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  • Geometry: It's Easy

    Rebecca Wingard-Nelson

    Paperback (Enslow Publishers, Jan. 1, 2014)
    Discover points, lines, and planes. Learn about circles, symmetry, and line relationships. Practice finding perimeter, area, volume, and circumference. You can read this book from beginning to end, or use it to review a specific topic.
  • The Life of Bessie Coleman

    Connie Plantz

    Paperback (Enslow Publishers, Sept. 1, 2014)
    Author Connie Plantz captures all the tension and excitement of Coleman’s soaring achievements. From an early age, Bessie Coleman dreamed of flying, but racial bigotry and gender bias threatened to keep her grounded. Denied entrance to flight training school in the United States, Coleman went to Europe. She returned, triumphant, with a pilot’s license and hopes of opening a flight school for African Americans. Raising funds as a stunt pilot, “Brave Bessie” thrilled her audiences with aerial tricks. Coleman’s life ended in a tragic accident, but not before her dream of flight made aviation history.
  • Frog or Toad?: How Do You Know?

    Melissa Stewart

    Library Binding (Enslow Publishers, March 1, 2011)
    One has wet skin. The other is dry and bumpy. One is thin and lean and the other is fat and round. One is a frog and one is a toad. Do you know which animal is which? Author Melissa Stewart guides readers through the many differences between frogs and toads. The clear text and stunning photographs will engage and delight young readers as they increase critical thinking skills and learn about these special animals.
  • Top 25 Gymnastics Skills, Tips, and Tricks

    Jeff Savage

    Paperback (Enslow Publishers, Inc., Aug. 1, 2011)
    During the heat of competition, the slightest misstep in your floor exercise or a fall off the balance beam could cost you a trophy or your team a championship. Gymnastics is all about precision and technique. Would you like to perform like an Olympic gold medallist? Author Jeff Savage gives step-by-step instructions to many of the basic techniques in gymnastics, and provides you with some fun tips from Olympic champions.
  • Tyler Perry: A Biography of a Movie Mogul

    Marty Gitlin

    Library Binding (Enslow Publishers, Jan. 1, 2014)
    Tyler Perry's path to success was anything but easy. His childhood was marred by constant abuse—physical and emotional. To escape from the pain, Perry found an outlet in writing. But the first play he wrote did not draw huge audiences. Even after years of failure, Perry never quit. He forged ahead, committed to getting his message out. And he sure did! Perry, now with many hit movies and television shows to his credit, is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Author Marty Gitlin explores the amazing life of this entertainment icon.
  • The Secret of the Manhattan Project

    Doreen Gonzales

    Paperback (Enslow Publishers, July 1, 2012)
    Thousands of American soldiers were dying and millions more combattants and civilians were perishing during World War II. Some of the world’s greatest scientists escaped their own war-torn countries and fled to the Unites States. These scientists discovered a possible way to end the war. Thus began the three-year experiment resulting in the production and use of the atomic bomb. In THE SECRET OF THE MANHATTAN PROJECT, author Doreen Gonzales examines the creation of this powerful weapon and its place in the history of World War II. She presents the political, scientific and social issues surrounding the bomb, and looks at today’s issues about living in a world with nuclear weapons.
  • Modern British Poetry: The World Is Never the Same

    Michelle M Houle

    Paperback (Enslow Publishers, Sept. 1, 2011)
    This collection introduces readers to eleven British poets born between 1806 and 1914, including Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Lord Alfred Tennyson, W. B. Yeats, W. H. Auden, and Dylan Thomas. Includes biographical information, historical background, poetry analysis, and several poems by each writer. Helps readers understand poetry and appreciate the statement by Dylan Thomas: "The world is never the same once a good poem has been added to it."
  • Dare to Be Seen : From Stage Fright to Stage Presence: Ten Easy Steps to Turn your Performance Anxiety into Authentic Power with Transformational Hypnotherapy

    Elisa Di Napoli, Adam Eason

    eBook (EDN Publishers, Nov. 2, 2019)
    Do you have a message for the world but are crippled by anxiety? Is fear of speaking in public holding you back from what you want out of life? Do you want to be recognised for your talent, but the thought of performing is paralysing? Turn your performance anxiety into authentic power in ten easy steps. Learn how to deal with public speaking nerves and how to overcome interview anxiety from a clinical hypnotherapist, coach , singer-songwriter, and former sufferer who has turned her own fear around using the very methods she teaches. Combining clinical knowledge, coaching exercises, and transformational hypnotherapy, this step-by-step program will quiet the negative voices in your head that prevent you from standing out and take your speech, audition, gig or presentation to an entirely different level. Subjects covered include: The Six Fundamental Mind Hacks for Achieving Lasting Performance SuccessThe Wise Heart Approach to Transform Stage Fear into Stage PresenceThe LAMA Method for Creating a New Confident You The Highly Successful Perfomer Mindset that will allow you to Master any Performance SituationPlus two Bonus Sessions on how to:Overcome Fear of RejectionDeal with Trauma Safely
  • Behind the Scenes

    Elizabeth Keckely, Dolen Perkins-Valdez

    language (Eno Publishers, Feb. 28, 2016)
    “I have often been asked to write my life . . . it has been an eventful one,” wrote Elizabeth Keckley in her autobiography Behind the Scenes: Or, Thirty Years a Slave, and Four Years in the White House. First published in 1868, it is one of the most candid and poignant slave narratives. It also looks beyond Emancipation and is, in the words of historian William L. Andrews, “the first major text to represent the interests and aims of this nascent African American leadership class in the postwar era.” Born into slavery, Keckley endured untold hardships but she eventually purchased her freedom in the 1850s. Self-reliant and enterprising, Keckley used her dressmaking skills to set up a successful business in Civil War-era Washington, DC, where she became the modiste of choice for many of the city’s most fashionable women. Her talents and warmth led her to become seamstress to Mary Todd Lincoln and confidante to both Mary and Abraham Lincoln. After President Lincoln’s assassination, Keckley became caretaker to the former First Lady, whose financial troubles mounted and mental health declined. In an effort to buoy their financial fortunes and restore Mary Lincoln’s battered public image, Keckley wrote Behind the Scenes. Much to her surprise, it was labeled as "treacherous" and ended her relationship with Mary Lincoln. Elizabeth Keckley is now remembered as an entrepreneur, fashion designer, community activist, educator, writer, as well as friend to Mary Todd Lincoln. Includes Publisher's Annotations.
  • The skating Heidens

    Mary Virginia Fox

    Hardcover (Enslow Publishers, March 15, 1981)
    Traces the careers of two American speed skaters who won medals at the 1980 winter Olympics.
  • Ratios and Percents: It's Easy!

    Rebecca Wingard-Nelson

    Library Binding (Enslow Publishers, Jan. 1, 2014)
    This clear and concise book covers many basic topics on ratios and percents, including equivalent ratios, proportions, scale drawings, rates, and percent change. Learn to find sales tax, sale prices, interest, and tips. Read this book from beginning to end, or it use it to review a specific topic.
  • Pre-Algebra and Algebra

    Rebecca Wingard-Nelson

    Paperback (Enslow Publishers, July 1, 2012)
    PRE-ALGEBRA AND ALGEBRA teaches you how to solve multiple choice, short-answer, and show-your-work test questions. Become comfortable with these skills so you’re ready for your test! A great book for students to use on their own, or with parents, teachers, or tutors. Free worksheets are available on