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Books published by publisher Hodder Wayland

  • Grace To The Rescue

    Margaret Nash

    Paperback (Hodder Wayland, )
  • The World of Native Americans

    Marion Wood

    Hardcover (Hodder Wayland, Nov. 30, 1997)
  • Romeo and Juliet

    William Shakespeare, Bruce Colville

    Hardcover (Hodder Wayland, Sept. 30, 1999)
  • Little Vampire in the Lion's Den

    Angela Sommer-Bodenburg, Anthony Lewis, Sarah Gibson

    Paperback (Hodder Wayland, June 30, 1993)
  • Under the Sea

    Frank H Talbot

    Hardcover (Hodder Wayland, April 30, 1995)
    A colour illustrated title from the new DISCOVERIES series, exploring the oceans and the wealth of life they support.
  • Look Inside a Tudor Medicine Chest

    Brian Moses, Adam Hook

    Hardcover (Hodder Wayland, Feb. 28, 1997)
  • Wartime Cookbook

    Alison Cooper

    Hardcover (Hodder Wayland, Oct. 13, 2005)
    Eggless sponge, carrot marmalade, liver savoury or nettle tea are just some of the recipes British people ate during World War Two. This new version of the "Wartime Cookbook", with simplified text, looks at rationing and how British people coped with limited supplies. Full of recipes for children to make at home or at school using only wartime ingredients, the "Wartime Cookbook" shows you just what life was like in wartime Britain.
  • What Do We Know About Prehistoric People?

    Mike Corbishley

    Hardcover (Hodder Wayland, Jan. 31, 1995)
  • Traditional Stories from the Caribbean

    Petronella Breinburg

    Paperback (Hodder Wayland, April 27, 2006)
    This beautifully illustrated collection of stories from one of the world's richest story-telling traditions are ideal for young readers and for reading aloud to 7-11 year-olds. Each story is introduced with information about its origins and the people who first started telling it, and maps locate the places associated with it. The book includes a glossary and sources of further information as well as ideas for activities that children can do to explore the stories and their culture further. Retold by an experienced Caribbean writer and storyteller, this is a book to inform and entertain in equal measure. This is a re-issue of STORIES FROM THE CARIBBEAN in the MULTICULTURAL STORIES series.
  • Deptford Mice Almanack

    Robin Jarvis

    Hardcover (Hodder Wayland, Sept. 30, 1997)
    Were you born under the sign of the Maggots? When is the magical Green Mouse at his most powerful? Find out in this book of days, produced on parchment effect paper and discover the lore and legends of the Deptford Mice.
  • Roman Fort

    Fiona MacDonald, Gerald Wood

    Hardcover (Hodder Wayland, Sept. 30, 1993)
    A title from the series INSIDE STORY, with colour artwork by Gerald Wood to show cut-away scenes of the construction of a Roman fort. Describes everyday life on the frontier of the Roman Empire, and how the soldiers lived and fought. Suitable for the National Curriculum History Key Stages 2/3.
  • Alexander the Great

    John Ray

    Hardcover (Hodder Wayland, July 31, 1998)
    A child's book about Alexander the Great