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  • Wasted Pretty

    Jamie Beth Cohen, Mark Milroy, Beacon Audiobooks

    Audiobook (Beacon Audiobooks, July 15, 2019)
    During junior year of high school, star student and stellar lacrosse player Alice Burton grew four inches, and, thanks to her mom’s experimental health food products, she'd lost 20 pounds. Alice has mixed feelings about her surprising transformation. On the plus side: Chris Thompson, the hot college guy she has a crush on, talks to her. On the minus side: Her dad's creepy friend, professional athlete Karl Bell, lets his eyes, and his hugs, linger too long. After a disturbing encounter in a dark hallway, Alice realizes the response some men have to her new body isn’t just disgusting, it’s dangerous. Her life is further complicated by her parents’ crumbling finances and the family’s entanglement with Karl. Set in Pittsburgh in 1992, Wasted Pretty is about a girl determined to protect her body, her future, and her heart.
  • The Poisoned Glass

    Kimberly Tilley, Doug Greene, Beacon Audiobooks

    Audible Audiobook (Beacon Audiobooks, Oct. 17, 2019)
    "A great read and a fascinating retelling of a long-forgotten murder, that still resonates to this very day...for anybody interested in the history of the Silk City!" (Mark S. Auerbach, City Historian, Passaic, New Jersey) At the dawn of the 20th century, the social unrest in Paterson, New Jersey was palpable. Thousands of Dutch and Italian immigrants flocked to the city, hoping for a job in Paterson's famous silk mills. The burgeoning population ushered women into the workplace, grew suffragist sympathies, and produced an anarchist movement. In this charged environment, Jennie Bosschieter, a 17-year-old Dutch immigrant and mill worker, was murdered. Sorrow turned to shock when four wealthy, influential citizens were accused of killing her. The resulting criminal trial held the city - and eventually the nation - transfixed.
  • The Town with No Roads

    Joe Siple, Jeff Lemucchi, Beacon Audiobooks

    Audible Audiobook (Beacon Audiobooks, July 4, 2019)
    When a woman begins finding notes from her comatose father, miracle fever takes over the town. This touching story explores the strength of a father's love. A miracle has come to Sparkling Pond, Minnesota. Memorable objects from Aspen Collins' childhood are appearing in the town square, accompanied by notes in her father's handwriting. The notes relate to things happening in her life now. But that's impossible - Aspen's father is in a coma. The miracle brings chaos in the form of a ghost hunter, three different factions of people with conflicting beliefs about the miracle, and a television reporter who Aspen finds herself falling for. But when everything comes to a head, an impossible choice must be made. And the consequences of either decision could be too much to bear. An enchanting follow-up to Siple's award-winning debut, The Five Wishes of Mr. Murray McBride, The Town with No Roads is a story of forgiveness and redemption that explores whether unconditional love should hold us close or set us free.
  • A Grave Misunderstanding: A Simon Grave Mystery

    Len Boswell, JC Jacobson, Beacon Audiobooks

    Audible Audiobook (Beacon Audiobooks, Dec. 10, 2018)
    Murder has come once more to the seaside town of Crab Cove, testing the mettle of "almost handsome" Detective Simon Grave and his "nearly invisible" partner, Sergeant Barry Blunt, who investigate a locked-room mystery with a significant twist: the prime suspects are in the locked room, not the victim, a logic-defying situation that challenges the team at every turn. As if murder weren't enough, they must also investigate the simultaneous disappearance of The MacGuffin Trophy from that same locked room, the studio of artist Whitney Waters, famous for her stylized paintings of red herrings. Who is/are the killer(s)? How did he/she/they get out of the locked room with the trophy, kill the victim, and return unnoticed by others in the room? These and other questions, including the limits of logic and the meaning of life, are posed and perhaps even answered in this quirky, near-future mystery. Yes, there are robots.
  • Dr Who and the Brain Of Morbius


    Audio CD (BBC Audio Books, )
  • Return to the Lost Level: The Lost Level Series, Book 2

    Brian Keene, Doug Greene, Beacon Audiobooks

    Audible Audiobook (Beacon Audiobooks, Nov. 25, 2019)
    War has come in this sequel to the best-selling novel The Lost Level. The snake-like Anunnaki have always been a blight for the people living in the hidden dimension known as the Lost Level, but now, the denizens are fighting back. After their community is decimated and their loved ones are enslaved in the aftermath of a devastating Anunnaki attack, Aaron Pace leads a diverse group of warriors - including the bow-woman Tolia, the mighty Karenk, a baby Triceratops, and a time-displaced Ambrose Bierce - on a trek through primordial jungles, dark forests, and a sun-blasted desert while battling pterodactyls, man-eating worms, and other dangers. Can their small band lay siege to the Anunnaki city and rescue their friends, or will they suffer the same cruel fate so many others have before them? Find out in Brian Keene's Return to the Lost Level. Includes the bonus short story "The Chinese Beetle".
  • Fatal Beauty: A Cleve Hawkins Detective Novel, Book 1

