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  • Dark Emu

    Bruce Pascoe

    MP3 CD (Bolinda Audio, June 13, 2017)
    Dark Emu argues for a reconsideration of the "hunter-gatherer" tag for pre-colonial Aboriginal Australians and attempts to rebut the colonial myths that have worked to justify dispossession.Accomplished author Bruce Pascoe provides compelling evidence from the diaries of early explorers that suggests that systems of food production and land management have been blatantly understated in modern retellings of early Aboriginal history, and that a new look at Australia’s past is required.
  • To the Land of Long Lost Friends: 20

    Alexander McCall Smith

    Audio CD (Bolinda audio, )
    Mma Ramotswe reconnects with an old friend who has been having problems with her daughter. Though Previous feels compelled to lend a hand, she discovers that getting involved in family affairs is always a delicate proposition. Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni finds himself embroiled in familial drama as well, when one of his clients asks for help evicting an unwanted house guest who turns out to be the man's own brother. Elsewhere, Charlie and Fanwell are also involved in tricky matters of the heart, as Queenie-Queenie, Charlie's girlfriend, seems to have transferred her affections to Fanwell. It's up to Mma Makutsi to set things right, but she may be be too distracted by her nemesis Violet Sephotho, who has somehow been appointed to the board of a charity. What is Violet up to now? As all of these mysteries are unravelled, Mma Ramotswe and the entire #1 Ladies' Detective Agency will be reminded of the value of tried-and-true wisdom – never judge a book by its cover.
  • Four Children and It

    Jacqueline Wilson

    Audio CD (Bolinda Audio, June 23, 2015)
    Rosalind and Robbie don't want to spend the summer stuck in their dad's new house with irritating Smash and her glamorous mum. Dad's biggest wish is for everyone to get along. So when he suggests a picnic in nearby Oxshott woods, the children grudgingly agree. That afternoon, in a golden sandpit, Rosalind makes a wish of her own and something extraordinary happens. It just might change their summer from weeks of rows and bickering into the best holiday these four children have ever had.…A funny and heartwarming story of four children who discover an extraordinary way to make wishes come true, Four Children and It is inspired by E. Nesbit's classic, Five Children and It."Readers always ask who inspired me to be a writer. Well, I adored E. Nesbit's books as a child–and I liked her lifestyle too. She liked Liberty clothes, silver jewelry, and buns for tea, and so do I! My favorite E. Nesbit story is Five Children and It–and this is my modern day tribute to her fantastic story." —Jacqueline Wilson
  • Cold Wind: 11

    C.J. Box

    Audio CD (Bolinda audio, Nov. 1, 2014)
    When Earl Alden is found dead, dangling from a wind turbine, it's his wife, Missy, who is arrested. Unfortunately for Joe Pickett, Missy is his mother-in-law, a woman he dislikes heartily, and now he doesn't know what to do – especially when the early signs point to her being guilty as sin. But then things happen to make Joe wonder: Is Earl's death what it appears to be? Is Missy being set up? He has the county DA and sheriff on one side, his wife on the other, his estranged friend Nate on a lethal mission of his own, and some powerful interests breathing down his neck. Whichever way this goes ... it's not going to be good.
  • Sir Charlie Stinky Socks: Volume 3

    Kristina Stephenson, Michael Maloney

    Audio CD (Bolinda Audio, Feb. 12, 2019)
    Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and his friends are back in these fast-paced adventures full of mystery and surprises!Sir Charlie Stinky Socks: The Pirate’s Curse: Once upon a time, a message in a bottle said someone needed help; help from a certain bold, brave knight! So, the brilliant Sir Charlie Stinky Socks, his cat Envelope and his good grey mare must find a ship so they can set sail and rescue the messenger. But, who needs their help, and what fearsome sea dangers and frightful pirates might they encounter on their voyage?Sir Charlie Stinky Socks: The Mummy’s Gold: Sir Charlie Stinky Socks’ latest quest is to return a sack of stolen Egyptian gold back to its right owner, one Elfie Corrie. Sounds simple, but Sir Charlie’s adventures never are ... Join our hero and his faithful friends as their adventure leads them through the desert to a one-horse town and into a race against a not-too-friendly fellow.Sir Charlie Stinky Socks: The Dinosaur's Return: By the light of a silvery moon, Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and his faithful friends are heading for Thunder Mountain. Their mission? To take a little dinosaur home.
  • The Witch of Blackberry Bottom

    Dick King-Smith, June Whitfield

    Audio CD (Bolinda Audio, Oct. 20, 2015)
    Down in Blackberry Bottom lives Miss Slade, a strange—and rather dirty—old lady. The village children think she's a witch. But Patsy and Jim like her and her six dogs, her donkey, and other assorted animals. Miss Slade may not be a witch, but she's not what she seems.
  • The Burning Bridge: 2

