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Books published by publisher Putnam Juvenile

  • China's Long March

    Jean Fritz

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Feb. 29, 1988)
    Describes the events of the 6,000 mile march undertaken by Mao Zedong and his Communist followers as they retreated before the forces of Chiang Kai-shek.
  • The Legend of the Persian Carpet

    Tomie dePaola

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Oct. 27, 1993)
    When King Balash's precious diamond is stolen, the grief-stricken king can no longer rule, and the country falls into chaos, until a clever young boy comes up with a scheme to bring the jewel's radiance back into the palace.
  • Revenge of The Whale: The True Story of the Whaleship Essex

    Nathaniel Philbrick

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Sept. 16, 2002)
    Tells the incredible story of the eight teenage men who, despite watching many of their other shipmates die, survived three months on a lifeboat--with little food or water--after having their whaling boat sunk by an angry sperm whale.
  • Two Cool Cows

    Toby Speed

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, May 9, 1995)
    Stealing the black button-back boots from the children at their farm, cool cows Millie and Maude begin a midnight adventure of moon jumping and partying with the other cool cows. By the author of Hattie Baked a Wedding Cake.
  • Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile

    Tomie dePaola

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, April 22, 1987)
    Little William Everett Crocodile and his friend Pete take a class trip to a Cairo museum where they encounter a jewel thief.
  • The Mine-O-Saur

    Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, David H. Clark

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Sept. 20, 2007)
    A group of dinosaurs is happily playing in the school yard when . . . oh no! Here comes the Mine-o-saur! He snatches all the toys. He grabs all the snacks at snack time. He hoards the blocks during recess. And all the while he yells, ?MINE, MINE, MINE!? But soon enough, no one wants to play with him. What will it take for the Mine-o-saur to realize that what he really wants are friends? And then, will the other dinosaurs ever welcome him back? Dinosaurs are always a popular subject with young readers, and with its subtle lesson of sharing, The Mine-O-Saur is also a delicious twist on a classroom comedy. David Clark?s uproarious triceratops and stegosauruses will tickle the funny bone of readers young and old.
  • Grandpa Toad's Secrets

    Keiko Kasza

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, April 19, 1995)
    As Grandpa Toad and Little Toad make their way through the forest, Grandpa shares all his secrets for dealing with hungry enemies, but when a huge monster threatens them both, it is Little Toad who saves the day.
  • Tomie dePaola's Book Of Christmas Carols

    Tomie dePaola

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Oct. 23, 1987)
    A selection of more than thirty favorite Christmas carols, highlighted by full-color illustrations and six fold-out pages featuring triptych-like designs
  • Why Not, Lafayette?

    Jean Fritz

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Oct. 25, 1999)
    This biography explores the life of this French soldier who fought side-by-side with General Washington during the Revolutionary War and then returned home to France with similar principles of liberty for which he fought for many years.
  • The Rat and the Tiger

    Keiko Kasza

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, March 24, 1993)
    Tiny Rat becomes tired of his big companion Tiger's greedy, bullying manner and threatens to give up his friendship unless Tiger can mend his ways, in a story that explores the true meaning of friendship.
  • A New Barker in The House

    Tomie dePaola

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, April 15, 2002)
    The Barker twins, Morgie and Moffie, meet their adopted brother, Marcos, in this wonderful sequel to Meet the Barkers. But Marcos isn't a baby-he's three years old, and he only speaks Spanish. As Marcos plays dollies with Moffie and dinosaurs with Morgie, he's a little bewildered until he gets the twins to understand what he likes to play. As Marcos learns some English, the twins quickly learn some Spanish words and phrases. Soon enough it's clear that with a new Barker in the house, the Barkers are a very happy familia!
  • Michelangelo's World

    Piero Ventura

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, March 15, 1989)
    Recounts the life of the famous sculptor, painter, poet, and architect who flourished during the Italian Renaissance