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  • Paul Revere and the Bell Ringers

    Jonah Winter, Bert Dodson

    Library Binding (Aladdin Library, Nov. 11, 2003)
    Young Paul Revere and his friends form a club whose members ring the bells at Christ Church, an experience which teaches him responsibility and other lessons that he uses as an adult in the American Revolution. Simultaneous.
  • Johnny Appleseed

    Jane Kurtz, Mary Haverfield

    Library Binding (Aladdin Library, Aug. 24, 2004)
    Looks at the life of Johnny Appleseed, known for his distribution of apple seeds and trees across America.
  • Voting Rights Days

    Ellen Weiss, Betina Ogden

    Library Binding (Aladdin Library, March 1, 2002)
    Set in 1916, Hitty's owner is the daughter of a suffragist and so is able to witness up-close the political struggles involved in getting women their right to vote. Reader's Guide available. Simultaneous.
  • Susan B. Anthony: Fighter for Women's Rights

    Deborah Hopkinson, Amy June Bates

    Library Binding (Aladdin Library, Oct. 25, 2005)
    In addition to learning how to cook and sew, Susan B. Anthony received an education as a child and used it to pursue her political agenda that eventually changed the laws of the land that helped secure women their right to vote, own property, and have jobs of their own. Simultaneous.
  • Our Kansas Home

    Deborah Hopkinson, Patrick Faricy

    Library Binding (Aladdin Library, Feb. 1, 2003)
    With violence breaking out all over the Kansas Territory at the hands of border ruffians, Charlie and his family must take extra precautions to keep their hidden runaway slave safe until the Underground Railroad gets back in action. Simultaneous.
  • John Adams Speaks for Freedom

    Deborah Hopkinson, Craig Orback

    Library Binding (Aladdin Library, Jan. 6, 2005)
    A biography of the United States' second President highlights his many accomplishments as well as his education at Harvard and early life in Massachusetts. Simultaneous.
  • A Hare-Raising Tale : A Fletcher Mystery

    Elizabeth Levy, Mordicai Gerstein

    Library Binding (Aladdin Library, June 1, 2002)
    When Jill brings Fletcher, a seemingly sluggish basset hound who leads a double life as a super sleuth with his flea partner Jasper, to school for show-and-tell, Fletcher is accused of eating the class rabbit, and he must find the missing bunny before he is sent back to the pound. Simultaneous.
  • Adventure in Gold Town

    Deborah Hopkinson, Bill Farnsworth

    Library Binding (Aladdin Library, Nov. 9, 2004)
    When the mining town of Dawson City is engulfed in fire in 1898, Davey's search for his uncle becomes even more challenging in this fictional adventure set during the craze of the Klondike gold rush. Simultaneous.
  • The Cool Ghoul Mystery

    Elizabeth Levy, Mordicai Gerstein

    Library Binding (Aladdin Library, Nov. 1, 2003)
    When Fletcher and his sidekick Jasper enjoy a weekend at a winter sports resort with Jill and Gwen, Fletcher is on the case when he thinks that the place is haunted. Simultaneous.
  • The Long Trail

    Deborah Hopkinson, Bill Farnsworth

    Library Binding (Aladdin Library, July 6, 2004)
    After stowing away on a boat to Alaska in the hopes of meeting up with his uncle who is prospecting for gold in the Klondike, Davey has to convince his photographer friend to take him on the next part of the journey and then must find the strength to make it to the top of the treacherous trail in order to complete his long and daring quest. Simultaneous.
  • Cora Frear

    Susan E. Goodman, Doris Ettlinger

    Library Binding (Aladdin Library, March 1, 2002)
    While making house calls with her frontier-doctor father, Cora Frear finds herself in a dangerous situation as she and her father are surrounded by a prairie fire raging out of control. Simultaneous.
  • Davy Crockett: A Life on the Frontier

    Stephen Krensky, Debra Bandelin, Bob Dacey

    Library Binding (Aladdin Library, Oct. 26, 2004)
    Offers young readers a look at the facts, fables, and myths surrounding this celebrated character of American history who became famous for his courage and fearlessness as a soldier during the battle at the Alamo. Simultaneous.