    R.C. Hartson, Doug Greene, Beacon Audiobooks

    Audible Audiobook (Beacon Audiobooks, Dec. 20, 2019)
    Ex-con Bart Hodgkins is abducting women at random in the windy city. A man without conscience; bold and high on drugs and alcohol, he is self-assured when he manipulates girls like Chelsea Rohrman into his web of evil and certain death. His "silent partner" in subsequent serial killings is a former Cook County judge and university professor Lewis Lisecki, who is bald, unflappable, and soft-spoken. Plagued at birth, given a dumpy fat boy's body, one with flaccid arms, a short neck, and bad eyesight, he's forced to wear thick, round glasses that make him look like a goldfish staring out from a fish tank. Ex-Chicago homicide cop and private eye Cleve Hawkins is a hard-boiled former Marine hired by Betty Rohrman to help in finding her missing sister. Through treacherous twists and turns, Hawkins works to solve the case of the missing woman but finds a clandestine world of evil.
  • Jihadi Bride

    Alastair Luft, Rick Paradis, Beacon Audiobooks

    Audible Audiobook (Beacon Audiobooks, Dec. 20, 2019)
    Erik Petersson works with the High-Risk Traveler Task Force, an organization that prevents radicalized individuals from joining extremist groups. Disciplined and dedicated, Erik's carefully controlled world is upended when his daughter Arielle leaves university to join the Islamic Caliphate, a terrorist regime in Syria. Erik rallies a desperate effort to stop her, but when he fails, he resolves to bring Arielle back, whatever the cost. Driven by a secret she can't outrun, Arielle's dream of a more purposeful life is confronted with the brutality of life in the Caliphate. When she attracts the attention of Abu Noor al Kanadi, a terrorist leader bent on punishing America for its actions in the Middle East, Arielle must choose whether to sacrifice her dreams to survive or risk a frantic bid to escape. Torn between rival agendas, father and daughter must choose between family or country and love or fear.
  • Peek and Boo Are Looking for You

    David Radman, Liz Terry, Beacon Audiobooks

    Audiobook (Beacon Audiobooks, Dec. 19, 2019)
    Ready, set, boo! It’s Halloween night, and there is one house on the block that offers more than just tricks or treats. If you stop by, you might be greeted by two of the friendliest ghosts you could ever meet, and they are dying for someone to stay and play a game with them. Meet Peek and Boo, two lovable characters who invite you into their home for some "not too scary" Halloween fun. But beware, there are many surprising things to see and do inside. If you are brave enough to stay and play, you might meet a lot of others here too. Peek and Boo will be looking for you, to share all the fun of Halloween, without all of the fright.
  • Where the Hurt Is

    Chris Kelsey, Doug Greene, Beacon Audiobooks

    Audible Audiobook (Beacon Audiobooks, Aug. 2, 2018)
    It's an unseasonably hot April night in 1965. The social revolutions rocking America have mostly bypassed Burr, a tiny rural community in Western Oklahoma. Like much of the state, Burr remains as it's always been: religious. Conservative. And 100 percent white. When an unknown young African American woman is found murdered on the railroad tracks outside town, most of Burr would rather look the other way. The town's police chief, troubled local hero and ex-Marine Emmett Hardy, doesn't have that luxury. A lover of books and jazz in the land of football and country and Western, Emmett is an outsider in a place he knows like the back of his hand. In his search for the killer, he's forced to slice through layers of hate and hypocrisy to confront the ethical rot at the town's core while being haunted by the vision of a life and love that might have been.
  • The Tempest

    William Shakespeare

    (BBC Audiobooks America, Oct. 7, 2005)
    [Full-Cast Audio Theater Dramatization. Prospero is played by Bob Peck, Ariel by Adrian Lester, Jennifer Ehle is Miranda, Simon Russell Beale is Antonio, Jamie Glover is Ferdinand, and Richard McCabe plays Caliban.] This haunting drama of vengeance and forgiveness crowns the group of tragicomic romances that Shakespeare composed at the end of his career. Sometimes read as his farewell to the stage, the play contains some of Shakespeare's most lyrical verse. Prospero, wise Duke of Milan, has been deposed by Antonio, his wicked brother, and exiled with his daughter Miranda to a mysterious island. But Prospero possesses supernatural powers. Aided by the spirit Ariel, Prospero uses his magical art to bring his enemies under his control.
  • Lulu's Christmas Story: A True Story of Faith and Hope During the Great Depression

    Ludmilla Bollow, Liz Terry, Beacon Audiobooks

    Audiobook (Beacon Audiobooks, Oct. 31, 2017)
    Christmas is eagerly awaited by Lulu, a young girl living in a small Wisconsin town during the Great Depression. Anticipation is transformed into anxiety when Daddy loses his job, doubts about Santa flicker, and that Shirley Temple doll seems further away than ever. Mama reveals her own brutal Christmas as an orphan, adding new worries. But it's Lulu's deep faith and vibrant hope that keeps her looking forward to each new day and the glorious gift of Christmas. In her touching memoir, Ludmilla Bollow, an award-winning playwright and novelist, recounts the year before her family's toughest Christmas. There's a haunting encounter with freaks at a circus sideshow, the heartbreaking loss of the town's recluse who was committed to finding true love, a disastrous Thanksgiving at Grandma's, and, of course, the long-awaited Christmas! Lulu's spirit of love and joy radiates throughout this emotional recall of family life during hard times.