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Books published by publisher Putnam Juvenile

  • Going to the Dentist

    Fred Rogers

    Paperback (Putnam Juvenile, May 18, 1989)
    Prepares a child for his first visit to the dentist by describing the procedures, equipment, and staff involved in a dental examination. Includes tips on keeping teeth clean.
  • Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt!

    Jean Fritz

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, May 24, 1991)
    Follows the life of the dynamic twenty-sixth president, discussing his conservation work, hunting expeditions, family life, and political career.
  • Astro Bunnies

    Christine Loomis, Ora Eitan

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Feb. 12, 2001)
    Up and away, a group of curious bunnies set their sights for the skies above and go on a grand adventure to space where they encounter alien bunnies, measure comets, gather moondust, and more.
  • A Christmas Alphabet From A Poem By Carolyn Wells with illustrations by twenty-seven artists from the past

    Carolyn Wells

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Oct. 5, 1989)
    A poem in which every letter of the alphabet describes a different aspect of Christmas and its celebration. This book is an illustrated version of a rhymed alphabet made by Carolyn Wells in 1901. She felicitously finds something important about Christmas for each letter of the alphabet. Here is a sequence to give an idea of its flavor: "E is for Evergreens cut for the room / F is for Flowers of exquisite perfume / G is for Gifts that bring us delight / H is for Holly with red berries bright". Published in 1989, we illustrated each rhyme with an antique image, including illustrators like Arthur Rackham, Sarah Stilwell, Jessie Willcox Smith, Oliver Herford, Anne Anderson, and Charles Robinson. It was published with great success by G.P. Putman.
  • Cookie's Week

    Cindy Ward, Tomie dePaola

    Board book (Putnam Juvenile, Aug. 3, 2004)
    One of Tomie's most popular young picture books, this charming story about Cookie the cat makes a perfect board book. With its bright watercolor illustrations and one sentence of text per page, toddlers will love following Cookie through the days of the week--and seeing all the trouble he causes around the house!
  • Bridges Are to Cross

    Philomen Sturges, Giles Laroche

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Oct. 26, 1998)
    Children are invited to feast their eyes on bridges from around the world that carried llamas loaded with firewood, let people dance over lazy rivers, and some that were for defending castles.
  • I Love You, Mouse

    John Graham, Tomie dePaola

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, May 1, 2008)
    A small boy offers love and protection to woodland and farm animals in his bedtime imaginings, starting with a small mouse and continuing through a puppy, a lamb, a bunny, and other familiar animals. Reissue.
  • Covered Wagons, Bumpy Trails

    Verla Kay, S. D. Schindler

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Oct. 9, 2000)
    Illustrations and simple rhyming text follow Mother, Father, and Baby John as they make the difficult journey by wagon to a new home across the Rocky Mountains in the fertile Sacramento Valley of California. By the creators of Gold Fever.
  • Days of the Blackbird

    Tomie dePaola

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Jan. 27, 1997)
    Gemma, a young girl living in the mountains of northern Italy, asks the blackbirds to sing to her ailing father, Duca Gennaro, and only one blackbird decides to remain when the weather becomes cooler, in the story of the origins of the Days of the Blackbird.
  • Toes Have Wiggles, Kids Have Giggles

    Harriet Ziefert, Rebecca Doughty

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, June 10, 2002)
    Rhyming text presents the characteristics of things which are frequently experienced or observed in the lives of children. By the creators of 39 Uses for a Friend.
  • Mom Pie

    Lynne Jonell, Petra Mathers

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, March 5, 2001)
    Because their mother seems too busy preparing for company, Christopher and Robbie cook up the idea of a Mom pie to serve as her surrogate.
  • 39 Uses for a Friend

    Harriet Ziefert

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Oct. 1, 2001)
    From holding a flashlight at campouts to acting as a ladder, this book offers an amusing look at the special benefits to having a good friend in one's life.