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  • The Acrobat and the Angel

    Mark Shannon

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Sept. 13, 1999)
    After his grandmother dies, Pe+a7quele+a7, a boy with a talent as an acrobat, finds a home at a monastery where he must give up his "carnival ways"--until he performs one last miraculous time. 50,000 first printing.
  • Close to the Wind: The Beaufort Scale

    Peter Malone

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, May 10, 2007)
    Serving as a midshipman in the 1800s and sailing from Naples to the Caribbean, a young boy has the experience of a lifetime as the journey is changed constantly by the strength of the winds, in an informative guide to sailing, nautical terminology, and an introduction to the wind scale developed by Francis Beaufort in 1810.
  • The Night of Las Posadas

    Tomie dePaola

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Sept. 27, 1999)
    Tomie dePaola's glorious paintings are as luminous as the farolitos that light up on the Plaza in Santa Fe for the procession of Las Posadas, the tradition in which Mary and Joseph go from door to door seeking shelter at the inn on Christmas Eve. This year Sister Angie, who is always in charge of the clebration, has to stay home with the flu, and Lupe and Roberto, who are to play Mary and Joseph, get caught in a snowstorm. But a man and a woman no one knows arrive in time to take their place in the procession and then mysteriously disappear at the end before they can be thanked. That night we witness a Christian miracle, for when Sister Angie goes to the cathedral and kneels before the statue of Mary and Jospeh, wet footprints from the snow lead up to the statue.
  • Our Marching Band

    lloyd moss, Diana Cain Bluthenthal

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, July 23, 2001)
    When all the girls and boys in the neighborhood take up musical instruments, at first they produce awful tones, but after much practice they are able to come together as a marching band that brings brassy, classy fun.
  • How Many Miles to Jacksonville?

    Tony Johnston

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Sept. 9, 1996)
    For the narrator, his sister, and his best friend, an approaching T&NO train means flattening Indian pennies on the tracks, sitting on the plush seats of emptied-out cars, and checking the aisles for leftover sugar candy, and when the train pulls out of the station they can only wait for the next time.
  • Pascual and the Kitchen Angels

    Tomie dePaola

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Jan. 5, 2004)
    Having been befriended by angels throughout his young life, Pascual finds their company and assistance a real blessing when he joins the Franciscans and ends up working in the kitchen to cook for all the friars without any prior culinary experience.
  • Strega Nona Takes a Vacation

    Tomie dePaola

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Sept. 11, 2000)
    It has been a long time since Strega Nona had a vacation. At night she dreams she's at her Grandma Concetta's little house by the seashore. During the day she hears Grandma Concetta's voice saying, "Vieni, Nonalina, come." Soon even Big Anthony notices that Strega Nona is distracted--she gives the Mayor the wrong remedy for his headache! Everybody says, "Strega Nona needs a vacation!" But when she sends bubble bath to Bambolona and candy to Big Anthony, greedy Bambolona takes the candy for herself, leaving Big Anthony--and the town--in a sea of bubbles! Only Big Anthony, famous for his problem with pasta, could have trouble like this with soap! Award-winning artist/author Tomie dePaola brings us a warm and very funny addition to the stories of his most beloved character, Strega Nona.
  • Turtle on a Fence Post

    June Rae Wood

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Sept. 22, 1997)
    After the death of her parents and her beloved uncle, Delrita does not know how to move forward in life and feels stuck in a bad place, until a WWII veteran shares his thoughts with her and teaches her the true meaning of happiness.
  • Spot's Bedtime Story Book

    Eric Hill

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Nov. 23, 1998)
    Ten short stories set in Spot's familiar world among his family and friends are ideal for young Spot fans as they go with him every step of the way, laughing, anticipating, and enjoying each adventure.
  • Spot Goes to the Beach

    Eric Hill

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, May 27, 1985)
    His parents take Spot the puppy to the beach for a fun-filled day. Flaps conceal parts of the illustrations.
  • Chalice

    Robin McKinley

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, Sept. 18, 2008)
    Offers a fantastical tale about Chalice, a member of the Master's Circle who is responsible for binding the group to the new Master of Willowlands, a Priest of Fire who has been pulled back into the human world by the death of someone she loves. 35,000 first printing.
  • Going to Day Care

    Fred Rogers

    Hardcover (Putnam Juvenile, May 27, 1985)
    Describes the typical activities and feelings children can experience at a day care center, including the fun, excitement, and apprehensions involved in being away from home.