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  • Cody's Ephesus Dig

    Gayle Taylor, Roland Taylor

    eBook (Redemption Press, April 12, 2015)
    Fourteen-year-old Cody Taylor is on the adventure of a lifetime: an archealogical dig with his dad in the ancient city of Ephesus. But when al-Qaeda operatives begin to show a special interest in the valuable silver statue recovered by Cody and his dad, the Taylors find themselves entrenched in more than just archaelogy. Cody, along with his new friend Abdul and Abdul's charming sister, must recover the statue and twart the terrorists' plans... before it's too late!
  • The Barn Quilt: A Christmas Story

    Patti Michels, Nate Myers

    Paperback (Redemption Press, Nov. 1, 2019)
  • Bible Basic Training: Becoming a Career Soldier in God's Army

    Jeff Jay, James Jay

    Paperback (Redemption Press, Dec. 5, 2014)
    Grenade attacks. Land mines. Enemy fire. Casualties of war. Whether it's the military or Christianity, the enemy is ready to "kill, steal, and destroy." Without proper training, a soldier or a Christian will surely perish. Whether you are new to the Christian faith, or a seasoned veteran, the intentional discipleship process presented through "Bible Basic Training" offers foundational instruction that can lead to a lifetime of spiritual fitness.
  • The Drink of a Lifetime

    Marcia Carole Gladwish

    Paperback (Redemption Press, April 17, 2017)
    Come meet a woman who had holes and broken places in her heart, like cisterns that cannot hold water. Jesus offers her Living Water and her heart is transformed.When the woman at the well had a life-changing encounter with Jesus, she found he loved her and offered her eternal life, despite knowing her story. The unique combination of collaged art and biblical narrative in The Drink of a Lifetime crosses cultural boundaries and goes straight to the heart. Jesus knows our life stories. Jesus crosses cultural boundaries and is non-judgmental. Jesus uses this woman to lead others to him. God has gifted Marcia Gladwish with a method of storytelling intertwined with art that makes Jesus' love real to all who are blessed to hear and read what she shares. It doesn't matter how unimportant or unworthy you may feel, your story matters to Jesus. Drink deeply as you open these pages. --Susie Boer, Faith Heroines Alive
  • Children of Angels

    Kathryn Dahlstrom

    eBook (Redemption Press, June 10, 2014)
    Winner of the 2013 GOLD Moonbeam Children's Book Awards for Young Adult Fiction - Religion/Spirituality! Honorable Mention in the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival Contest! “Not my iPod!” yells Jeremy Lapoint as his day plunges to record lows when Sid Lundahl and his crew stomp on the only nice thing he owns, and Jeremy gets in trouble for fighting. With Dad in prison and Mom struggling to scrape by, Jeremy’s life seems hopeless. Until he has this urge to . . . fly. One leap and Jeremy soars through the air: with this and his other newfound powers, life is suddenly amazing and wonderful—until—a real-live demon chases him through the school hallways, terrifying him, and making him a freak to his schoolmates. Because Jeremy is the only one who can see the monster, he wonders if being able to fly is worth it. As Jeremy tries to fight off demons, he is relieved to get help from Asiel, his guardian angel, who wields his sword and fiercely comes to his defense. Asiel explains that Jeremy is a Nephilim—half human and half angel. After his initial shock, Jeremy’s quest to uncover how he got like this sends him to the Higher Humanity Institute where he meets other Nephilim like him along with a slew of friends and enemies —both human and not. In the midst of his strange and dangerous struggles, Jeremy also receives the peace and love he has always longed for but never knew. When called to lead an angelic battle for the truth, Jeremy must decide whether or not he will cling to the one who can win the war or let his old doubts and fears overtake him. Fun, danger, friendship, mystery, and faith fill the pages of this exciting book about angels and demons. This is a must-read for kids (and grown-ups) craving adventure with a life-changing message. “To the Lord of Hosts!”
  • Bartholomew: Squire of the Subway

    Carol Lester, Kristen Polson

    Hardcover (Redemption Press, Nov. 20, 2019)
    Bartholomew, an intelligent iguana with brown-and-green mottled, scaly skin, loves riding the New York City subway. The underground railroad, which clatters and whooshes before it takes off, teems with people, but Bartholomew doesn't mind. He enjoys his escape from his life in a museum exhibit and spends the morning observing other passengers. On his ride, Bartholomew watches several Regulars and learns about their similarities, their differences, and how they interact or don't interact with others. Bubbly Becky radiates joy, and she even sits next to Bartholomew. Fred always wears a bright scarf and sometimes hums, but he keeps to himself. Mrs. Hatmer keeps her four children organized, but some passengers are annoyed by the kids. By the end of Bartholomew's ride, he learns about the value and uniqueness of each person. Bartholomew, Squire of the Subway includes questions in the back to encourage young readers to explore the lessons Bartholomew learns. Carol Lester's children's books spark discussions with adult and school-aged readers alike. With each book, Lester seeks to influence and shape lives, young and old.
  • The Kingdom of Heaven Is at Hand

