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Books published by publisher Child's Play International

  • Over in the Meadow

    Michael Evans

    Board book (Child's Play International, Jan. 1, 2003)
    A little toad, two little fish, three little squirrels, four little otters, five little honeybees, six little crows, seven little rabbits, eight little lizards, nine little frogs, and ten little spiders all do what their mothers ask. On board pages.
  • There Were Ten in the Bed

    Annie Kubler

    Hardcover (Child's Play International Ltd, Jan. 16, 2001)
    As they keeping rolling over, the number of children in bed is reduced from ten to none.
  • Peekaboo! in the Ocean!


    Board book (Child's Play International, July 1, 2016)
    Peekaboo! Who's hiding in the ocean? Lift the flap to find out! Perfect for guessing, prediction and memory skills - and simply joining in! Vibrant, high-contrast illustrations will make these books instant favorites. Simple, repetitive text is perfect for pre-readers. Babies and toddlers will be delighted by the surprise on each page, and repeated readings will help develop early memory skills.
  • It's Raining! It's Pouring! We're Exploring!

    Polly Peters, Jess Stockham

    Paperback (Child's Play International, July 1, 2008)
    When bad weather prevents three children from playing outside, how can they possibly entertain themselves? Never fear! With a few home-made props and a great deal of ready imagination, the perfect plan is hatched. The rich spontaneity of children's imaginative play is beautifully captured by Polly Peters's expressive text and Jess Stockham's busy and amusing illustrations.
  • The Cloud

    Hannah Cumming

    Paperback (Child's Play International, April 1, 2011)
    Everyone has bad days, and children are no exception. When a black cloud descends on a little girl at school, support from a classmate with a great deal of imagination helps to brighten up everyone's lives. The atmospheric illustrations really tell the story in this delightful picture book from a new author/illustrator.
  • Dinosaur Diner

    Annie Kubler

    Hardcover (Child's Play International, March 1, 2009)
    Dinosaur's unbalanced diet and lack of exercise make for an unhealthy lifestyle, and leave him with no energy. Will his healthy friend be able to encourage him to change his ways? The fabulous dinosaur finger puppet will be irresistible to any child whilst the story reinforces the importance of healthy eating and exercise.
  • Five Enormous Dinosaurs

    Will Bonner

    Board book (Child's Play International, Ltd., Oct. 31, 2018)
    Five enormous dinosaurs, letting out a roar. One stomped away... and then there were four! Children will love stomping, roaring and singing along to this fun rhyme, which will help to develop number skills. Bouncy illustrations, innovative die cutting and popular rhymes make Books with Holes a must for every child. Board book edition.
  • Errol's Garden

    Gillian Hibbs

    Hardcover (Child's Play International, Ltd., Oct. 1, 2018)
    Errol loves gardening, but he doesn’t have a proper garden. Although his home is full of beautiful plants, he longs for an outdoor space where he can grow things. A chance discovery leads to a solution, but Errol can’t do everything on his own. Luckily, help is near at hand. A heart-warming and inclusive tale about how one small boy’s dream of a garden unites a diverse community in a positive and enriching experience for everyone.
  • Princess and the Pea - SC w/CD

    Jess Stockham

    Paperback (Child's Play International, Ltd., Jan. 11, 2010)
    Lift-the-flaps are used in the retelling of the well-known fairy tale in which a princess is given shelter by the queen, who tests her to determine if the princess is truly who she claims to be.
  • Sing!

    Carol Thompson

    Board book (Child's Play International, Ltd., July 1, 2017)
    We’re amazing! We can sing, make music, dress up and dance. There’s nobody quite like us! Enjoy the antics of this inclusive and diverse group of friends, as they celebrate the natural and boundless creativity to be found in every child.
  • Ten Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed


    Hardcover (Child's Play International Ltd, Sept. 1, 2001)
  • Over in the Meadow

    Michael Evans

    Paperback (Child's Play International, Jan. 8, 2004)
    All children love this traditional rhyme and singing along will help to develop number skills. Bouncy illustrations, innovative die cutting and popular rhymes make Books with Holes a must for every child. Available in various formats, suitable for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and the nursery or classroom.