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Books published by publisher Price Stern Sloan

  • Mr. Topsy-turvy

    Roger Hargreaves

    Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, April 23, 2001)
    He's one wacky guy! He sees things a little differently from everyone else-backwards!
  • Wee Sing America book

    Pamela Conn Beall, Susan Hagen Nipp

    Mass Market Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, July 22, 2002)
    Three cheers for the red, white, and blue! Kids of all ages love these patriotic classics, including "You're a Grand Old Flag" and "Yankee Doodle."
  • T is for Turkey: A True Thanksgiving Story

    Tanya Lee Stone, Gerald Kelley

    Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, Aug. 20, 2009)
    Little ones will love learning about Thanksgiving in Tanya Lee Stone's newest shaped alphabet book. Join in as the elementary school puts on a play that tells the true story of the first Thanksgiving. Rhyming couplets that flow through the alphabet help kids celebrate everything from Harvest to Pilgrims to Turkey.
  • Mr. Worry

    Roger Hargreaves

    Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, June 9, 2011)
    Mr. Worry worries about everything. He even worries about worrying! The helpful wizard of Mr. Men Land wants to relieve him of his worries, but is there any way to make sure Mr. Worry won't worry?
  • Little Miss Helpful

    Roger Hargreaves

    Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, Nov. 22, 1999)
    Little Miss Helpful means well, but with help like hers--you'd better be careful!
  • Baby Mood Swings

    Jocelyn Jamison

    Spiral-bound (Price Stern Sloan, Nov. 24, 2003)
    Whether you're feeling cranky, bashful, or maybe even pacified, now you can let the world know with Baby Mood Swings, the latest follow-up to the best-selling Mood Swings and Holiday Mood Swings. With thirty color photos of adorable baby faces to choose from, Baby Mood Swings is the perfect way to express yourself without throwing a temper tantrum! The thick board cover flips open to create a sturdy, free-standing desk easel that can be displayed anywhere. So, whether your mood is sleepy, misunderstood, or maybe even a bit cuddly, put on your baby face and show 'em how you're feeling!
  • Mr. Fussy

    Roger Hargreaves

    Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, June 10, 2010)
    Mr. Fussy is the most persnickety person in all of Mr. Men land: He even dusts his flowers and irons his shoelaces! So what will he do when Mr. Clumsy shows up for a visit?
  • Candy Corn

    Kelly Asbury

    Board book (Price Stern Sloan, Aug. 6, 2001)
    Candy Corn, a calico kitten in the shape of a triangle, acts as a guide pointing out all the shapes similar to herself as she takes us on a tour of a gently spooky Halloween night. With charming full-color illustrations throughout, this simple, attractive board book will be a natural hit.
  • Growing Money

    Gail Karlitz, Debbie Honig

    Mass Market Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, May 3, 1999)
    A kid-friendly investment guide offers fundamental information about savings accounts, bonds, stocks, and mutual funds, as well as tips for reading the stock pages, tracing earnings and losses, and selecting companies that are compatible with an investor's risk tolerance. Original.
  • Which Way, Dude?: BMO's Day Out #1

    Max Brallier, Stephen Reed

    Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, June 27, 2013)
    There are so many things to do in the Land of Ooo that sometimes the characters need a little help. This 128-page book features a multi-path story with riddles, puzzles, and codes that allow the reader to alter the characters' paths and lead them on many different adventures.
  • Big Fish Little Fish

    Ed Heck

    Board book (Price Stern Sloan, Aug. 16, 2007)
    Big Fish is big, and Little Fish is little. Big Fish wants to catch Little Fish, but Little Fish is very crafty. Big Fish had better watch out! With simple text, the use of opposites (above/below, inside/outside), and the beautiful, bold illustrations of pop artist Ed Heck, this book is sure to swim its way into the hands of kids everywhere!
  • Sassafras A Serendipity Book

    Stephen Cosgrove, Robin James

    Paperback (Price Stern Sloan, May 9, 1988)
    A sassy little elephant, who irritates others by imitating everything they say, hears in an echo how unkind she sounds.