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  • Under the Ocean

    Anouck Boisrobert, Louis Rigaud

    Hardcover (Tate, Oct. 21, 2014)
    Climb aboard the sailboat Oceano and get ready to depart on an expedition around the world! The scenery changes as we sail from busy port to icy Arctic, over stormy seas, and toward an idyllic sunset. This book’s gorgeous palette and lyrical prose make an appealing package, though it’s what lies under the ocean that will surprise and thrill the most.
  • The Book With a Hole

    Hervé Tullet

    Paperback (Tate, Feb. 1, 2011)
    The Book with a Hole blasts a hole through the middle of the book itself. Sometimes the hole is an eye the reader can look through; sometimes it is a mouth and the reader's fingers make the teeth! The next minute it is a plate (with food drawn by the reader on a sheet of paper behind the book), an obstacle to jump across, or a saucepan. It's crazy! It's a Book with a Hole! Packed full of Hervé Tullet's zany drawings and inventive ideas, this is bound to enchant children of all ages.Praise for The Book with a Hole« “Deliciously interactive and profoundly immersive, this book provides rich imaginative play from cover to cover. Most apps have a long way to go before they will be as artful and engaging as this interactive wonder.” –Kirkus Reviews, starred review“Tullet's simple innovation allows readers to become active participants in the experience of reading.” –Publishers Weekly
  • A Lion in Paris

    Beatrice Alemagna

    Hardcover (Tate, April 15, 2014)
    A Lion in Paris is widely regarded as the most accomplished book by multi-award-winning children’s author/illustrator Beatrice Alemagna. It tells the story of a lion who, bored by his rural life in the savanna, seeks excitement and opportunity in the City of Light. Upon arriving in Paris, the lion is disappointed to find that despite his size, people barely pay attention to him, not even when he lets out a ferocious roar on the busy underground Métro.Revealing the sights and sounds of Paris from Montmartre to the Eiffel Tower, this beautifully illustrated book successfully conveys the experience of being a stranger in a new city and the process of understanding one’s own identity.Praise for A Lion in ParisSTARRED REVIEW"This oversized book about a bored young lion who visits Paris to find “a job, love and a future” is worth every bit of paper and ink. The lion atop the Eiffel Tower, mane blowing in the wind, captures the essence of this artful, whimsical delight."—Kirkus Reviews, starred review"By the time he decides to settle in the City of Lights, readers will be thoroughly charmed by both the lion and his creator."—Publishers Weekly"Ms. Alemagna's illustrations are made up of drawings, colored cutouts and bits of photography—an increasingly popular approach known as mixed-media collage—and she is playful with perspective. The effect is both mesmerizing and warming as we follow the great beast around the City of Light."—The Wall Street Journal
  • The Case of the Missing Eyebrow

    Angela Keoghan, Chris Sam Lam

    Hardcover (Tate, Oct. 3, 2017)
    The Case of the Missing Eyebrow
  • The Magic Hour

    Ian Beck

    Hardcover (Tate, Oct. 29, 2019)
    Inspired by the world-famous John Singer Sargent painting, Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose, this charming book brings the Victorian subjects to life One long, hot summer, Lily and Rose are playing in the garden of a large country house when they spot a strange light. It must be fairies! Determined to catch them, they sneak out at sunset to find the fairies. However, things aren’t always what they seem. Will Lily and Rose be disappointed or will they find something that’s magic in its own way? Based on the world-famous John Singer Sargent painting Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose, Ian Beck brings the subjects to life and reveals an inspirational world behind the painting.
  • How the Stars Came To Be

    Poonam Mistry

    Hardcover (Tate, March 24, 2020)
    Have you ever wondered how the stars came to be in the sky? The Fisherman’s Daughter loved to dance in the sunlight, and bathe in the glow of the moon. But when the moon disappeared for a few nights each month, she worried about her father and how he would find his way home from the sea in the deep darkness. When the sun finds her sobbing one night, he takes one of his rays and shatters it onto the ground, creating the stars and giving the girl the task of putting them into the dark night sky. This beautifully illustrated story gives us a new folk tale, and a new way to look up at the night sky.
  • Incredible You

    Rhys Brisenden, Nathan Reed

    Hardcover (Tate, Sept. 24, 2019)
    An inspiring picture book to help each child remember: you are unique and amazing! Ever had a bad day and wished that you were someone else? Perhaps a mountain gorilla? Or a fierce tiger? But wait . . . just think of all the amazing things that you can do! You can sing, you can write, and you can dream. And never stop being incredible you! This picture book brings a breath of fresh air for young children, filled with positivity, zest, and energy.
  • Madame Sonia Delaunay: A Pop-Up Book

    GĂ©rard Lo Monaco

    Hardcover (Tate, April 21, 2015)
    Madame Sonia Delaunay is a pop-up book inspired by the work of 20th-century painter and theater, textile, and fashion designer Sonia Delaunay (1885–1979), who was known for her vivid use of color and bold, abstract patterns. Renowned art director and paper engineer Gérard Lo Monaco has created this clever book, published to coincide with a major international exhibition of Delaunay’s work, featuring pop-up illustrations based on her paintings, textiles, and costume designs. Lo Monaco’s highly expressive gouache illustrations convey the same energy and verve as Delaunay’s original artworks, which, for reference, are reproduced at the back of the book. Fun rhyming verses accompany each pop-up, offering children a way of looking at the images. Readers will not only be informed and amused but also inspired by this contemporary interpretation of Delaunay’s work.
  • Grandma's House

    Alice Melvin

    Hardcover (Tate, Oct. 27, 2015)
    Often, after school, a little girl goes to her grandmother’s house, where everything is always the same but, then again, different. One day, she puts her coat on the hook in the hall, pours a glass of milk for herself in the kitchen, and tries to reach the cookie jar on the highest shelf in the pantry. But where is Grandma? Children will love exploring the rooms in Grandma’s House, peering through its cutout pages from one room to the next and journeying high up into the foldout attic in search of Grandma. Highly detailed and intricately illustrated in Alice Melvin’s trademark style, Grandma’s House is another winner from one of today’s shining stars of illustration.
  • When I Was Born

    Isabel MinhĂłs Martins, Madalena Matoso

    Hardcover (Tate, Feb. 1, 2011)
    All children love to hear the story of how they arrived in the world. When I Was Born revisits the adventure of discovering the world for the first time. Breathing, seeing, hearing, tasting, and touch are encountered afresh in this beautifully illustrated, poetic tale, reintroducing readers to the richness and delight of life. Children and adults alike will love award-winning illustrator Madalena Matoso's colorful and touching images, accompanied by a text that is ideal for reading aloud. “This small gem by a Portuguese duo celebrates the wonder of mere existence.” –Publishers Weekly
  • Treasure Hunt

    Alice Melvin

    Paperback (Tate, April 10, 2018)
    Join author/illustrator Alice Melvin on this very special treasure hunt. Can you find some feathers to complete the beautiful bird’s tail? Can you find a shiny coin, or a bright button? What about some sequins and glitter to create a butterfly? Or just choose a sticker from the sheet enclosed. Only when all the pages are finished will the treasure hunt be complete! This beautiful activity book will entertain children of all ages, providing hours of fun and resulting in a book of memories that will last a lifetime.
  • The Five Senses

    Hervé Tullet

    Paperback (Tate, Dec. 20, 2005)
    Celebrates the senses using illustrations to convey things that can be felt and experienced using the five physical senses and imagination.