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Books published by publisher Littlehampton Book Services Ltd

  • Story Book: No. 1

    Margaret Mahy

    Hardcover (Littlehampton Book Services Ltd, Oct. 19, 1972)
  • Roman Hat Mystery

    Ellery.- QUEEN

    Paperback (Littlehampton Book Services Ltd, March 15, 1982)
  • Happy Time Stories

    Enid Blyton

    Hardcover (Littlehampton Book Services Ltd, )
  • Theodore Mouse Goes to Sea

    Michaela Muntean, Lucinda McQueen

    Paperback (Littlehampton Book Services Ltd, )
  • King of the Copper Mountains

    Paul Biegel

    Paperback (Littlehampton Book Services Ltd, Jan. 20, 1977)
  • My Favourite Postman Pat Stories

    John Cunliffe

    Hardcover (Littlehampton Book Services Lt, March 15, 1988)
  • Edward Lear's Book of Nonsense

    Edward Lear, Original Colour Reproductions from 1870

    Hardcover (Littlehampton Book Services Ltd, Jan. 1, 1988)
    The owls, hen, larks, and their nests in his beard, are among the fey fauna and peculiar persons inhabiting the uniquely inspired nonsense rhymes and drawings of Lear (20th child of a London stockbroker), whose Book of Nonsense, first published in 1846, stands alone as the ultimate and most loved expression in English of freewheeling, benign, and unconstricted merriment.
  • Rupert: The 50th Daily Express Annual

    Daily Express, Alfred Bestall

    Hardcover (Littlehampton Book Services Ltd, )
    The Rupert Annual 1986 (Number 50)
  • Wonderful Story of Sleeping Beauty


    Hardcover (Littlehampton Book Services Ltd, )
  • The Golden Keel Running Blind

    Desmond Bagley

    Hardcover (Littlehampton Book Services Ltd, )
    The story of the Allied invasion of southern Italy in 1943.
  • Lady Lovelylocks: Silkypup Saves the Day

    Kristin Brown

    Hardcover (Littlehampton Book Services Ltd, )
  • Best of Rosemary Sutcliff:Warrior Scarlet,Mark of the Horse Lord and Knight's Fee

    Rosemary Sutcliff

    Hardcover (Littlehampton Book Services Ltd, March 15, 1987)
    Rosemary Sutcliff CBE (14 December 1920 - 23 July 1992) was a British novelist best known for children's books, especially historical fiction and retellings of myths and legends. Although she was primarily a children's author, the quality and depth of her writing also appeals to adults. In a 1986 interview she said, "I would claim that my books are for children of all ages, from nine to ninety." Sutcliff lived for many years in Walberton near Arundel, Sussex. In 1975, she was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for services to children's literature, and was promoted to be a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1992. The Mark of the Horse Lord won the inaugural Phoenix Award in 1985, named by the Children's Literature Association the best English-language children's book that did not a major award when it was originally published twenty years earlier. She wrote incessantly throughout her life and was still writing on the morning of her death in 1992. Sutcliff never married and had no children.