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  • Engineering the ABC's: How Engineers Shape Our World by Patty O'Brien Novak

    Patty O'Brien Novak

    Paperback (Ferne Press, March 15, 1718)
  • Don't Blame Me! Prepare to Excel Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

    Larry Cole

    Paperback (Ferne Press, Aug. 15, 2008)
    Did you know that you can achieve anything you want...if you really set your mind to it? Yeah sure, you might say. But guess what-if you really learn the tricks of realistic goal setting, and learn how to harness the positive momentum of achieving...then even the sky is no limit to you!
  • Stella, Our Star: Coping with a Loss during Pregnancy

    Mandi Kowalik, Megan D. Wellman

    Paperback (Ferne Press, Jan. 30, 2012)
    Emily is so excited to receive a pet hamster for her birthday. She gets to be a mommy just like Aunt Mandi! But when the hamster dies unexpectedly, Emily finds out that her feelings of loss are the same as Aunt Mandi's when she loses her baby. Through gentle illustrations and a warm storyline, Stella, Our Star: Coping with a Loss during Pregnancy will help families during these times.
  • Joshua and Jasmine Go To Kindergarten

    Alexander McNeese, Molly McNeese

    Paperback (Ferne Press, March 3, 2016)
  • Ryan and Ruby Go to Kindergarten

    Alexander McNeece, Wendy Betway, Dave Messing

    Hardcover (Ferne Press, Aug. 15, 2008)
    Now that twins Ryan and Ruby are five-years-old, it's almost time to start Kindergarten at Douglas Elementary. But are they ready? Spend the day with them as they practice their ABC's, numbers, colors, shapes with their family.
  • Breaking Wind: Kites, Naan Bread, and Friendship

    Carol Paul, Corryn Hoen

    Paperback (Ferne Press, Jan. 3, 2015)
    Brandon never thought that crashing his kite in the next-door neighbor's backyard would mean anything other than a broken kite. But boy, was he wrong! After Brandon meets the new neighbors, his world turns upside down as he tries to understand their different customs and their delicious naan bread. With a big kite competition looming, can the families' likenesses rather than differences help Brandon win?
  • Black of Night

    Jennifer Charron Ward

    (Ferne Press, June 30, 2010)
    When Benny, a homeless black cat, ends up in a city shelter, he doesn't think it can get any worse until he is sought out and stolen by a disturbed teen to be senselessly sacrificed on Devil's Night. Jilly, a thirteen-year-old orphan, whose plight it is to save the stolen cat, has no idea the love she'll find yet the danger she'll endure as she follows the murderous teen into the black of night.
  • Sasha Savvy Starts It Up

    Sasha Ariel Alston

    eBook (Gold Fern Press, Sept. 16, 2020)
    Sasha Savvy Starts it Up is a middle grade book (ages 8-12). In the first book of the series, Sasha Savvy Loves to Code, 10-year old Sasha Savvy from Washington, DC, was introduced to coding and she loved it. Now she's 12, in middle school, and smart and inquisitive as ever. Her mom Stacy Savvy, a software developer, and her dad, Steve Savvy, a Chef and Entrepreneur, encourage her to use her imagination and to be creative when she runs into a problem. Sasha and her best friends, Ashley Webster and Gabby Reyes, decide to start a business. The family supports them, and even 17- year old big brother Savion, joins the team. Readers will follow the team's progress from having an idea to making a plan to facing challenges to learning big lessons as they launch their business.Through STEM, entrepreneurial, and social justice concepts, Sasha Savvy Starts It Up is here to inspire girls to be confident, creative thinkers and problem solvers, all while having fun.
  • By Susan Fitzsimonds - The Hero in Me

    Susan Fitzsimonds

    Paperback (Ferne Press, March 1, 2012)
  • My Bucketfilling Journal: 30 Days to a Happier Life My Bucketfilling Journal

