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  • How Will We Get to the Beach?

    Brigitte Luciani, Eve Tharlet

    Paperback (North-South Books, March 1, 2003)
    One beautiful summer day Roxanne decides to go to the beach. She loads up the car with everything she wants to take with her: the turtle/ the umbrella/ the book of wonderful stories/ the ball/ and/ of course/ her baby. But the car won't start. Undaunted, Roxanne decides to take the bus to the beach. But something can't go on the bus. Whenever Roxanne comes up with a new way to get to the beach she discovers she must leave something behind-and children will have great fun guessing just what's missing each time.
  • Wynken, Blynken, & Nod

    Eugene Field, Johanna Westerman

    Hardcover (NorthSouth Books, Sept. 1, 1995)
    Eugene Field's classic bedtime poem—about three children’s adventures sailing in a wooden shoe—is brought to life with Johanna Westerman's vivid illustrations.“Westerman’s minutely detailed watercolors depict a Dutch landscape. The luminosity of the moonlit sea is captured in muted shades of blue that create a soothing mood for the dramatic verse.”—School Library Journal “Westerman captures the tone of the poem in a fittingly traditional way. . . . a pleasing rendition of an old favorite.” —Booklist “Westerman’s inventive design elements provide a soothing accompaniment for the familiar text, a staple for bedtime reading.”—Publishers Weekly
  • Chameleon's Colors

    Chisato Tashiro, Marianne Martens

    Paperback (North-South Books, April 1, 2007)
    Chameleon is tired of constantly changing colors.He blends in wherever he goes and no one ever sees him! Hippo, however, is envious of Chameleon. He would love to be a different color. Surprisingly, all of the other animals in the jungle would too! So Chameleon sets to work painting stripes on the lion, polka-dots on the elephant using every color and pattern under the sun. But as the animals soon learn, changing their original appearance causes problems they never expected...
  • Good Night, Little Rainbow Fish

    Marcus Pfister

    Hardcover (NorthSouth Books, Oct. 1, 2012)
    Rainbow Fish wasn't always big enough to swim the sea by himself. He remembers when he was a Little Rainbow Fish. When Little Rainbow Fish can’t fall asleep, there’s only one thing that can help—his Mommy! Little Rainbow Fish’s mom promises to watch over him, no matter if he is in the ink cloud of an octopus, lost in the deep blue sea, or simply having a bad dream. It works. Little Rainbow Fish is soon sound asleep.
  • Goody O'Grumpity

    Carol Brink, Ashley Wolff

    Paperback (North-South Books, Oct. 1, 1996)
    ""Wolff's stuning linoleum-block prints . . . illustrate this timeless, lilting poem. . . . The art and handsome typography . . . evoke a colonial past, when the children of a village rally at the news that a kindly woman is baking a cake . . . Wolff's research brought her to Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts, where she found the 17th-century recipe for spice cake (containing the ingredients mentioned in the poem) that is reprinted at the close of this engaging book"".--Publishers Weekly, starred review. Full color.
  • Little Polar Bear

    Hans de Beer

    Paperback (NorthSouth Books, Oct. 10, 2011)
    The Little Polar Bear—now available as a paperback! It's a big day for the little polar bear Lars! His father takes him hunting for the very first time, and that night he is so tired from all his lessons that he falls fast asleep. He sleeps so soundly that he doesn't hear the ice crack, doesn't feel himself slowly drift away from his father and the North Pole - he doesn't realize that his adventures have just begun.
  • Bedtime in the Forest

    Kazuo Iwamura

    Hardcover (NorthSouth Books, Aug. 1, 2010)
    For every child who has ever begged to stay up later Mick, Mack, and Molly, the three popular squirrel children, are back in action—but not when they should be. This time, they are up and out in the middle of the night. After all, the owl children are wide-awake and playing. So why can’t squirrel children stay up late and play, too?
  • When Donkey's Fly

    Elisabeth Schoberl, Martina Badstuber

    Hardcover (North-South Books, March 15, 2007)
    Fred dreams of flying but the other animals just laugh. Whoever heard of a flying donkeythats impossible! they say. But Fred believes that anything is possible, if you just believe. With convictionand a little help from his friendsone of Freds dreams comes true.
  • The Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale by Marcus Pfister

    Marcus Pfister

    Hardcover (North-South Books, )
  • You Can't Win Them All, Rainbow Fish

    Marcus Pfister

    Paperback (NorthSouth Books, May 1, 2018)
    A brand new paperback title in the bestselling Rainbow Fish series!Everyone loses once in a while. But being a good sport when you lose isn’t always easy—not even for Rainbow Fish. A lighthearted look at accepting loss without losing your sparkle!
  • Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale

    Marcus Pfister

    Paperback (NorthSouth Books, July 1, 2012)
    It’s a whale of a tale in which a terrible misunderstanding escalates, putting Rainbow Fish and his friends in great danger, and Rainbow Fish must try to make peace with a big blue whale to save them all from disaster. When a big blue whale comes to live near their reef, there is a misunderstanding between him and Rainbow Fish and his friends that leaves everyone very unhappy and hungry.
  • Ten Flashing Fireflies

    Philemon Sturges, Anna Vojtech

    Paperback (NorthSouth Books, March 1, 1997)
    Luminous pictures and a buoyant, chant-aloud text, combine to make this two-way counting book as joyous and magical as catching fireflies on a summer night.