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Books published by publisher Astor-Honor Inc

  • The Hunter I Might Have Been

    George Mendoza

    Hardcover (Astor-Honor Inc, March 1, 1968)
    An allegory in striking pictures and text dealing with the moral justification for killing
  • Things Fall Apart by Steiner, Rudolf, Achebe, Chinua

    Rudolf Steiner, Chinua Achebe

    Paperback (Astor-Honor Inc, Dec. 15, 1959)
    Okonowo is the greatest warrior alive. His fame has spread like a bushfire in West Africa and he is one of the most powerful men of his clan. But he also has a fiery temper. Determined not to be like his father, he refuses to show weakness to anyone - even if the only way he can master his feelings is with his fists. When outsiders threaten the traditions of his clan, Okonowo takes violent action. Will the great man's dangerous pride eventually destroy him?
  • Kay Kay Comes Home

    Nicholas Samstag

    Hardcover (Astor-Honor Inc, June 1, 1962)
    Book by Samstag, Nicholas
  • Hapless Child

    Edward Gorey

    Paperback (Astor-Honor Inc, June 1, 1961)
  • Things Fall Apart by Rudolf Steiner

    Rudolf Steiner;Chinua Achebe

    Paperback (Astor-Honor Inc, March 15, 1824)
  • Things Fall Apart

    Chinua Achebe

    Paperback (Astor-Honor Inc, March 1, 1959)
    Okonkwo suffers much to gain a high position in his Nigerian village
  • Sam a Goat

    Bayard Dominick

    Hardcover (Astor-Honor Inc, June 1, 1968)
    The frolics of a Togenburg goat, adopted as a household pet, who saved his master from the blades of a power lawn mower and then became mascot of the town hospital.
  • Inch By Inch

    Leo Lionni

    Hardcover (Astor-Honor Inc, Aug. 16, 1960)
  • Happy Families Are All Alike

    Peter Taylor

    Hardcover (Astor-Honor Inc, June 1, 1959)
  • On My Beach There Are Many Pebbles

    Leo Lionni

    Hardcover (Astor-Honor Inc, )
  • Dori the Mallard

    Gordon Addred

    Hardcover (Astor-Honor Inc, Dec. 1, 1968)
  • Mrs. Pepperpot Again

    Alf Proysen

    Hardcover (Astor-Honor Inc, March 1, 1961)