and years, and the activities of the people and animals who come to live there. But the seemingly simple plan of the book is deceptive: look more carefully and you will see one-to-one correspondences; groups and sets; scales and tabulations; changes over time periods; and many other mathematical relationships as they occur in natural, everyday living. The reader is subtly led to see and understand the real meaning of numbers.Look at this book and look again. Each time you do so, you will find another application of a natural mathematical concept that you had not noticed before.
  • Quips and Quirks

    Clyde Watson

    Hardcover (Ty Crowell Co, Sept. 1, 1975)
    Briefly defines a number of names used to tease or insult for a hundred years or more. Includes rubberneck, flibbertigibbet, trollybags, and many more.
  • John Billington: Friend of Squanto

    Clyde Robert Bulla

    Hardcover (Ty Crowell Co, June 1, 1956)
    Book by Bulla, Clyde Robert
  • The Tavern at the Ferry

    Edwin Tunis

    Hardcover (Ty Crowell Co, Sept. 1, 1973)
    Through Henry Baker and his family, Tunis tells the story of America's growth in the colonial period and the growing dissatisfaction of its citizens with British rule. The Tavern at the Ferry does more than set the scene; it chronicles the dramatic story of the events leading up to Washington's crossing of the Delaware and the ensuing Battle of Trenton, a turning point in the War of Independence. The weeks and days before the crossing were full of intrigue, and Tunis follows the stories of such men as John Honeywell, the patriot double-agent, and Moses Doan, the would-be betrayer, as well as those of the tired but determined troops who turned the tide of war under Washington's leadership.
  • His Own Where.

    June Jordan

    Hardcover (Ty Crowell Co, June 1, 1971)
    Buddy and Angela gain strength through their love to face the struggle of city life in the ghetto
  • Come Back, Wherever You Are; A Beany Malone Story.

    Lenora Mattingly Weber

    Hardcover (Ty Crowell Co, June 1, 1969)
    Beany Malone Buell, young wife and mother, finds herself taking care of a disturbed child when his mother dies