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  • Joshua Moves to the Jungle

    Dawn Baird

    Paperback (Redemption Press, Nov. 1, 2017)
    What sights! What sounds! Dancing! Swaying! Brightly colored clothing! The Babali people are singing a welcome song but the words are strange to Joshua's ears.Joshua has arrived at his new home in the hot, steamy air of the Ituri Rain Forest with his mom, dad, and two big sisters.Come along on a young boy's grand adventure in Congo, Africa. Joshua sees a little girl about his size. Will she be his new best friend? He cannot understand what people are saying, but he listens and learns to speak. Each day is filled with discovery as Joshua learns about the animals, plants, and insects of his new home. This story of a young boy adjusting to a new culture, making new friends, and quickly and easily learning a new language illustrates how children adapt and how their hearts and minds are open and free of prejudice. This Baird Family Adventure is a read-to, or I-can-read book for ages pre-school to pre-teen.
  • The Drink of a Lifetime

    Marcia Carole Gladwish

    Hardcover (Redemption Press, April 17, 2017)
    Come meet a woman who had holes and broken places in her heart, like cisterns that cannot hold water. Jesus offers her Living Water and her heart is transformed.When the woman at the well had a life-changing encounter with Jesus, she found he loved her and offered her eternal life, despite knowing her story. The unique combination of collaged art and biblical narrative in The Drink of a Lifetime crosses cultural boundaries and goes straight to the heart. Jesus knows our life stories. Jesus crosses cultural boundaries and is non-judgmental. Jesus uses this woman to lead others to him. God has gifted Marcia Gladwish with a method of storytelling intertwined with art that makes Jesus' love real to all who are blessed to hear and read what she shares. It doesn't matter how unimportant or unworthy you may feel, your story matters to Jesus. Drink deeply as you open these pages. --Susie Boer, Faith Heroines Alive
  • Adventures With Theophilos Pott

    Roger Long

    eBook (Redemption Press, April 10, 2018)
    Five children from one family learn a secret that takes them into the strange and wondrous land of Everlight where they meet Theophilos Pott, an ageless bookstore owner, a talking tiger, a dragon that must undo a terrible wrong, and help a princess defeat a spreading darkness that threatens the light.
  • Pokie Petunia

    Lynda Zidanic

    Paperback (Redemption Press, April 26, 2017)
    Pokie Petunia is a story about how a simple act of kindness changed the hearts of those who teased and made fun of her.
  • Tell Somebody It Happened to Me

    Nancy Flowers

    Paperback (Redemption Press, Aug. 19, 2014)
    Jacob and Josie are lovable characters that teach kids how to respond to inappropriate behavior, a simple message to protect the innocence of children. It's a flip book; one side for girls and one side for boys. Together with the Tell Somebody Curriculum, kids will enjoy the bright, fun illustrations and a kid-friendly story that will make this crucial message easy for them to enjoy.
  • Magic Is for When You Need It

    Florence Petheram

    eBook (Redemption Press, July 11, 2014)
    Slowly she raised her hand to touch the white crescent on the horse's forehead...what happened next changed the events in the life of 12-year-old Mandy Hawkins. Because her parents are divorced, Mandy decides to spend the whole summer with her dad, who lives on a small ranch in Kennewick, Washington. The minute she gets there he surprises her with a gift of a beautiful, brown mare named Close. Her touch of the crescent on its forehead causes an almost magical, zing-like connection between herself and Close, and she wonders how this special gift is to be used. She soon discovers Close's gift can also heal. Mandy keeps the secret to herself until Joe-Many-Horses, a Yakama Indian, shares with her what she must do with this knowledge. An opportunity occurs when her friend Maria sadly tells her about her brother's illness, which could keep him from trying out for the high school's baseball team. Meanwhile, others have their eye on Mandy's horse for different reasons. On a full moon night, Mandy and her dad return home to discover Close missing from the pasture. Frantic to find her horse, she helps her dad and Joe-Many-Horses discover clues that might find her horse. The night is filled with fear and hope as Mandy also learns new things about herself.
  • Amazing Grace

    J.C. Lafler

    eBook (Redemption Press, May 1, 2017)
    When a group of young girls finds themselves in an unloving environment with a critical guardian and an abandoned baby, eleven-year-old Sarah, the oldest, takes the lead in caring for the girls and teaching them about faith. Amazing Grace is a story about the life-changing power of faith and forgiveness and finding love in the most un-likely of places.
  • A Guide Dog Named Arby

    Karrie Roberts

    eBook (Redemption Press, Jan. 24, 2017)
    A delightful primer for children of how a guide puppy named Arby learns about loyalty while on his journey of becoming a guide dog. Children will learn about the importance of this character trait while learning about interacting with a visually impaired person and their guide dog. They will learn how guide dogs are raised and trained, and develop an understanding of their importance in the life of their owner.
  • Garden Tales: Simon the Slug and Friends

    Gerry Blackmore, Tan Huaixiang

    eBook (Redemption Press, May 25, 2017)
    Simon, a curious garden slug with a penchant for reading, takes his friends on a journey that leads to danger, adventure—and even, love.
  • The Tale of the Great Pout: An Adventure in Polliwog Pond Story

    Natalie Wade

    Hardcover (Redemption Press, Dec. 4, 2017)
    Welcome to Polliwog Pond!Audra the duck wants her own way.But her friends want something different.When her friends stand their ground, Audra learns happiness is not always getting what you want but spending time with the ones you love. This second book in a series teaches emotional intelligence to preschoolers.
  • The Legend of the Flying Snallygaster

    Jean Leigh Claudette

    Paperback (Redemption Press, Aug. 16, 2017)
    What was this flying object that so rattled people? Was it possible that tales from the 1700s of a large dragonlike creature known as the Snallygaster were true? It was said to have a thirty-foot wingspan, twenty-foot-long tail, a dark body with beady yellow eyes, sharp talons, and a large beak. And what do two brothers and a younger sister living on a farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Maryland have to do with this mystery? Set in 1908, even President Teddy Roosevelt gets involved! Join us in following the fascinating adventures of The Legend of the Flying Snallygaster, the latest book by children's book author Jean Leigh Claudette.
  • Eva Irene Please Keep Your Room Clean

    Paula Guerard

    Hardcover (Redemption Press, March 6, 2018)
    Eva Irene Please Keep Your Room Clean! Eva's mom has had it with her messiness. Her siblings, Peter, Ada, and Kay, want to help her, but how in the world is she going to learn to be neat? Read along and see how they teach her to make cleaning her room a fun game. The end will surprise you.