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  • You Get What You Get

    Julie Gassman, Sarah Horne

    Library Binding (Picture Window Books, Aug. 1, 2013)
    Melvin throws fit after fit when he doesn't get what he wants. He must learn how to deal with disappointment. After all, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit. This important life lesson is illustrated beautifully in this relatable storyline.
  • Too Many Carrots

    Katy Hudson

    Paperback (Picture Window Books, Aug. 1, 2018)
    The bestselling picture book that Publisher's Weekly calls "simultaneously sassy and sweet." Rabbit loves carrots and that's a big problem! In this phenomenal bestseller, Rabbit loves carrots a little too much. In fact, his carrots are crowding him out of his cozy burrow. When his friends offer to help, they're just asking for trouble, a lot of trouble! This charming and lovingly illustrated children's book, by acclaimed author Katy Hudson (A Loud Winter's Nap and Bear and Duck), shows how friendships get us over the rough spots in life, even if the going gets a little bumpy. Too Many Carrots is the perfect springtime, Eastertime, and anytime gift.
  • Scaredy Cat

    Charles Reasoner

    eBook (Picture Window Books, Aug. 1, 2015)
    Don't let Halloween Kitty spook you! This black cat is anything but bad luck in this rhyming die-cut book by Charles Reasoner.
  • Little Dinos Don't Hit

    Michael Dahl, Adam Record

    eBook (Picture Window Books, Nov. 1, 2014)
    Little Dino must learn that even though he's very strong, hitting is not proper behavior.
  • Thumbs Up, Brown Bear

    Michael Dahl, Oriol Vidal

    eBook (Picture Window Books, Feb. 1, 2015)
    Little Brown Bear must learn how to stop sucking his thumb in this eBook.
  • Boo Bat

    Charles Reasoner

    language (Picture Window Books, Nov. 1, 2014)
    Bat flies through the Halloween night, yelling, "Boo!" at all he meets in this rhyming book.
  • If I were a Fairy, or a Ballerina, or a Witch, or...

    Deborah D'Andrea

    Board book (Picture Me Books, June 1, 1990)
  • Goodnight Baseball

    Michael Dahl, Christina E. Forshay

    Paperback (Picture Window Books, July 1, 2013)
    "A fun, comforting bedtime story for sports fans" - School Library Journal. From the arrival at the stadium to the last goodnight, Goodnight Baseball is a sweet, nostalgic tale―told in gentle, fun rhyme―about the thrill of a baseball game.
  • The Alphabet Parade

    Charles Ghigna, Ag Jatkowska

    eBook (Picture Window Books, April 1, 2014)
    Iguanas, pandas, tigers too! Its a letter parade just for you!
  • Bears Make the Best Reading Buddies

    Carmen Oliver, Jean Claude

    Hardcover (Picture Window Books, March 1, 2016)
    All the students in the class are assigned reading buddies, except for Adelaide. She already has one, a bear! And Adelaide is quite persuasive as she explains to her language arts teacher, Mrs. Fitz-Pea, and the reader, that bears really do make the best reading buddies: they sniff out good books and their claws are just right for turning pages. And the bear looks rather friendly (and studious) in these crayon-bright, contemporary illustrations, making this is must-read picture book for story time!
  • Medea Tells All

    Eric Braun, Stephen Gilpin

    eBook (Picture Window Books, Sept. 1, 2014)
    OF COURSE you think I was a power-hungry witch, that the ways I helped Jason get the Golden Fleece were underhanded and cruel. You don't know the other side of the myth. Well, let me tell you É
  • Hippo Says "Excuse Me"

    Michael Dahl, Oriol Vidal

    Board book (Picture Window Books, Feb. 1, 2011)
    Hippo might bump and squish others as he makes his way through his day, but he always remembers to say, “Excuse me!” This board book in the Hello Genius series is perfect for teaching manners in fun and playful way.