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  • The Substitute

    Marilyn Kaye

    Paperback (Skylark, Aug. 8, 2000)
    Amy never knew whom Mr. Devon worked for--the organization that's after her, or some other secret government agency. All she knew was that he seemed to be her ally. He always appeared just when she needed help or vital information. But ever since Mr. Devon's death, Amy has relied on her own smarts to survive. And she'll need them more than ever now that a new substitute teacher at school has it in for her. Ms. Heartshorn has a reputation for being demanding. She doesn't tolerate fools or careless work. And her feedback can be . . . well, a little harsh. Amy hates her. But when she learns why Ms. Heartshorn is really at school, Amy totally flips out.
  • The Glove of Darth Vader

    Paul Davids, Hollace Davids

    Paperback (Skylark, June 1, 1992)
    Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and the Rebel Alliance have fought valiantly against the evil Galactic Empire. Together they have kept alive the hopes for freedom, and helped restore the ways of the Old Republic with its wise Senate and noble line of Jedi Knights. But now a new threat awaits the Alliance. Within the evil Empire, the surviving Imperial warlords have been fighting among themselves for power. No one knows who will seize control, but the Prophets of the Dark Side have foretold that soon a new Emperor will arise, and on his right hand he shall wear an indestructible symbol of evil.

    Bonnie Bryant

    Paperback (Skylark, March 1, 1994)
    Stevie is eagerly anticipating the Saddle Club's spring trip on the Mountain Trail Overnight because her boyfriend, Phil, is coming along, but this trip may mean the end of their relationship. Original.
  • Dirty Little Dog: A Horrifying True Story of Child Abuse, and the Little Girl Who Couldn't Tell a Soul

    Kate Skylark, Sophie Jenkins, Jill Myers

    Audible Audiobook (Kate Skylark, Nov. 28, 2018)
    A shocking true tale of childhood abuse at the hands of a stranger. Sophie Jenkins is living a happy life in the idyllic Dorset countryside when she meets Martin Brett, the man who will go on to abuse her and haunt her dreams for years to come. A momentary act of neglect leads to a horrible series of events that leaves her changed forever. Badly let down by the adults entrusted to care for her, Sophie's life begins to spiral downward. However, Sophie's message is ultimately one of hope and empowerment. She is in the process of rebuilding her life when fate leads her to encounter her childhood attacker once again. The story ends with a truly shocking climax. Warning: This audiobook is based upon a true story of child abuse and contains passages that some listeners may find disturbing. All names and places have been changed to protect the identities of the innocent. (Cover photograph is posed by a model and is used for illustrative purposes only.)
  • Anne of Green Gables

    L.M. Montgomery, None

    Paperback (Skylark, March 15, 1992)
    The famous novel by L.M. Montgomery.
  • Hayride

    Bonnie Bryant

    Paperback (Skylark, Dec. 1, 1993)
    It's Carole's birthday, and The Saddle Club is planning an extra-special celebration. They're having their first boy-girl party, which will include a romantic moonlit hayride. When snooty Veronica diAngelo hears about their plans, she assumes she isn't invited. And now Veronica is determined to wreck the party--and steal one of The Saddle Club's boyfriends!
  • Lion Hound

    Jim Kjelgaard

    Paperback (Skylark, Aug. 1, 1983)
    A big, smart, and slaughterous mountain lion is a challenge for two experienced lion hunters, a boy much interested in hunting and dogs, and a pack of hounds including an experienced leader and an excellent young hound
  • Transformation

    Marilyn Kaye

    Paperback (Skylark, Dec. 12, 2000)
    Something's wrong with Tasha--she's not herself. At least that's what Amy thinks. And a best friend would know! Tasha's eyes look glazed. Her usual quick comebacks have become dull, one-word answers. It's as if Tasha is acting out some part in a horror movie. Only this isn't a movie, it's real. One by one, Amy notices other personality changes. Everyone seems possessed! And soon . . . whatever is happening to them may happen to Amy too.
  • Happy Birthday, Dear Amy

    Marilyn Kaye

    Paperback (Skylark, Feb. 13, 2001)
    It's a day like no other!Amy's birthday is coming up. She's turning 13. Now she'll be an official teenager -- and she wants to celebrate with a real blow-out. But on the big day, Amy wakes up and is definitely not ready to party. Her appearance is somewhat unexpected. Her growing pains have taken on . . . well, unusual proportions. Her family and friends don't know what to do. Amy may be an extraordinary girl, but can she ever be just a normal teenager?
  • John Midas in the Dreamtime

    Patrick Skene Catling

    Paperback (Skylark, Nov. 1, 1987)
    John Midas explores a cave in the Australian Outback and is propelled back through time to a prehistoric world where he discovers fire and the boomerang
  • Clones

    John Whitman

    Paperback (Skylark, July 6, 1998)
    Tash Arranda can't believe her eyes. Here, in an abandoned Rebel base on the remote planet Dantooine, she has just seen her parents. Her dead parents. Is she losing her mind?Then Tash spies the one being in the galaxy she least wants to see--Darth Vader. It seems the Empire has tracked them down at last. But what Tash doesn't know is that this is only the beginning of a terrifying journey into an evil world, where she'll be forced to fight her own brother and the death!
  • Sea Horse

    Bonnie Bryant

    language (Skylark, Dec. 19, 2012)
    Ever since they formed The Saddle Club, Stevie, Carole, and Lisa have been inseparable. So they're all feeling a little sad at the thought of not being together for the Christmas holidays. But while Lisa is riding along the beautiful beaches of sunny San Marco, Stevie will be combing the mall for the perfect New Year's Eve dress. And Carole will be training Starlight, the gorgeous bay gelding she got for Christmas!But no one's holiday goes smoothly, especially Lisa's. On her first day at the San Marco stables, she takes an embarrassing fall, just like a beginner! And that's not the worst of it: The volcanic terrain and tricky footing of the tiny island can be confusing to horses -- and lethal for their riders. Just as Lisa's confidence in her riding plummets to an all-time low, a dangerous mishap will put her horseback skills to the ultimate test... and have her missing her Saddle Club friends like crazy!