    Craig Reid

    Paperback (Redemption Press, May 30, 2014)
    Will Jesus return physically to this earth? Will Christians be living on earth when the antichrist is revealed? What does the Bible say about the rapture? In this most comprehensive analysis of the Bible's End Time Prophecies, Mr.Reid presents a remarkably insightful and straight-forward explanation of what is to come in the last days. Drawing heavily from both Old and New Testament prophecies, the author lays out the events of the last days, beginning with the 70th week of Daniel, and continuing through the advent of the New Jerusalem; addressing in detail the timing of the rapture with respect to the Great Tribulation and the Millennium. This book is unique in its handling of the book of Revelation. John's vision of the end times is divided into four individual sequences of events. While each of the four sequences cover different time spans, events within each of the sequences progress in chronological order. Therefore, upon harmonizing the four sequences, the end time calendar unfolds neatly and consistently. "Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh" (Matthew 24:44). Though no one knows the exact day and time, this book will help prepare you for what lies ahead in the last days.
  • The Great Elephant: An Illustrated Allegory

    Nik Ranieri

    Hardcover (Redemption Press, April 1, 2014)
    Follow the adventures of Quinn, the mouse, who sets out to find his own spot in the great forest. A large rainstorm creates a rushing torrent of water that sweeps him away leaving him lost and alone. Remembering advice from his dad, he tries to seek out the Great Elephant for help. Along the way he meets other forest animals who claim to know about the Great Elephant and, out of desperation; he follows some of their advice only to find he’s been led down the wrong path. In his greatest moment of need, will the Great Elephant hear his cry for help? In the time–honored and classic style of fables that teach truth, the allegory of The Great Elephant arrives to be added to the treasury of storybooks for teaching children and enriching adults. And the truth beautifully and cleverly rising out of the story is the greatest of all truths—finding the way to God.
  • Believe

    Jennifer Senne

    eBook (Redemption Press, )
  • The Barn Quilt: A Christmas Story

    Patti Michels, Nate Myers

    Hardcover (Redemption Press, Nov. 12, 2019)
  • God's Profound and Urgent Message

    Mike Norton

    Paperback (Redemption Press, Aug. 28, 2017)
    Blessed is the one who reads the words of God's message, and blessed are the people who hear this message and do what is written in it, because the time is near! -Rev.1:3NCVGOD'S PROFOUND AND URGENT MESSAGEThis book and the driving force of its message was truly accomplished by the grace and will of God1 - To explain the validity, accuracy and importance of the Bible.2 - To show that God's primary biblical message is that we listen to His word, His instruction.3 - To give Scriptural evidence of Christ's absolute authority and only source to salvation.4 - To explain God's magnificent promises to believers and the facts about sin, prayer, and God's forgiveness. 5 - To give Scriptural warning of false religions, varied teachings, and the consequence of unbelief.6 - To tell of Christ's return and His divine message to mankind.This book reveals God's most important Scriptural messages and the life-saving information to mankind as we are truly at the threshold of His return. God is pleading to all nations and to all people of the earth, to draw near to Him, to listen to Him. God wants the world to understand and recognize the indisputable factual evidence and reasons for the credibility and accuracy of the Bible, and why it should be adhered to, and to understand His most profound and dominant messages and with a due sense of urgency for salvation. Nothing else you do will ever matter as much.
  • Miracle at Caller's Spring Ranch

    Jim Burnett

    Paperback (Redemption Press, May 16, 2017)
    The three million dollar syndicated stallion lay motionless against the sand. "What's wrong with him, Wyatt?" asked Colt as he ran toward the horse. "Oh no, he's not getting up!" Blue Boy was cast and could not stand.Who would have ever believed that a thousand pound, three-time world champion cutting horse would need help getting up? In Miracle at Caller's Spring Ranch, the Reeses, a fourth-generational ranching family on the brink of financial and emotional bankruptcy, find out that everybody needs help sometimes. Using a hollow cave on the back side of the homestead and a former five-time all-around world champion cowboy-turned-financial advisor, the awesome power of God is about to transform not only the Reese family and their ranch, but spark a national movement.