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Books published by publisher Putnam Juvenile

  • The Night Before Christmas

    Clement C. Moore, Penny Ives

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Oct. 10, 1988)
    In this famous poem, Saint Nicholas visits a sleeping household on Christmas Eve.
  • The Ugly Duckling

    Rachel Isadora

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, May 14, 2009)
    Set in the wilds of Africa, Caldecott Honor winner Rachel Isadora's stunning interpretation of the beloved Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale portrays African animals and landscapes with beautiful detail. As the ugly duckling searches for a place where he can fit in, Isadora's vibrant collages capture the beauty in everything from glistening feathers to shimmering sunsets.
  • I Like Where I Am

    Jessica Harper, G. Brian Karas

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, March 30, 2004)
    This boy has trouble. The movers are here and they're loading the truck without a care for his feelings. ’Cause I like my room and I like my school, And we live real close to a swimming pool, And my best friend lives around the block. Why move to a place called Little Rock Anyway? Any child who has ever had to move will relate to the feelings of loss and also rejoice in the boy's newfound pleasures when he gets to his new neighborhood.
  • Alice Nizzy Nazzy: The Witch of Santa Fe

    Tony Johnston, Tomie dePaola

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, April 19, 1995)
    In a whimsical "Baba Yaga meets Santa Fe" tale, young Manuela finds herself in the cooking pot of Alice Nizzy Nazzy, and when all attempts to win her freedom fail, Manuela is spared because good children taste bad to witches. BOMC Main.
  • Country Angel Christmas

    Tomie dePaola

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Oct. 5, 1995)
    Sometimes the littlest angels can make the biggest difference, as these heavenly creatures find out as they prepare to host the Christmas celebration and manage to remember to provide some much needed starlight to light the darkest night.
  • 31 Uses For A Mom

    Harriet Ziefert, Rebecca Doughty

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, March 31, 2003)
    Moms are great at so many things! Mom is the one you go to if you need a knee patched or an elbow bandaged, if you want to hear the best story or eat the best cookies. Telling time is her forte, and surely her resume includes titles like Party Planner, Doctor, Pitcher, Catcher, and Chauffeur. But what is Mom the greatest at? Being a friend. Once again, Harriet Ziefert and Rebecca Doughty team up to give us a simple, quirky, and sincere look at how children view the world, this time singing the praises of mothers everywhere. Illustrated by Rebecca Doughty.
  • Tattered Sails

    Verla Kay, Dan Andreasen

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Sept. 10, 2001)
    With dreams of a better life for themselves, Thomas, Edward, Mary Jane, and their parents say goodbye to the only home they have ever known. They leave crowded, dirty London behind for good when they board a ship that promises to take them across the wide Atlantic Ocean to the colonies. The long, treacherous journey is filled with uncertainty, and readers will cheer when this brave family takes their first wobbly steps in the New World.
  • Waking Beauty

    Leah Wilcox, Lydia Monks

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Jan. 10, 2008)
    Everyone knows Sleeping Beauty has to be woken with a kiss, except Prince Charming. Every time the fairies watching over her try to tell him, he interrupts with his ideas of how to wake her. Eventually he gets the message, and his reaction is priceless: ?One hundred years of morning breath Wow! That could be the kiss of death!? With just as much interactive fun as Falling for Rapunzel (an IRA Notable Book and the winner of Maryland?s Black-Eyed Susan Picture Book Award), this fractured fairy tale will elicit laughter that no one will be able to sleep through.
  • This Is The House That Jack Built

    Simms Taback

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Aug. 5, 2002)
    Caldecott Award-winner Simms Taback infuses this favorite children's rhyme with his distinctive, creative flair and humor. His Jack builds a house like no other and fills it with cheeses from all nations, which of course attracts the rat that stirs up the cat. Taback takes the usual cast of characters in this classic cumulative rhyme and presents each in a funny new light that will keep readers laughing. His addition at the end neatly fits an appropriate character into Jack's story and makes his telling even more unique.
  • Faeries of Dreamdark: Blackbringer

    Laini Taylor

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, June 21, 2007)
    When the granddaughter of the West Wind decides to venture out from the seclusion of the rest of her kind in Dreamdark to hunt down devils who have escaped their ancient bottles, she chooses a gang of faithful crows to help her on her mission that turns out to be more dangerous than she could have ever imagined.
  • Car Wash

    Sandra Steen, Susan Steen, G. Brian Karas

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Jan. 29, 2001)
    A simple trip to the car wash turns into a deep sea adventure, in a lively tale with bold illustrations. By the illustrator of Raising Sweetness.
  • How Can You Dance

    Rick Walton, ana lopez-escriva

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, June 25, 2001)
    Younsters will love to wiggle, shimmy, and dance about as they learn how to dance like a snake as it slithers to explore and like a bee as it flies around and around wildly, in a joyful ode to movement.