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  • Ramona the Brave

    Beverly Cleary, Jacqueline Rogers

    Paperback (Avon Camelot, March 17, 2020)
    Newbery Medal winning author Beverly Cleary lovingly chronicles the ups and downs of elementary school woes. This is perfect for fans of Clementine. This chapter book is an excellent choice to share during homeschooling, in particular for children ages 7 to 9 who are reading independently. It’s a fun way to keep your child engaged and as a supplement for activity books for children.For a girl as enthusiastic about life as Ramona, starting the first grade should be easy! But with a teacher who doesn't understand her, a tattletale classmate, and a scary dog who follows her on the walk home from school, Ramona has a hard time acting like the big girl everyone expects her to be. But when she shows up to school with a missing shoe, Ramona gets a fresh grip on her courage in order to make it through a mortifying situation.
  • Ramona Forever

    Beverly Cleary, Alan Tiegreen

    Paperback (Avon Camelot, March 17, 2020)
    Newbery Medal winner Beverly Cleary continues to amuse readers with her wonderful, blunderful Ramona Quimby! This chapter book is an excellent choice to share during homeschooling, in particular for children ages 7 to 9 who are reading independently. It’s a fun way to keep your child engaged and as a supplement for activity books for children.Life can move pretty fast—especially when you're in the third grade, your teenage sister's moods drive you crazy, and your mom has a suspicious secret she just won't share. Plus, Mr. Quimby's new job offer could have the entire family relocating. It's a lot to handle for Ramona. But whatever trial comes her way, Ramona can count on one thing for sure—she'll always be Ramona…forever!
  • The Farthest Away Mountain

    Lynne Reid Banks

    Paperback (Camelot, Feb. 1, 1992)
    Setting out on a journey to reach the beautiful mountain she can see from her window, Dakin must escape from the clutches of a great black flying monster, outwit a giant ogre, and confront the evil Snow Witch. Reprint.
  • The Tale of Jeremy Vole

    Steve R. Lawhead

    Paperback (Camelot, Nov. 1, 1993)
    Warned by a big bird of a great disaster coming to the river, Jeremy Vole, a vole who lives a quiet and contented life in a hole in the riverbank, finds he must embark on an adventure. Reprint.
  • Kid Camping from Aaaaiii! to Zip

    Patrick F. McManus, Roy Doty

    Paperback (Camelot, July 1, 1992)
    Humorous and practical advice on various aspects of camping, presented alphabetically.
  • Lynne Reid Banks: Return of the Indian, Secret of the Indian, Mystery of the Cupboard, Indian in the Cupboard

    Lynne Reid Banks

    Paperback (Camelot, Nov. 1, 1994)
    Including all four Indian in the Cupboard titles, this set features The Indian in the Cupboard, The Return of the Indian, The Secret of the Indian and The Mystery of the Cupboard in the Camelot edition format.
  • Grandpa's Mountain

    Carolyn Reeder

    Paperback (Camelot, June 1, 1993)
    Eleven-year oldCarrie loves spending summers with her grandparents in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Their farm with a country storeand a lunchroom, is safe and far removed from the terrible depression that grips most of the nation. But this summer, something is happening that will change the lives of all the people who have called the mountains home for generations. The government is creating a national park buying all the land and houses that are in the way. Grandpa is outraged, vowing never to move. Grandma is secretly preparing for the worst. The neighbors are turning against one another. And Carrie, who wants to believe Grandpa will win his battle, is very worried that she has decieved him in a way that may make him lose.
  • Can of Worms

    Kathy MacKel

    Hardcover (Camelot, April 1, 1999)
    Imaginative seventh-grader Mike Pillsbury, a misfit youngster who daydreams of outer space and alien encounters, accidentally summons a motley crew of extraterrestrial visitors and finds himself caught in the middle of an intergalactic conflict that could have a profound impact on life on Earth.
  • I, Columbus : My Journal :1492-1493

    Peter Roop, Connie Roop, Peter E. Hanson

    Paperback (Camelot, Sept. 1, 1994)
    Follows the first voyage of discovery made by Christopher Columbus through excerpts from the journal he kept.
  • The Sara Summer

    Mary Downing Hahn

    Paperback (Camelot, July 1, 1995)
    Shooting up taller than anyone in her sixth grade class, Emily is humiliated by peer teasing until new girl Sara comes to town, an inch taller than Emily and refusing to let anyone tell her how to feel. Reprint.
  • Alligator Wrestling and You: An Impractical Guide to an Impossible Sport

    Louis Phillips

    Paperback (Camelot, July 1, 1992)
    A humorous guide to alligator wrestling teaches young readers how to practice on their little siblings, why it is fun to order an alligator through the mail, how to turn their rooms into swamps, and more. Original.
  • Weasel

    Cynthia DeFelice

    Paperback (Avon Camelot, Oct. 1, 1991)
    The name has haunted my sleep and made my awake hours uneasy for as long as I can remember. Other children whisper that he is part man and part animal -- wild and blood-thirsty. But I know Weasel is real: a man, an Indian fighter the government sent to drive off the Indians -- to "remove them." Weasel has his own ideas about removal...Now that the Shawnees are dead or have left, Weasel has turned on the settlers. Like his namesake, the weasel, he hunts by night and sleeps by day, and he kills not because he is hungry, but for the sport of it...I know what I have to do. Weasel is out there. He could come here and hurt us. Maybe Pa can wait for the day when we'll have the law to take care of men like Weasel. But I can't...