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  • Orion and the Dark

    Emma Yarlett

    Hardcover (Templar, March 24, 2015)
    Orion is very scared of the dark—until Dark decides to pay him a visit!Orion is scared of a lot of things, but most of all he’s scared of the dark. So one night the Dark decides to take Orion on an adventure. Emma Yarlett’s second picture book combines her incredible storytelling and artwork with die-cut pages that bring the Dark to life.
  • My Pop-up World Atlas

    Anita Ganeri, Stephen Waterhouse

    Hardcover (Templar, Sept. 11, 2012)
    Watch the whole world spring to life!Budding geographers will love to immerse themselves in this fun, bright, fact-packed first atlas with lots of detailed illustrations. Each continent has its own spread, with pop-ups, flaps, booklets, and sturdy pull-tabs introducing the world’s countries, inhabitants, and famous landmarks.
  • Always

    Emma Dodd

    Board book (Templar, Feb. 16, 2018)
    One little elephant discovers that a parent’s love is unconditional.Sometimes you’re happy. Sometimes you’re sad. Sometimes you’re good. Sometimes you’re bad. But there is always love between parent and child, which is the uplifting message in an exquisite new title from Emma Dodd. Featuring rhyming text and heartwarming illustrations of an elephant family, this padded board book makes a great addition to any nursery bookshelf.
  • How the World Works: A Hands-On Guide to Our Amazing Planet

    Christian Dorion, Beverley Young

    Hardcover (Templar, Feb. 23, 2010)
    You can make science fun for your adventurous kid with How the World Works. No droning text here - more like pop-ups, flaps to lift, tabs to pull, wheels to turn... your kid'll hardly know they're reading and learning.Make your family outdoor shenanigans even more fun with Ruckus Ready toys and outside games from Play Outdoors. Made for kids of all ages....
  • The Rhythm of the Rain

    Grahame Baker-Smith

    Hardcover (Templar, Aug. 20, 2019)
    A breathtaking picture book about the water cycle from Kate Greenaway Medal winner Grahame Baker-SmithIssac plays in his favorite pool on the mountainside. As rain starts to fall, he empties his little jar of water into the pool and races the sparkling streams as they tumble over waterfalls, rush through swollen rivers, and burst out into the vast open sea. Where will my little jar of water go now? Issac wonders. From the tiniest raindrop to the deepest ocean, this breathtaking celebration of the water cycle captures the remarkable movement of water across the earth in all its majesty.
  • The Pirates Next Door

    Jonny Duddle

    Hardcover (Templar, Feb. 28, 2012)
    The Jolley-Rogers have traded in the high seas for suburban life.Meet the Jolley-Rogers — a pirate family who is moving to Dull-on-Sea, a quiet seaside town, while they fix up their ship. This unusual family soon has the whole neighborhood gossiping. Defying the grown-ups, Matilda becomes friends with young pirate Jim Lad. When the JolleyRogers return to sea, the town realizes that they were wrong to assume the worst when it is discovered that the pirates have buried treasure in everyone's yard. The neighbors are thrilled, but Matilda is sad to have lost her new friend, until she discovers her own treasure — a pen pal!
  • Gigantosaurus

    Jonny Duddle

    Board book (Templar, March 7, 2017)
    His feet go STOMP! His jaws go CRUNCH! In the blink of an eye you’ll be his LUNCH!Four young dinosaurs are warned about the scary Gigantosaurus, so one of them volunteers to keep watch for the others while they play. But Bonehead, the lookout, quickly gets bored, and he can’t resist shouting, “GIGANTOSAURUS!” just to see what the others do. When his friends finally wise up, Bonehead is in for a rather snappy (and crunchy) surprise!
  • How the Weather Works: A Hands-on Guide to Our Changing Climate

    Christiane Dorion, Beverley Young

    Hardcover (Templar, Feb. 8, 2011)
    What is a tornado? Why does it snow? How is a hurricane created? Find out in this novelty-packed introduction to our planet’s weather.Tackling both normal and extreme scenarios, this is an entertaining and enlightening exploration of the world’s weather. With bright, friendly illustrations, plus pop-ups, pull-tabs, and booklets, this interactive book stimulates learning and encourages children to think about how humans can influence the Earth’s climate.
  • I Thought I Saw a Dinosaur!

    Templar Books, Lydia Nichols

    Board book (Templar, April 24, 2018)
    Hide-and-seek fun with sturdy sliders!This silly but stylish slider book is sure to give little ones a giggle. They'll love joining in a game of hide-and-seek as they move the sliders to reveal the dinosaur hiding in every scene. Is it behind the sofa? Or in the shower? Just push the slider to find out! With beautiful artwork from Lydia Nichols, the whole family will enjoy reading and playing with this fresh new novelty series.
  • Everything

    Emma Dodd

    Hardcover (Templar, Feb. 10, 2015)
    What does a mother love most about her baby? Everything.Parents love each and every thing about their child, as demonstrated by the charming mother and baby koala in Emma Dodd’s Everything. Featuring heartwarming illustrations embellished with foil, this cozy bedtime read is a handsome addition to any nursery bookshelf.
  • William & the Missing Masterpiece

    Helen Hancocks

    Hardcover (Templar, April 28, 2015)
    The Mona Cheesa painting is missing and only cat-detective William can solve the crime!Debonair cat-detective William finds himself at the center of a mysterious theft when the Mona Cheesa is stolen from a Parisian gallery. Can William put the clues together and solve the crime? Fans of Helen Hancocks’s Penguin in Peril won’t be disappointed in this hilarious tale of cat and mouse.
  • I Thought I Saw a Bear!

    Templar Books, Lydia Nichols

    Board book (Templar, Aug. 13, 2019)
    Hide-and-seek fun with sturdy sliders!This silly but stylish slider book is sure to give little ones a giggle. They'll love joining in a game of hide-and-seek as they move the sliders to reveal the animal hiding in every scene. With beautiful artwork from Lydia Nichols, the whole family will enjoy reading and playing with this novelty series.