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  • One Fox: A Counting Book Thriller

    Kate Read

    Hardcover (Peachtree Publishing Company, Oct. 1, 2019)
    Counting from one to ten has never been this thrilling!An Ezra Jack Keats New Illustrator Honor Book  “Stunning... Count on requests for many readings.” ―School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW “Little ones will eagerly count in subsequent readings as they also learn new descriptive vocabulary and cheer for the brave hens.” ―Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEWOne hungry fox with two sly eyes is on the prowl…three plump hens had better watch out! Rich and colorful illustrations plunge the reader into a dramatic and exciting story set in a moonlit farmyard. With something different to count on each page, learning to count from one to ten has never been so thrilling!This surprisingly simple counting book with a gripping tale, great for early education and read-alouds, has a hugely satisfying ending that’s sure to delight generations.Activity Kit available! Ezra Jack Keats New Illustrator Honor Award – Ezra Jack Keats Foundation, de Grummond Children’s Literature CollectionMathical Book Prize (PreK) – Mathical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) / CBC / NCTE / NCTMParents’ Choice Gold Award – Parents’ Choice FoundationNotable Children’s Books – ALSCCapitol Choices Noteworthy Books for Children and Teens – Capitol ChoicesCybils (Fiction Picture Books) – CybilsCharlotte Zolotow Award (Highly Commended) – Cooperative Children’s Book CenterOutstanding International Books – United States Board on Books for Young PeopleBest Children’s Books of the Year – Bank Street College of EducationBest Books for Kids – New York Public LibraryCCBC Choices (Concept Books) – Cooperative Children’s Book Center
  • The Library Dragon

    Carmen Agra Deedy, Michael P. White

    Hardcover (Peachtree Publishing Company, Aug. 1, 2012)
    A funny, playful salute to the power and importance of books from New York Times Best-selling Author Carmen Agra Deedy.When Sunrise Elementary School advertised for a thick-skinned librarian with a burning love of books, Miss Lotta Scales knew she was perfect for the job. Who could guard books better than a REAL dragon?Yet when she won’t let any of the children take a book from the shelves, the teachers form a delegation. Not even sweet Miss Lemon can convince Miss Lotta Scales that “the library belongs to the children.” Fortunately, when nearsighted Molly Brickmeyer stumbles onto a copy of Snuff the Magic Dragon and reads the tale out loud, her storytelling beckons the children back to the library and brings them face to face with the Library Dragon. Can an open book temper the flames of the school’s hotheaded librarian?This humorous tale full of clever dragon puns by New York Times best-selling author Carmen Agra Deedy is paired with Michael P. White’s lively illustrations for an entertaining story about the power and importance of books for both children and adults.Teacher’s Guide available!
  • The Scarecrow's Hat

    Ken Brown

    Paperback (Peachtree Publishing Company, Feb. 1, 2011)
    A resourceful chicken seeks the help of her farm animal friends to solve a problem, while giving something of herself along the way.Chicken really admires Scarecrow’s hat. Scarecrow would gladly trade his hat for a walking stick to rest his tired arms. Chicken doesn’t have a walking stick to trade―but she knows someone who does. This begins her quest to find items to trade among her farm friends, all to obtain a walking stick to swap for Scarecrow’s hat. But why does Chicken want an old straw hat?With bright watercolors and a gentle tone to keep readers captivated, this clever story written and illustrated by Ken Brown poses a problem and offers a creative solution that young children will delight in discovering.
  • Night of the Spadefoot Toads

    Bill Harley

    eBook (Peachtree Publishing Company, July 15, 2013)
    A classroom favorite!An inspiring story of intergenerational friendship, activism, and how our actions can drastically impact our environment. “Harley’s appealing story shows readers that adults and children can connect in meaningful friendships, and reminds them that conservation can begin in their own backyards.” ―Kirkus ReviewsWhen his father takes a new job in Massachusetts, Ben Moroney must leave behind his best friend Tony, a western banded gecko named Lenny, and worst of all, the Arizona desert home he has loved and explored.Ben’s adjustment to his new environment is not going well until he unexpectedly finds a kindred spirit in his eccentric fifth-grade science teacher, Mrs. Tibbets. She introduces him to the rare and elusive Eastern spadefoot toads that make their home on her rural property. When Ben discovers that Mrs. Tibbets’s land may be sold to developers, he knows he has to do something. As Ben’s obsession with saving the spadefoot toads’ habitat grows, his schoolwork and his relationships with his family and new friends suffer. But just when it seems things can’t get any worse, Ben finds a way to meet his responsibilities to the people around him and demonstrates the importance of even the smallest efforts to save the earth’s rapidly disappearing habitats.A beloved exploration of important environmental themes, this appealing middle grade novel comes from renowned storyteller and two-time Grammy Award winner Bill Harley.Green Earth Book Award (Children’s Fiction) – Newton Marasco FoundationTeacher’s Guide available!
  • Mr. Penguin and the Lost Treasure

    Alex T. Smith

    Paperback (Peachtree Publishing Company, April 1, 2020)
    Meet Mr. Penguin: adventurer (and penguin)!He has a dashing hat. He has a battered satchel. He has a packed lunch of fish finger sandwiches. Now he just needs an adventure! So when Bouddica Bones from the Museum of Extraordinary objects calls for help, Mr. Penguin swings into action. Can he and Colin the spider find the museum's missing treasure before bandits do? Or is this the adventure Mr. Penguin should have never answered?This humorous page-turning story from Alex T. Smith, the author-illustrator of the popular Claude series, is sure to thrill young readers looking for a good adventure.
  • Carter Reads the Newspaper

