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Books published by publisher Peter Smith Pub Inc

  • Movement Stories for Young Children: Ages 3-6

    Helen Landalf, Pamela Gerke, Mark Rimland, Irene Kelly

    Paperback (Smith & Kraus Pub Inc, Oct. 1, 1996)
    Discusses how movement activities benefit a child's development in such areas as social, mental, and emotional skills, and offers ten stories which incorporate movement exercises
  • Johnstown Flood

    David McCullough

    Hardcover (Peter Smith Pub Inc, June 1, 1987)
    A graphic account of the collapse of a poorly constructed dam and the resulting flood which killed 2,000 people and caused a nationwide scandal
  • Barnum's Own Story: The Autobiography of P.T. Barnum

    P. T. Barnum

    Hardcover (Peter Smith Pub Inc, June 1, 1962)
    Barnum, P. T.
  • The Read-Aloud Handbook

    Jim Trelease

    Hardcover (Peter Smith Pub Inc, June 1, 2006)
  • Crystal Tree

    Jennie Dorothea Lindquist, Mary Chalmers

    Hardcover (Peter Smith Pub Inc, Jan. 1, 1990)
    Nancy has her tenth birthday and begins to learn the history of the little house she will live in when she rejoins her mother and father.
  • Cosmos

    Carl Sagan

    Hardcover (Peter Smith Pub Inc, June 1, 1988)
  • Teddy Bear Habit

    James Lincoln Collier

    Hardcover (Peter Smith Pub Inc, June 1, 1985)
    Twelve-year-old George Stable wants to be a rock star someday, but he gets horrible stage fright - unless he has his old teddy bear with him. Hiding the teddy in his guitar seems like a brilliant idea until George discovers that someone has hidden jewels in the stuffing of his beloved bear. Quirky yet believable characters and a funky setting make this one a winner all around.
  • Journey Outside

    Mary Q. Steele

    Hardcover (Peter Smith Pub Inc, June 1, 1984)
    Dilar, one of the Raft people who live underground, climbs up a tall, narrow crevice and suddenly finds a place with light, trees, and sky.
  • Loretta Mason Potts

    Mary Chase

    Hardcover (Peter Smith Pub Inc, June 1, 1989)
    By the author of Harvey! This is the story of a girl who finds a magic portal into another world where she's treated like a princess. She refuses to go home to her family and insists on living in the Potts house with another family because their house contains the portal. Her mother goes to see her every day, but doesn't mention her again to the other children, and can't think of anything to do about the situation except pay the Potts family to keep her. The story really revolves around her younger brother, who is the main character, and who finds out that he has an older sister (Loretta) by accident. Will engage young readers, both male and female alike!
  • Bells of Freedom

    Dorothy Gilman Butters, Carol Wilde

    Hardcover (Peter Smith Pub Inc, July 1, 1984)
    Book by Butters, Dorothy Gilman
  • Satanic Mill

    Otfried Preussler, Anthea Bell

    (Peter Smith Pub Inc, June 1, 1985)
    In seventeenth-century Germany, a boy desperately wants to escape from a school for Black Magic where he is held captive by demonic forces
  • The Mystery of the Blue Ring

    Patricia Reilly Giff, Blanche Sims

    Hardcover (Peter Smith Pub Inc, June 1, 1987)
    When her friend Emily Arrow's ring is discovered missing, Dawn Tiffanie Bosco--with the help of a detective kit given to her by her grandmother--turns sleuth to find the thief.