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Books published by publisher Rand McNally

  • Album Of Dinosaurs


    Hardcover (Rand McNally & Co, March 15, 1981)
  • Robin Hood,

    Edith Heal

    Hardcover (Rand, McNally, March 15, 1928)
    the Story of Robin by The Windermere series
  • Mary Had a Little Lamb: A Rand Mcnally Junior Elf Book

    Rand McNally, Gavy

    Hardcover (Rand McNally, March 15, 1955)
    Classic Nursery Rhyme
  • Happy New Year Round the World

    Lois S. Johnson, Lili Cassel Wronker

    Hardcover (Rand McNally, March 15, 1966)
  • Map It! Jr Landforms Boardbook

    Rand McNally

    Board book (Rand McNally, Oct. 1, 2018)
    Created especially for curious learners ages 2-4, the Map It! Jr. geography primer series invites readers to explore a simple map of the United States to discover the relative location of waterways, landforms, and more. Parents and toddlers will enjoy the colorful illustrations and delightful storylines that guide each journey. In Map It! Jr. Landforms, readers travel across the United States to explore landforms and their relative locations on a map. Each page follows a gentle progression of discovery through colorful illustrations and delightful storyline introducing canyons, caves, mountain ranges, valleys, volcanoes, and more! Map It! Jr. Landforms features: A durable board book full of colorful illustrations that teach young children about landforms Dimensions: 8" x 8" Board book, 20 pages
  • A Pictorial Life Story of Misty

    Marguerite Henry, Wesley Dennis

    Hardcover (Rand McNally, Sept. 15, 1976)
    The author describes how she came to own the well-known Chincoteague pony and their subsequent experiences together.
  • Rand McNally Eastern United States: Regional Map by Rand McNally

    Rand McNally

    Paperback (Rand McNally, March 15, 1728)
  • Kon-Tiki

    Thor Heyerdahl

    Hardcover (Rand McNally, March 15, 1960)
  • The Goat that Went to School

    Sally R. Francis

    Hardcover (Rand McNally & Co., March 15, 1952)
    Bucky was a little goat that wanted something to do and went to school one day. Mr. Sullivan the school janitor handled the situation to everyone's delight.
  • Muggsy, the Make-Believe Puppy

    Jules M. Lieberthal

    Hardcover (Rand McNally, )
  • The Woodland Folk in Dragonland

    Tony Wolf

    Hardcover (Rand McNally, May 1, 1985)
    The adventures of the inhabitants of Dragonland, neighbors of the woodland folk.
  • Woodland Folk Meet the Giants

    Tony Wolf

    Hardcover (Rand McNally, March 15, 1984)
    Redbeard the Giant comes among the gnomes and woodland folk and increases their interest in traveling.