    Carol McCloud

    Paperback (Ferne Press, Jan. 1, 2011)
  • Eric and the Golden Weights

    Benjamin Mann, Barbara Mann

    language (Fernrock Press, Sept. 4, 2015)
    In a dream, a young boy finds himself surrounded by numbers. As he moves from one predicament to the next, he discovers he can count in new ways -- ways which have unexpected practical benefit and result in delight and greater confidence, eventually saving him from disaster. This imaginative tale, with its charming illustrations, provides young readers with an innovative introduction to number theory. Enjoy this tale - and watch for more adventures in the series!
  • New Toys

    David Lambourne, Henry Lambourne, Isabel Lambourne

    language (Ferndale Press, April 8, 2011)
    It is a few years in the future. A couple of vicious android warriors, originally bought as Christmas presents, have moved in with Mr and Mrs Wilmot and their children Petra and Robin, and are now threatening to make them prisoners in their own semi-detached house. The family’s last hope lies with an unarmed rabble of ordinary toys led by a scruffy teddy-bear called Hodge. Courage, ingenuity and ordinary decency are pitted against plain brutality powered by state-of-the-art technology and an alarming dash of magic. Which side will win?It all starts two days before Christmas, with Mrs Wilmot and her cranky mother battling their way through the crowds in Toymania, the biggest toyshop in Britain. For Robin's main present Mrs Wilmot has decided to buy one of a new range of android warriors called ‘The Warlords of Pandemonium’, advertised as ‘the toy of the decade’. The chosen Warlord is Saffron Fangbyte, the cheapest model in the range. Petra’s main present is a talking ‘Sweetheart’ doll with an American accent. In another part of the toyshop Granny Blenkinsop is looking for an antidote to all this ‘gimmickry and trash’ -- an old-fashioned teddy bear a child can turn to in times of trouble. After some searching (for very few toyshops stock articles of this description any more) a bear with a damaged ear is discovered in a dark corner of the stock-room. His name is Hodge.Meanwhile behind the scenes the resident wizard who advises Nemesis Toys, the manufacturer of The Warlords of Pandemonium, is warning of horrendous consequences if the warrior toy is not immediately recalled. Not surprisingly Mr Stryde, the shop’s owner, refuses to play ball: the Warlords are his best-selling line, and if they are removed from sale he stands to lose virtually the whole of the year’s profits. On Christmas Day, just as the wizard predicted, the Pandemonium begins....At first Saffron Fangbyte, aided by the scheming Deborah Sweetheart, finds it easy to bully the other toys into doing his bidding. Eventually the brave and resourceful Hodge manages to deactivate Saffron, only to see him replaced by a series of ever more dangerous Warlords, bent on revenging their comrade and taking over not just the toy-room but the entire household.This is a hilariously funny book for children aged eight to twelve who do not automatically believe everything they are told. Like Roald Dahl’s CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY it describes a world in which children are sometimes wiser than the grown-ups who are supposed to look after them. A NOTE ON THE HISTORY OF THIS BOOKWhen David Lambourne’s children’s novel THE MUSCLEMEN first appeared in 1991, it was highly praised for the “muscle and spark” of its writing. Later that year it was selected for inclusion in the Independent's 'Christmas Books for Children' supplement. Early reviewers were impressed by its acidly satirical attack on modern consumerism, and in particular the way the toy industry has come to be hi-jacked by movie and TV spin-offs, as well as high-tech gadgetry and violent computer games. THE MUSCLEMEN belongs with a long line of children’s books about talking toys reaching back to Victorian times, including the work of writers like E. Nesbit, Mrs Molesworth, F. Anstey, L. Frank Baum, Enid Blyton, Rumer Godden and Russell Hoban. Its themes and cast of characters are curiously similar to those of Pixar’s first TOY STORY film, which appeared four years later. Now extensively updated and rewritten, this wise and funny children’s book is available on Kindle under the title NEW TOYS.NEW TOYS is the first part of a projected trilogy about the products of Nemesis Toys called THE FATESTONES. The second volume in the trilogy will be published on Kindle later this year under the title TRADITIONAL TOYS