    Deborah Hopkinson, Don Tate

    Hardcover (Peachtree Publishing Company, Feb. 1, 2019)
    “Carter G. Woodson didn’t just read history. He changed it.” As the father of Black History Month, he spent his life introducing others to the history of his people.Carter G. Woodson was born to two formerly enslaved people ten years after the end of the Civil War. Though his father could not read, he believed in being an informed citizen. So Carter read the newspaper to him every day. When he was still a teenager, Carter went to work in the coal mines. There he met a man named Oliver Jones, and Oliver did something important: he asked Carter not only to read to him and the other miners, but also research and find more information on the subjects that interested them. “My interest in penetrating the past of my people was deepened,” Carter wrote. His journey would take him many more years, traveling around the world and transforming the way people thought about history. From an award-winning team of author Deborah Hopkinson and illustrator Don Tate, this first-ever picture book biography of Carter G. Woodson emphasizes the importance of pursuing curiosity and encouraging a hunger for knowledge of stories and histories that have not been told. Illustrations also feature brief biological sketches of important figures from African and African-American history.
  • Fault Lines in the Constitution: The Framers, Their Fights, and the Flaws that Affect Us Today

    Cynthia Levinson, Sanford Levinson

    Paperback (Peachtree Publishing Company, Aug. 1, 2019)
    Many of the political issues we struggle with today have their roots in the U.S. Constitution.Husband-and-wife team Cynthia and Sanford Levinson take readers back to the creation of this historic document and discuss how contemporary problems were first introduced―then they offer possible solutions. Think Electoral College, gerrymandering, even the Senate. Many of us take these features in our system for granted. But they came about through haggling in an overheated room in 1787, and we’re still experiencing the ramifications.Each chapter in this timely and thoughtful exploration of the Constitution’s creation begins with a story―all but one of them true―that connects directly back to a section of the document that forms the basis of our society and government. From the award-winning team, Cynthia Levinson, children’s book author, and Sanford Levinson, constitutional law scholar, Fault Lines in the Constitution will encourage exploration and discussion from young and old readers alike.
  • Stanley’s Train

    William Bee

    Hardcover (Peachtree Publishing Company, Aug. 1, 2019)
    It's another busy day for Stanley and friends!All aboard on Stanley's train and tickets ready, please. Stanley's passengers have a beach ball, a toy boat, and an inner tube. Where could Stanley's train be headed? Off we go on another adventure! Choo, choo!With bright illustrations, adorable characters, and a padded-cover format, William Bee’s Stanley series is perfect for readers transitioning from board books to picture books.
  • Stanley’s School

    William Bee

    Hardcover (Peachtree Publishing Company, Aug. 1, 2018)
    Stanley has lots of eager students at school today!Ding, ding, ding! It's time for school with Stanley and Hattie. Stanley reads a story to Little Woo, Sophie, and Benjamin. Outside, everyone has fun in the garden, and Stanley's lemonade and Hattie's lovely fruit salad are delicious snacks for lunch right before a nice little nap. Things get a little messy during art time, though . . . uh, oh!Stanley’s School invites young readers to explore everyday classroom activities in a sweet, simple world. With bright illustrations, adorable characters, and a padded-cover format, William Bee’s Stanley series is perfect for readers transitioning from board books to picture books.
  • Lali's Feather

    Farhana Zia, Stephanie Fizer Coleman

    Hardcover (Peachtree Publishing Company, April 1, 2020)
    This endearing story of identification and values shows the rewards in looking closely and thinking imaginatively.Lali finds a little feather in the field. Is it lost? Lali sets out to find feather a home, but one bird after another rejects it. The feather is too small for Rooster, too slow for Crow, and too plain for Peacock. Once Lali decides to keep the little feather and discovers all the things she can do with it, the other birds begin to recognize its value.Farhana Zia’s charming tale employs an inventive circular structure that reveals the importance of looking beyond first impressions. Illustrator Stephanie Fizer Coleman brings this delightful story of imagination and inspiration to life.
  • King & Kayla and the Case of the Lost Tooth

    Dori Hillestad Butler, Nancy Meyers

    Paperback (Peachtree Publishing Company, Sept. 1, 2018)
    A lovable dog helps his human girl solve a mystery.Kayla lost a tooth, but now it’s missing! What does Kayla know? ―Her tooth is not inside the tooth fairy pillow. It’s not inside her backpack. It’s not inside the car. What does King know? ―Mason’s hand smells like the tooth fairy pillow. How will they solve the mystery?
  • Superlative Birds

    Leslie Bulion, Robert Meganck

    Hardcover (Peachtree Publishing Company, March 1, 2019)
    Explore the fascinating world of superlative birds―from the bee hummingbird, the tiniest bird in the world, to the peregrine falcon, the fastest creature on Earth.Ever wonder which bird has the loudest voice? Which one builds the biggest nest or has the most feathers? Get to know all about the best and brightest―and smelliest!―denizens of the bird world with this collection of nonfiction science verses. You won’t need your binoculars to observe the superlative characteristics of these avian wonders.Author Leslie Bulion includes a science glossary, notes on poetry forms, and resources for information about these extraordinary birds in the back of the book. Witty drawings by Robert Meganck add another layer of fun to this humorous and informative gallery of the world’s most accomplished birds.