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  • 100 Things for Kids to Make & Do

    Marion Elliot

    Hardcover (Smithmark Pub, Feb. 1, 1997)
    !00 project ideas for kids.
  • Piet Potter's Hot Clue: Story and Pictures

    Robert M. Quackenbush

    Hardcover (Smithmark Pub, Oct. 1, 1982)
    While attending an off-off Broadway opening, amazing boy detective Piet Potter is called upon to investigate the mysterious disappearance of one of the show's leading players.
  • Children's Atlas of the Bible

    Nicola Baxter

    Hardcover (Smithmark Pub, March 1, 1992)
    Baxter, Nicola
  • Bugs: The Encyclopedia of Creepy-Crawlies

    Matthew Robertson, Tony Gibbons

    Hardcover (Smithmark Pub, Feb. 1, 1999)
    Book by Robertson, Matthew
  • Nostradamus: An Illustrated Guide to His Predictions

    Millie Ridge

    Hardcover (Smithmark Pub, May 1, 1993)
    Examines the prophesies of Nostradamus and explains his predictions of the English Civil War, the French Revolution, the rise of Hitler, unrest in the Middle East, and a terrible war that will begin in 1999
  • The Teddy Bear Collection

    Nicola Baxter, Cathie Shuttleworth

    Hardcover (Smithmark Pub, Jan. 1, 1998)
    Offers young and old a glimpse into the secret lives of teddy bears in a collection of twelve tales told by the bears themselves on a cold winter night, revealing what really happened at the Teddy Bears' Picnic and other secrets.
  • Beanie Baby Collector's Journal and Display Case


    Hardcover (Smithmark Pub, Nov. 1, 1999)
    A children's guide to America's hottest collectibles, "Beanie Babies," features sections to help young collectors catalog their finds, along with a corrugated cardboard display case and information on current market value, care tips, and more.
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    Wanda Gag

    Hardcover (Smithmark Pub, Feb. 17, 1999)
    An illustrated version of the Grimm brothers' beloved classic
  • What's Wrong at the County Fair?

    John Holladay

    Hardcover (Smithmark Pub, March 1, 1992)
    Challenges young readers to find the five mistakes each in scenes of a county fair, including a livestock contest, the midway, and a square dancing exhibition
  • The Water Babies/Peter Pan

    Charles Kingsley

    Hardcover (Smithmark Pub, Sept. 1, 1995)
    Tom, a chimney sweep, is stolen by fairies and turned into a water baby, and the Darlings travel to Neverland with a boy who refuses to grow up
  • Little Women - Good Wives - Little Men

    Louisa May Alcott, Ann M. Magagna, Louis Jambour

    Hardcover (Smithmark Pub, Oct. 1, 1978)
    Book by Louisa May Alcott
  • Little Women/Little Men

    Louisa May Alcott, Jesse Wilcox Smith

    Hardcover (Smithmark Pub, May 1, 1995)
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