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  • Animal behavior,

    Niko Tinbergen

    Hardcover (Time Inc, March 15, 1965)
    science book
  • Cradle of Civilization

    Samuel Noah Kramer, Editors of Time-Life Books

    Hardcover (Time, inc., March 15, 1967)
    Gently pre read book. Buy now at a reduced price to read in the comfort of your own home.
  • Imperial Rome

    Moses Hadas

    Hardcover (Time, inc, Jan. 1, 1965)
    Imperial Rome by Hadas, Moses
  • The Screwtape Letters: How a Senior Devil Instructs a Junior Devil in the Art of Temptation

    C. S. Lewis

    Mass Market Paperback (Time Inc, March 15, 1961)
    C. S. Lewis was one of the greatest Christian Writers of our age. His "Screwtape Letters" still stirs considerable controversy. He wrote from the perspective of a devil giving advice to another devil in how to tempt a Christian. In doing so, he reveals to us how we let evil into our own lives. Lewis's work has influenced three generations of Christian thinkers and will continue to be a seminal Christian work.
  • John Paul Jones: A Sailor's Biography

    Samuel Eliot Morison

    Paperback (Time Inc, March 15, 1964)
    a biography of John Paul Jones who was an admiral of the navy during the American Revolution.
  • The scientist,

    Henry Margenau

    Hardcover (Time, inc, March 15, 1964)
    Today the fruits of science are evident everywhere, but the man responsible for them has remained, in large part, an enigma. Both by tradition and by preference, the scientist tends to be self-effacing. Yet never in history has there been a more urgent need to understand who he is and how he works. This book scrutinizes the scientist as a human being and as a modern legend, as a thinker and a doer, and as a powerful new force in 20th century life.
  • Sports Illustrated July 22 1992 Barcelona Olympic Preview * Jackie Joyner

    Sports Illustrated

    Single Issue Magazine (Time Inc, March 15, 1992)
    Kim Zmeskal , Svetlana Boginskaya , Barcelona Games , Sam Jones , Abbagnale Brothers , Blades and Wheels
  • The universe,

    David Bergamini

    Hardcover (Time, inc, March 15, 1962)
    LIFE NATURE LIBRARY " The Universe"- 1962 Hardcover Scientific, facts, data, and illustrations in this book.
  • Life Magazine July 6, 1962 -- Cover: Hot-Air Balloon

    Henry Luce

    Single Issue Magazine (Time, Inc., July 6, 1962)
    July 6, 1962 - Life magazine is one of the world's most recognizable publications. From 1936 to 1972 the weekly publication of Life served as the nation's foremost authority on cultural trends and the state of the American experience. It ceased publication until 1978, when it returned as a monthly until the year 2000. Since then Life has returned as a weekly, published in 70 newspapers across the nation. The company is also well-known for its many books on photography, writing and, in conjunction with Time, many self-help and 'how to' volumes. Life magazine continues to be one of the most important publications in the country, both for its current issues as well as its back catalog. Researchers, designers, and the simply curious use Life magazine as a reference for style, trends, celebrity news, as well as the award-winning photography that first made the publication famous. By now there is hardly anybody in the United States who isn't familiar with both the logo (white lettering on a red rectangle) as well any number of photographs first published in the magazine, like the famous V-Day kiss in Times Square. Life magazine is dedicated to continuing its place in American publication history, and back issues of the magazine can fetch considerable figures if in good condition. The magazine has gone from being simply another magazine to a sought-after collectible. Collections of Life magazine are often found at auction. Where Life will go in the future is unknown, but its resiliency has proven to be formidable, and most experts agree that Life will remain an iconic, growing force in American culture for years to come.
  • Sound and hearing,

    S. S Stevens

    Hardcover (Time, inc, March 15, 1965)
    Life Science Library
  • Sports Illustrated Magazine February 28 1994 The Winter Olympics Speed Skater Champions Dan Jansen & Bonnie Blair

    Sports Illustrated

    Single Issue Magazine (Time Inc, March 15, 1994)
    Standard issue Sports Illustrated.