    John Flanagan

    Audio CD (Bolinda audio, Nov. 1, 2010)
    As the Kingdom of Araluen prepares for war against Morgarath, Will and Horace accompany the Ranger Gilan on a mission to Celtica. But Celtica's villages and mines are silent. Only an exhausted and starving girl called Evanlyn can tell them why: Morgarath has sent his foul creatures to enslave the Celts. While Gilan rides swiftly back to Araluen to report this news to the King, Will and Horace discover the true purpose behind Morgarath's actions. The Kingdom is sure to be defeated in a surprise three-sided attack - unless they can find a way to prevent it.
  • Everything You Need to Know About the World

    Simon Eliot, Stig Wemyss

    Audio CD (Bolinda Audio, March 4, 2013)
    Did you know that funnel-web spiders can bite through fingernails? That most piranhas are vegetarian? That killer bees are the result of an experiment gone wrong? That a man with athlete's foot once fed parts of his decaying foot to his pet Venus flytrap—and it ate it? Yep, I know a lot of cool stuff. Welcome to my world, where one weird thing leads to another.
  • The Durrells of Corfu

    Michael Haag

    Audio CD (Bolinda audio, June 28, 2017)
    Simon Nye's TV series, The Durrells, is based loosely on Gerald Durrell's Corfu Trilogy and in particular his much-loved bestseller, My Family and Other Animals. These books in turn are based somewhat loosely on actual events. The real-life Durrells went to Corfu at the urging of Lawrence Durrell, who was already living on the island with his wife, Nancy Myers. Their intent was to keep the family together as his mother, Louisa, was drinking heavily and recovering from a breakdown; 'We can be proud of the way we brought her up', Larry said, only half-jokingly, of the family's subsequent Corfu sojourn. Michael Haag's book covers the background to the Durrell family's years in Corfu, including their time in India, where all the children were born, and where their father, a brilliant civil engineer, had died. It recalls the real-life characters the Durrells encountered on Corfu, notably the biologist and poet Theodore Stephanides, and the taxi driver, Spiros Halikiopoulos. And Haag tells the story of how the Durrells left Corfu, including Margo's return intent on joining the Greek resistance, and Leslie's romance in England with the family's Corfite maid and friend, Maria Kondos. Further chapters cover what happened to the family in later life; here, Lawrence and Gerald Durrell's biographies are well known, but little has previously been written of Margo, Leslie and Louisa. Haag has fascinating stories to tell of them all.
  • The 13-Story Treehouse

    Andy Griffiths, Terry Denton, Stig Wemyss

    Audio CD (Bolinda Audio, Nov. 15, 2014)
    From the international bestselling author for childrenAndy and Terry live in a treehouse. But it’s not just any old treehouse, it’s the most amazing treehouse in the world! This treehouse has thirteen stories, a bowling alley, a see-through swimming pool, a secret underground laboratory, and a marshmallow machine that follows you around and automatically shoots marshmallows into your mouth whenever you are hungry.Life would be perfect for Andy and Terry if it wasn’t for the fact that they have to write their next book, which is almost impossible because there are just so many distractions, including thirteen flying cats, giant bananas, mermaids, sea monsters pretending to be mermaids, enormous gorillas, and dangerous burp gas-bubblegum bubbles!Join the fun with The 13-Story Treehouse by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton.
  • Clear and Present Danger: 4

    Tom Clancy

    Audio CD (Bolinda audio, Aug. 1, 2014)
    At what point does criminal activity threaten national security? When can a nation respond to it as to an enemy? These are the questions Jack Ryan must consider when he hears the awful news: Colombian drug lords, tired of being harassed by US law enforcement agents, have assassinated three high American officials, and that is just the beginning. The message is clear: Leave us alone. But they have pushed too far. Someone steps quietly over the line they have drawn, deploying covert-action teams in Colombia. At home, too, men armed with the most sophisticated tools their country can devise begin to take the fight to the enemy. But does anyone know who the real enemy is, and how much action is too much? Who is doing what? Which line has been crossed? Ryan and his 'dark side', a shadowy field officer known only as Mr. Clark, must find out. They expect danger from without ‒ but the danger from within may be the greatest of all.
  • The Bertie Project: 11

    Alexander McCall Smith

    Audio CD (Bolinda audio, Aug. 4, 2016)
    With customary charm and deftness, Alexander McCall Smith gives us another installment in this popular series, now running in its 9th season in the Scotsman. Anything could happen to Bertie and the gang …