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  • You Wouldn't Want to Be a Victorian Servant

    Fiona MacDonald

    Paperback (Book House, March 10, 2016)
    Get a 12-year-old girl living in Britain in the 1880s, you are about to start work for a wealthy family. You will be busy all day long as a Victorian servant. This title can be used as a background approach to wider issues in Victorian times, such as class divides, daily life and the position of men and women. The humorous illustrations make learning fun, and encourage young readers to engage with the central servant character. Informative captions, a glossary and an index make this title an ideal and fun introduction to the conventions of non-fiction text. It is relevant to Key Stage 2 history and helps to achieve the goals of the Scottish Standard Curriculum 5-14.
  • Avoid Joining a Wild West Wagon Train!

    Jacqueline Morley

    Paperback (Book House, )
  • You Wouldn't Want to Live Without Toilets!

    Fiona MacDonald

    Paperback (Book House, Jan. 15, 2015)
    How would you cope if there were no toilets? Where would you go? How would you keep yourself and your house clean? This book tells the fascinating story of a piece of technology that most of us take for granted. Find out why toilets are so important, how they improved over the years, and how they might develop in the future.
  • You Wouldn't Want to Sail on the Titanic!

    David Stewart

    Paperback (Book House, March 15, 1761)
  • Truly Foul and Cheesy Revolting Records Jokes and Facts Books

    John Townsend, David Antram

    Paperback (Book House, )
  • Cute Food: Step-by-Step

    Isobel Lundie

    Paperback (Book House, Oct. 6, 2020)
    Draw cute, with this book that introduces budding artists to basic techniques for creating adorable kawaii food! Kawaii is a Japanese word that actually means “cute,” and these fun projects, outlined with step-by-step instructions and delightful illustrations, will give children the confidence and skillset to create their own pictures. One side of the spread provides the illustration and the how-tos; the other side has space for you to create your personal variation on the design. From hot dogs and watermelon to cupcakes and pretzels, if this food were real it would be too cute to eat! Draw a takeout container of kawaii ramen, complete with chopsticks; the container has a smiley face and is licking its tongue. Or create a selection of drinks in a glass using different fruits and all with different expressions. You can also try your hand at favorites like pizza, pancakes, peas in a pod, sushi, tacos, ice cream, and more!
  • The Big Book of Snow and Ice

    Stepánka Sekaninová, Niké Papadopulosová

    Hardcover (Book House, Nov. 7, 2017)
    Brrr! This fun book, with gatefolds and pullouts, introduces kids to a snowy, icy world of wonders! What do you know about snow? This beautiful book will open your eyes to its wonders! You’ll discover that no two snowflakes are the same; what it’s like to be hit by an avalanche; and how artists carve ice sculptures. Ten highly detailed gatefolds and informative descriptions on pullout flaps give readers an inside look at what happens at a ski resort or inside an igloo.
  • A Medieval Monastery

    Fiona MacDonald

    Paperback (Book House, March 1, 2013)
    Explore a medieval monastery and discover what happened within its closed walls.
  • How to Draw Optical Illusions

    Mark Bergin

    Paperback (Book House, May 5, 2016)
    The How To Draw series takes a highly visual and practical approach to drawing, featuring step-by-step instructions. This comprehensive handbook covers all aspects of drawing mind-boggling optical illusions - such as the famous Penrose stairs popularised by M.C. Escher - you can use to amaze your friends.
  • An Ancient Roman Fort

    Stephen Johnson

    Paperback (Book House, July 1, 2008)
    This text presents an insight into the organisation and structure of the powerful army of ancient Rome. Find out what went on on a daily basis within the fort, and discover how the Roman army used ingenious techniques to defend the fort.
  • You Wouldn't Want to Work in a Victorian Mill!

    John Malam

    Paperback (Book House, March 10, 2016)
    The year is 1842, and you have been taken from your mother in London to work in a cotton mill in smoky Manchester. The work is hard and dangerous: you are likely to go deaf and suffer from lung disease, and you could easily lose limbs. Is there no hope for you? Will things ever get better? Will you see your mother again? The humorous cartoon-style illustrations and the narrative approach encourage readers to get emotionally involved with the characters, aiding their understanding of what life would have been like for workers in a Victorian Mill. Informative captions, a complete glossary and an index make this title an ideal introduction to the conventions of non-fiction texts for young readers.
  • A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink: What is a Noun?

    Brian P. Cleary, Jenya Prosmitsky

    Hardcover (Book House, )